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Plans for Consumer Accounts

What's YAMM for?

YAMM is a easy to use Mail Merge environment for users unfamiliar with HTML. Select a draft written in Gmail, replace template keys with names and other information from the spreadsheet and automatically send personalized emails.


Yet Another Mail Merge is free for personal Gmail accounts, however you are limited to 50 recipients per day. YAMM Premium is now also available for Consumer Accounts and lets you email up to 400 recipients a day.

Choose a Plan

Join more than 1 million people who use YAMM to send 1.5Million+ emails every day.


Up to 50 emails sent a day
For 1 Gmail account
Available to everyone
Go to the Webstore


per year
Up to 400 recipients emailed per 24hrs
Schedule batch delivery
For 1 Gmail account
Technical support by email
Have troubles purchasing a plan?
- Try with Google Chrome
- See the error "You have already signed up with this account information"? => go here

“Easy, powerful, elegant”

Greg S Saunders
Loyalty Manager, McClatchy Newspapers
"This is an email client for people who depend on email to communicate and market, but also want a life. Get a list, write an gmail, add graphics and some minimal coding...and you're done. And the dashboard is great for marketers like me to follow up with non-opening recipients, or to help sharpen my subject lines.
I typically don't get excited about Mail Merge, but this program is so much more that just another Mail Merge. Its secret is in it's simplicity. It is robust, drop-dead easy and flexible in just about every configuration. I am loving this app."

“Easy to use, customize, and track”

Daniel Kleven
Director of Admissions
"I tried several different mail merge add-ons and wasn't completely satisfied until YAMM. I used the free service for a while but wanted to send larger email campaigns. Upgrading was a no-brainer. My associates are amazed at the custom emails I can send to a variety of lists. This is a really great service."

“Does exactly what we need”

Em Whitchurch
Admin Assistant, Progressive Sports
"Previously I have used a CRM system to send emails, with their pre formatted templates that people can clearly see are from a CRM... With YAMM it allows me to use my gmail inbox, making emails look far more personal. The in sheet tracking makes it far easier to see open rates and the snapshot sent straight to my inbox is perfect. An all round product that does exactly what it says on the tin. It's that good that we purchased it for 3 other email domains. "

“Easy to use, yet powerful”

Susan Sedro
Teacher at International School, Singapore
"This is my favorite mail merge app. It is quick and easy yet powerful. I can send a merge in a fraction of the time that I need to set one up with some of the other products we use. I really like the feature set. Make certain you read the documentation or you'll miss some of the great features. Of course, the program is so easy, that you can get started without reading any directions."