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Trying to scale user growth on Yet Another Mail Merge

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:44 AM by Romain Vialard   [ updated Apr 5, 2016, 8:45 AM by Stéphanie Chhay ]
Yet Another Mail Merge has recently reached 300 000 installations and more than a quarter of these users have sent emails via our add-on over the last 30 days (which is a pretty good ratio).

User growth over the past months

Since a few months now, Yet Another Mail Merge is the second most-installed add-on for Google Sheets and with around 8 000 new installations every week, we can expect to remain at the top.
YAMM was part of the first add-ons to launch in March 2014 and one year after the launch, we had already 150 000 installations. We've doubled that in just 6 months.
our growth rate is pretty stable since a few months now

But other add-ons in the store are even more successful. Flubaroo, the first most installed add-on for Google Sheets has more than 10 000 new installations every week (so we aren't likely to catch up with them and become the first add-on in the near future). And that's nothing compared to the first add-on for Google Docs, EasyBib which is closer to 30 000 new installations every week (for a current total of 1,250 Millions installations)!

Thanks a lot Google for this great marketplace, and of course, thanks a lot to all our users who are recommending Yet Another Mail Merge to their friends and colleagues :)

Going beyond through a referral program

We think we can rely even more on our users to help us scale and reach, maybe, some day, 1 Million installations and more. Following the example of many other SaaS companies, like Dropbox, we have just launched our first referral program.

Free users of Yet Another Mail Merge are now invited to promote the add-on to their friends and colleagues. If someone installs and begins to use YAMM thanks to you, you get more quota, for free (ie. you will be able to send more emails - Dropbox do the same with storage, you get more space if you invite others to install their app).

We've just launched this program and will tweak / improve it in the coming weeks. Google Analytics is very useful to track the performance of such a program. We are already tracking each installation and we will now be able to differentiate standard installations vs installations via referral.

In fact we have started to heavily use Google Analytics in our most popular add-ons. Thanks to features like User ID and custom dimensions & metrics we are able to better understand how people are using our products.
For example, in Yet Another Mail Merge, we've discovered that most non-paying users who sent more than 50 emails in one batch (or one campaign) were actually reaching the maximum quota allowed for free users (100 emails) but didn't want to purchase our paid plan (to get more quota).

Based on those statistics, we have lowered this free quota to 50 emails / day and people can purchase more quota or get bonus quota via our referral program. This way more of our user base is contributing to make Yet Another Mail Merge an even better product (more money / users means more investments).
Our referral program should also increase user adoption in some countries where the free quota wasn't enough but the paid plan was too costly compared to the standard of living.