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 Rome for Cruise Travelers 
(a guide of Rome for those traveling on a tight cruise schedule)

You are on a Mediterranean Cruise coming through the Port of Rome (Civitavecchia), and you are going to visit Rome… Great Choice! We know that time is precious and that knowing exactly what is to be expected can make a huge difference. So we have put together some very useful information to ensure you have a successful shore excursion! Prepared by local experts, specifically for cruise travelers.

Things to Know When You Arrive

(things you really need to know if you are a cruise traveler coming through Civitavecchia - the port of Rome)

About Civitavecchia (the Port of Rome)
(The Port, Scheduling your Time, Exiting the Port, Choosing What to do, The Region near Civitavecchia)

The Essentials 
(What to Wear, Money, Security Issues, Needing Help, Language, Hygiene, Climate, Traveling with kids)

Choosing What to Do
(Understanding your options from Civitavecchia: Visiting Rome, Visiting Nearby Places, Staying at the Port of Rome)

Visiting Rome on a Cruise Schedule
(understanding your options for a day Excursion to Rome on a tight schedule)

Choosing your Ideal Type of Excursion
(On your Own By Train and Public Transportation, Guided Group Excursion By Bus, Private Excursion with Driver Service)

Maps of Rome (interactive and printable)

Reaching Rome's Main Sites by Train and Public Transportation   

Using public transportation in Rome
(Most Useful Public Routes, Tickets, BIRG - a Special 24h Rome Transportation Ticket including Regional Train Travel)

About Using Taxis in Rome

(Calling a Taxi, Fares, Main Taxi Stands, Useful Advice)

(everything you need to know for a day excursion by train, "how to" info, Civitavecchia-Rome train timetable, etc.)

(walking to the train station and other facts you need to know)

Choices of Trains
(understanding the different options)

Timetable and Train Types
(Train Types, Civitavecchia To Rome Timetable, Rome To Civitavecchia Timetable)

(major Rome's sites descriptions with practical info including public transportation)

(map showing Points of Interest, Public Transportation lines and bus stops, Taxi Stands, Ho-Ho Bus stops, etc...)

Airport - Rome - Port 
(all modes of transfers connecting Rome with Port and Airports)

Rome to/from Civitavecchia (Port)
(By Train, By Taxi, By Private Car with Driver)

Rome to/from  Airports (Fiumicino or Ciampino)
(By Train, By Bus, By Taxi)

Civitavecchia (Port) to/from Airports (Fiumicino or Ciampino)
(By Train, By Bus, By Taxi, By Private Car with Driver)

(other fascinating places, besides Rome, that can easily be explored on a day excursion from Civitavecchia)

Staying at the Port of Rome
(things to see and do if you have seen Rome and want to spend a relaxing day in town)
Discovering What is at Walking Distance from the Port
(two easy walks for a relaxing day)

Activities to Do in Town
(Roman Baths Archeological Site Visit,  a Day at AquaFelix Water Park, Cooking Class with Visit to the Ancient Baths)