HAYAMA Symposium on Complex Analysis in Several Variables XIX

 in honor of the 60th birthday of Professor Hajime Tsuji 

July 15(Sat) – 18(Tue), 2017 

The talks will start in the afternoon of Saturday and the last talk will be before lunch of Tuesday.

There will be a conference before this meeting:
Trends in Modern Geometry 
at University of Tokyo, July 10–13, 2017.


Sébastien Boucksom (École polytechnique)
Huai-Dong Cao (Lehigh University)
Jeffrey Case (The Pennsylvania State University)
Tamás Darvas (University of Maryland)
Jean-Pierre Demailly (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Chin-Yu Hsiao (Academia Sinica)
Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS)
Philipp Naumann (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Yum-Tong Siu (Harvard Univeristy)
Sai-Kee Yeung (Purdue Univeristy)
Hajime Tsuji (Sophia Univeristy)
Tomoyuki Hisamoto (Nagoya University)
Ryoichi Kobayashi (Nagoya University)
Takayuki Koike (Kyoto University)
Akito Futaki (University of Tokyo)
Ryosuke Takahashi (Tohoku University)

* The talk of Filippo Bracci has been canceled.

Registration and Accommodation

Please use the online registration form below to register for the symposium and to make reservation for the accommodation.
Deadline of the registration was July 1 (Saturday), 2017. 

But, if you want to attend the meeting, contact K. Hirachi <hirachi@ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.

REGISTRATION: English          REGISTRATION: Japanese

Inquiries for the accommodation: 

Kei Matsumoto(Mr.) c/o Village Shonan, Inc. <tahensu(at)shonan-village.co.jp>

Support for the travel

Some financial support for local expenses will be available.

Please contact: Kengo Hirachi <hirachi@ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.


Ken-Ichi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University), Chair
Tomoyuki Hisamoto (Nagoya University)
Yoshihiko Matsumoto (Osaka University)
Shigeharu Takayama (University of Tokyo)
Kengo Hirachi (University of Tokyo)

This symposium is supported by KAKENHI 15H02057