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What is Elegant?

Elegant is an advanced batch file written for fun (for Windows 32-bit only). It is for people to play around and make notes, play games, discover things and do things in a very different experience.

The development of Elegant began in September 2008. It was written for experimental purposes at first, but evolved into a everyday simple task program for average users who want to use their computer differently. The project is not open source, meaning that people may not use the code and make their own advanced batch program.

Direct Software (our parent company) currently supports Elegant.

Elegant 2.0

After nearly a year of the development of the next major release of Elegant, Forward finally released Elegant 2.0 on Friday, December 18, 2009. The release of Elegant 2.0 appeared to be the most stressful release ever, after Forward realized that only half of the announced new features made it in the final release of Elegant 2.0. A new user interface was planned for this version, but it has been delayed for too long, which means that the new interface will most likely be introduced in 3.0.

In July 2010, after the reboot of Forward's product strategy, version 2.1 will be released sometime around August or September.

Elegant OS 2.0a was released on July 17, 2010. A follow up release has been planned, but development hasn't begun yet.

 Version Codename Release Date
 1.0 Invader January 1, 2009
 1.5 Castalia April 5, 2009
 1.6 Encore August 17, 2009
 2.0 Neptune December 18, 2009

How to get Elegant 2.0

To download Elegant, go to the bottom of the page to download the attachments.


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    ‎Elegant OS 2.0 with Update A‎
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