How are your searching skills?


 Classroom Expectations 2011-12:

Technology is integrated in the curriculum weekly or more frequently.

  • Teacher uses Web 2.0 and media resources in instruction at least once per week.
  • Curriculum requires students to access content online outside of the class at least once a week.
  • Course requires use of search engines to gather information daily.
  • Course has one or more virtual field trips per month.


The research comes from the Red Project

Tech Practices

 (a study of 997 1:1 school districts, June 2010).

 Search Engine Basics

YouTube Video

Common Craft  : a great source for video

Using a Search Engine in the Classroom
1. Choose your search engine based on your information need/learning style and learning target.
2. Gather the needed data efficiently.
3. Then, try to combine the search engine data and Web 2.0 tools for your "Do's" in the classroom. 
Scavenger Hunts
Creating Prior Knowledge/Building Background Information (with Stixy.com and Wallwisher.com)
Build a Timeline (with Timetoast.com)
Compare and Contrast Points of View/Sources
Research (with diigo.com and Noodle quest)
Quick Info
Topic Hotlists
Multimedia Scrapbooks (with Cooliris.com)
Create biographies (with 123people.com and pipl.com) 

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