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Student Perspectives

Olivia Li (Class of 2015):
I really enjoyed being in CLASP because it provided an opportunity for me to get to know other business students from all grade levels who were interested in sustainability and ethical business practices just like me. The speakers were great and really brought the concepts we were learning about to life and provided real world application to basic principals. Last, but not least, it was always fun to get off campus and go on hikes with the other CLASPers.













Krishan Allen (Class of 2015):
CLASP helped me clarify my own career and personal goals through an understanding of the relevancy that sustainability holds in business as it applies in my academic study, as well as industry. From hiking up Mt. Diablo to meeting with like-minded peers, the program does a great job of making an education at Santa Clara even more wholesome.

 Kevin Krautscheid (Class of 2015):
CLASP is a completely unique experience which offered me so many extraordinary experiences: from the opportunity to research in-depth issues of sustainability and how it relates to my major and career, hearing from leaders in a variety of fields about pressing issues and innovative solutions relating to the environment, and engaging in substantive dialogue with my peers regarding leadership, community, and the alignment of values and action. Combined with the amazing hikes and backpacking excursion, giving back to the community through service initiatives, and developing lasting relationships with individuals with similar values, my experience in CLASP was absolutely incredible!