G+ Community Meter

Get an activity report on your Google + community

Google Plus Community Meter is a Google Chrome extension that lets you analyse the content of any community over the last 30 days to measure its activity, like the number of posts, +1, comments and a list of the top contributors.  An additional feature lets you email the activity report to yourself or to any contact.

It’s particularly helpful for community owners and moderators, but every members of a community can use it.

activity of a community over last 30 dayscommunity meter - top contributors

Statistics over the last 30 days include:

The number of posts

The number of active members (people who have posted or commented on a post)

Total number of +1’s

Total number of comments

Top contributors (people who have written the highest number of posts + comments over the period)

A chart displaying the number of posts per day

A pie chart with the repartition of posts by your Community categories

Top 6 most commented posts

Top 6 most liked posts

Use key numbers to manage a community


Monitor and analyse the activity of a community over time

Content optimization

Optimize a content strategy to better engage with the audience

Know your audience

Identify your most engaged contributors: who is most influential? Who participates the most?

Keeping track of evolution

Monitor your community’s growth from the beginning

Observe tendencies day-to-day

Learn what days the community is most active to post at the best time possible

Get your report by email

Receive a PDF file report with the data of your community.


community meter gets community data
activity of a community over last 30 days
community meter - top contributors
community meter - posts per day
community meter - popular topics
community meter - most commented posts
community meter - most liked posts