Program Details

  • Any undergraduate business student, engineering student, or student in an appropriate Pathway can apply
  • Attend CLASP orientation
  • Participate in 6 of the 8 excursions (Usually from 9am-5pm on Saturdays)
    • 1 of of the 6 must be service trip and 1 of the 6 must be a company tour.
  • Attend Excursion Prep-Meetings (Usually from 5-7pm the Friday before an excursion)
  • Be an active member of your CLASP presentation & reflection team
  • Prepare and deliver two brief (8 to 10 minute) group presentations:
    • One presentation on the place of sustainability in an assigned industry (i.e., energy, manufacturing, retail, construction, biotechnology, etc.)
    • One presentation on the destination for the Saturday excursion (provide CLASP participants an overview of where we are going, what is to be found there, and how to prepare for the day)
  • Complete the end-of-experience survey
  • Opportunity to hike a variety of Silicon Valley area locations
  • 2 academic units
  • Participate in service trips with local organizations committed to sustainable development
  • Meet with professionals who practice sustainable business methods
  • Read, research, and discuss issues related to sustainability, business, development, and ethics
  • Become knowledgeable in the history of commerce in the Silicon Valley
  • Explore one's values and practice contemplative reflection
  • Build a skill-set for contemplative reflection
  • Develop leadership skills

Cost of the Program
CLASP and its events do not have any direct costs or fees for members.

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