Are you looking to explore the public sculptures gifted to the City by artists of the Nashua Sculpture Symposium?  Walk or bike the entire sculpture loop (from sculpture #1-13), 2.5 miles or taken a shorter loop (from sculpture #2-12), 0.9 miles. If you want more precise locations or directions from your house to the sculptures, go to the google map which shows the sculptures and pictures by clicking here.  Also, you can download our brochure, attached below.
1.  Birth of Venus, James Gannon
2.  Diversity, The Chisel Sculpture and Design Team 
3.  Turtle Island, Tom Huff
4.  Ghost Wilkie, Joseph Montroy
5.  Moon Shadow, Mai Thi Thu Van
6.  La Tortue, Michel Argouges
7.  Ascending Egyptian Turtle, Hassan Kamel
8.  Frida Rota (Broken Frida), Tomas Oliva
9.  For Frank Lloyd Wright, Vaclav Fiala
10. Steps of Respect, Michele Golia
11.  Path of Truth, Sarah Mae Wasserstrum
12.  Encounter, Luben Boykov
13.  Monument to Memory, John Weidman
14.  Ancient Future, John Weidman (location TBD)
15.  Family, Tony Jimenez (Park Social at Labine)
16.  Latin American Bus, Miguel Velit (Ledge St.  
17.  A Walk Through Triumph, Julio Aguilera
      (location TBD)
(Moose Myth was formerly located at #3 above)
Nashua Sculpture,
Jun 30, 2013, 10:14 AM