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YAMM helps STATION F startups to have the best Sales Email tool in their arsenal

posted Aug 9, 2018, 8:44 AM by Stéphanie Chhay   [ updated Aug 17, 2018, 8:05 AM ]
Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) is one of the most activated deal at STATION F, the world’s largest startup mega-campus.

France is undergoing a tech renaissance driven by a new generation of startups. And it is fast becoming home to vibrant tech hubs. STATION F is at the epicenter of this renaissance, and its startups represent the best of French Startups ecosystem. STATION F brings their founders the best resources and best tools for them to succeed. We wanted YAMM to be one of them.

As a startup ourselves, we understand that a Sales Email tool is essential for a founder, to reach out to potential customers and grow during the early stages. So, we wanted to give them the best of YAMM and nothing short of a Premium plan. The startups recognized the value of YAMM and used it in large numbers. YAMM became one of the top utilized perk:

"YAMM's free emailing credits for STATION F startups are instantly useful and valuable for our entrepreneurs. In fact, I use YAMM myself regularly. It is one of the most activated deal on campus!

- Jean Dubrulle, Partners, STATION F

Being a French company and a successful entrepreneur next door, Romain is always forthcoming to share his insights into building a successful product. Station F gave him the platform to talk with the fellow entrepreneurs. His talk on “Master your data to convert your free user into paying users” was well received because of his actionable insights.

Jean mentions:

”Beyond the offer, we value Romain's mentorship very much, inspiring the founders with his experiences on his successful entrepreneurship."

We are impressed and proud about STATION F and the startup ecosystem that they are sculpting. Thanks to them for letting us be part of making their startups successful - after all, they are the unicorns in the making.

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