NW FL Fish Stories

Doc won’t give up…

Doc and I were out fishing the Blue Mountain Beach surf about two years ago. We were fishing for pompano, of course using Sculpin Jigs. Doc got a good hit on his rod. I knew it was a big fish by the way it was taking line off the reel. Doc played the fish for about 15 minutes, when it took off towards the second bar. There wasn’t any way around it, Doc was going to go have to go out on the first sandbar before he ran out of line. After another ten minutes of getting wet to get to the first sandbar, the fish still was not stopping. Eventually, the fish spooled all 325 yards of 20 pound test line. When all that was holding it was the knot attaching the line, it started pulling Doc off the sandbar in water over his head. Doc would not give up. That's when I grabbed him around his waist, and started pulling him back to shallower water. The knot held, and soon Doc was able to pull the fish back towards the first sandbar. After another 20 minutes or so, he finally got about half of the line back on the reel. He played the fish for at least another 20 minutes, until we saw it was a really big redfish. We finally got the redfish on shore. It measured 47and a half inches. I took a measurement of the girth and plugged it into a formula to calculate pounds and came up with 46 to 48 pounds. Doc thinks that if I hadn't grabbed him by the waist the redfish would have pulled him way out to deep water. He had to see what he had. Couldn’t give it up no matter what.



*”spooled” means the fish took all the line on the reel.