Scrivener Royal

Lady Kaaren Valravn


Greetings Atlantia!

As your Scrivener Royal in the age of Virtual Atlantia, I hope to serve our scribal community and bolster Atlantia’s strong scribal traditions by:

  • Promoting approachable venues in which to create artwork

  • Inspiring scribes to utilize our scribe-to-scribe support network

  • Encouraging experimentation and the sharing of ideas

  • Recruiting and supporting new and curious scribes

Atlantian scribes have begun weekly micro-challenges called “Quill Quests” where there will be a new challenge posted every Thursday. Details about past and future Quill Quests can be found under Challenges & Competitions.

Atlantia's Chronicler has also asked Illuminators of Atlantia to submit artwork that can be used as the cover of the Acorn, Atlantia's monthly newsletter. Information can be found on the Illuminate the Acorn page under Challenges & Competitions.

Lastly, two Atlantian Laurels, Dame Daniela and Maestra Livia, have been sponsoring a monthly competition called Laurel Wars 2020 on Facebook. While this is not a Scrivener Royal sponsored competition, I wanted to boost the signal for those that may wish to participate.


Lady Kaaren Valravn

Scrivener Royal

Kingdom of Atlantia