Dave Orwin


- As we go through  life and you look around, you will notice that every thing has a bit of engineering and design to it, my goal is to be one of the many guys who's name is remembered by how effective and outstanding it is.

- I am a very out going and productive kind of guy. I love to work on new projects and designs that will help in any way, shape, or form.

- A team is something that is not given to you or made by a corporation, it is something a group of people who care and love the things they do, to make it through the long haul with a great attitude, heart, and respect.

- Below all are some pictures of my work. Though they are designs and in the rough stage they are protected. 


     Wine Bottle Holder- press and formed to make shape and curves.

     Coffee Table- Racing style but comes in many colors and styles.

    Interlocking Base- Not sure what is was use for, but it looked cool so i thought it would look cool to work on. It was a blast, I received First Place in MITES completion.

    Ducky- I love the "Ducky" stuff, I thought this would look cool, so I am going to have it machined and placed on my sons toy box i am designing still.

    The Desk- I am a big furniture kind of guy. I have worked in a cabinet and fixture company almost my entire life, so you know it is in my blood.

    Front Office Desk- The style and comfort of this style is to make it so you can sit down and or stand up while you are working. it makes every thing easier and a little more private. i have great back round in dimensioning and layouts.

    Information Station- The thought came to me for an institutional case good and information station that looked kind of cool and had great function to it. The lower color is really red in the picture it is a soft brown and matched the cherry dividers.

 Strong Desk- This desk is one of my great ideas that i thought would look great in someones office. the front has 2" maple rods and diamond plate as a accent back. I think things like this are great and would stand out in an office with power.

Stable desk- This desk is a desk that i thought would look great in the office setting but would still show the place as a great and strong foundation. it has a aluminum polished front stripe and diamond plate bottom panel.

The Reception Station- This is a sing station with all the works. It has a file system below the back wall, hidden wire system, and a get amount of leg room. The outer have is all 1/8" thick steel with 3/4" plywood sub wall that is the support system. The layout for this is very large and open to view. RECEPTIONDESK.pdf (There are about 97 layouts for viewing.)

These are some drawings that i have done, these are from old jobs and please respect the copying of the prints.











David W. Orwin, Sr.

1802 Robbins Nest Lane, Apt #10 ∙ Grand Haven, MI 49417

(616) 502-8198 ∙ scubadaveojr@gmail.com


  • William D. Ford Career Tech Center

Westland, Michigan

Computer Aided Design / Drafting

2000 - 2004

  • ITT Technical Institute

Canton, Michigan

CAD Processes, Drafting, Mechanical Design, Rapid VIS, & Advanced CAD

2006 – Present


  • Proficient with: AutoCad 2000 – 2008; Inventor 7 – 2008; Rhino 3D; ADT 2000 – 2008; Mechanical Desktop 2008; Solid Works 2003; Windows packages and Microsoft Office; The Internet; Adobe PDF; Adobe Photo Shop Suite; Alpha Cam v6 – v7.5

  • Capable of transforming actual complex fixtures into engineering production drawings while focusing in best cost solution


The BOLD Companies – CAD Engineering / Programmer

10/2007 – 12/2008

  • Design and engineering of complete shop and part prints for production

  • Created standard library for programs that are easily changed through constraints allowing for faster programming and completion

  • Work with clients’ requests and designs to generate accurate shop drawings and build sheets

  • Program high quality and accurate prints to maximize yield

  • Make and maintain a system of “FLOW” throughout the shop by using a system of cut sheets and bill numbers system

Epic Design – Cabinet Builder / Finishing

12/2006 – 8/2007

  • Cut, build, and assemble cabinets to customer specifications

  • Sand and clean materials for finishing

  • Deliver materials to clients ‘ homes or businesses for installation

  • Install units and fixtures per plans

Great Lakes Woodworking Company, Inc.

6/2004 – 10/2006

  • Responsible for completing installation and fixture drawings with material quantities and cut lists

  • Responsible for revising drawings with design and engineering changes

  • Developed new electronic file management system


M.I.T.E.S Competition


First Place in single part layout

First Place assembly drawing

Third Place in hand shading a single part

William D. Ford Career Tech


Highest Achievement in CAD drafting and engineering

Perfect Attendance

Best Drawing & Design for single parts and assemblies