The Nashua Sculpture Symposium is organized by volunteers from the five partner organizations, including Andres Institute of Art, Nashua Artists Association, City Arts Nashua, the Nashua Arts Commission and the City of Nashua as well as other interested members of the public.  The committee members are:

Patricia Ahern, Janis Cosby, Bonnie Guercio, Katherine Hersh, Larry Hersh, Sandra Hurd, Alfredo Ortega, Cheryl Ortega, Darold Rorabacher, Dotty Silber, Nina Stylianos, John Weidman and Nadia Weidman.  A special thanks to Ralph Jackson and Angelo Marino with the City of Nashua.

Learn more about us through the Channel 13 Show on the 2013 Nashua Sculpture Symposium. If you are interested in becoming part of the committee and helping with the Nashua Sculpture Symposium, please contact us at Nashua.Sculpture@gmail.com.




Links to the five partner organizations are below:

Andres Institute of Art

City Arts Nashua

Nashua Area Artists Association

City of Nashua

Nashua Arts Commission

Mayor Lozeau Honored for Leadership in the Arts

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