Follow-up of your emailing campaign

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About follow-up option

If you have activated email tracking for your campaign, you can send follow-up emails to people who have or haven't opened your email. Simply open the sidebar to get read receipts and click on the 'Follow-up' tab:

If you click on the 'Follow-up' button, it will segment your list to start a new merge and target the right people. Your former 'Merge status' column will be renamed with the date of your previous campaign, and we will automatically create a new status column for this new campaign (this way you still have access to the status of your former campaigns).

Who can you target with the follow-up option?


If you always target the same people (e.g. : Sending a newsletter every month), you can keep the same spreadsheet, and simply select Follow-Up > 'Everyone' to start a new campaign with the same list of recipients.

People who have opened your email

If people opened your email, follow up with more information to stay in touch. It might be interesting to drop a quick note to let your recipients know that you are aware of their potential interest and volunteer to help if they have any question. 

People who haven't opened your email

A few days after a campaign, try again to get the attention of those who may have missed your email the first time. You can send the same email as before, or do some modifications.

A key element to success is to do several A/B tests for smaller segments.

For example, you can choose to:

  • Change the subject line to improve your chance to get a better open rate (check out Sendloop’s guide about writing better subject lines)
  • Modify the design / template
  • Write another body content
  • Vary the day & time to send your emails (in the morning / afternoon, on a particular day of the week etc.)

While doing an A/B test, it is important that you choose to focus only on one parameter at the same time (if you want to test different subject lines, the rest - time, design etc. - should remain the same). Good luck!

Important notes about email tracking

Bare in mind that email tracking can't be 100% accurate. Learn more

In most email services, like Gmail, people can disable the images display by default. In that case, we are not able to record a read, unless the recipient explicitly asks Gmail to display all images from your email. Thus you might send again the same email to someone who did open it the first time, without you knowing it.

Besides, when you do a follow-up, the add-on erased the former YAMM-ID on the recipient rows, and replace it by a new one. As this YAMM-ID is being used to record and track your emails, after a new mail merge, it will not be possible to check who opened and click on your email from the previous sending. You will be able to track the new mail merge only.