e-Teaching Portfolio

Examples of teaching sets and materials from Kay McLennan's Business Ethics and Economics e-courses:

Whistle-Blower Clock Factory Scenario 
Increase in Demand 3D Models
 Self-Paced "Meet the Economist" Display (with Interactive Materials)
Widget Exchange (Part of the Free Trade Game)
One of the Island "Nations" (Part of the Free Trade Game)

 Use of "Pop-Out" or "Rezzable" Models and Sets in Presentations

 Use of Machinima In and/or Out of a 3D Virtual World Platform

 Use of Notecards (Stored in the Pop-Out Desks)

 Self-Paced Pop-Out Models

 Interactive Sets (Voting)

Interactive Sets (Voting with Avatar Feet)
"Leave a Bot Behind" Mixed Real-Time and Asynchronous Discussions
Interactive Discussion Area Displays
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