Artist Profile - Tyson Barbera

I am a local Sonoma County artist, creating sculptures in my Santa Rosa, California studio for more than six years.  I have won awards at local shows, including the National Arts Program and Scrapture, as well as many first place finishes for my metal work.

My metal work is unique in many ways compared with other metal artists. One of the most noticeable characteristics of my work is that all the parts used are not cut up, changed or manipulated in any way, and all the metal pieces used are 100% recycled.  Instead of using paint on top of the sculpture to give dimension or definition, more pieces are used to create the desired effect.

Over the years my skills have led me to many different art styles, some becoming useable objects, others purely decorative.  My work encompasses many categories: tables, water fountains, chairs, pedal bikes, autos, fences, gates and animals. One such item is a realistic looking octopus made from a set of Chevy headers, wheel bearings, pipe cut-offs, and half of a propane tank, all to scale.

Another favorite sculpture is a puffer fish. As it is so rusty and derived from so many different items, it is the most talked about art piece in my front yard. I love watching people dissect my art with their eyes as they try to decipher what parts are used in creating the sculpture.