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Major package update

posted Nov 19, 2009, 4:47 PM by Angus Lees   [ updated Nov 23, 2009, 6:21 AM ]
Just uploaded a new version to the Market. The big change is that the game engines are now split out into separate packages. So now you need both ScummVM and at least one of the ScummVM engine packages.

Visible changes:

  • Package split so I can make more engines available, and lower the size of a typical install.
  • Virtual keyboard support. Hold down menu to make it pop up. Won't pop up on anything that has a physical keyboard (G1).
  • Allow cursor moving via D-PAD, for trackball-less handsets.
  • Sync up to latest upstream scummvm 1.0.0pre codebase.
    • New engines. In particular: Discworld! ("tinsel" engine).
  • Trackball press workaround for HTC Hero.
  • Engine data files (eg: kyra.dat) should be found correctly inside the ScummVM package. Remove any stale kyra.dat's you may have in your game directories.
  • Give a useful error message if SD card is unavailable (eg: still mounted on PC).
  • Logos updated to the new capitalised versions, to match upstream.
  • Added maxsdkversion=4 to declare that we don't work on Android 2.0 (Droid) yet :(