Drive Migrator

Created by Romain Vialard & Anouche Sariand

Smoothly transfer Google Drive files from one account to another or make a copy of a list of folders and files

Google only allows transfer of ownership for people on the same Google Apps domain. This app creates a copy of all the selected documents from your previous Google account to your new one, recreates all the folders and organizes them as they should.


In your previous Google account, create a folder and put everything you want to copy inside (you can drag & drop folders directly inside this folder)
  1. Share the folder with your new Google Account (reader or editor access, doesn't matter)
  2. Copy the URL of the folder
  3. Log into your new Google account
  4. Authorize the app below to make a copy of everything inside the folder
Andrew McDonald
"I was almost out of space on my personal google account and had to move everything over to my GAFE account - seamless!! Thanks for the help and saving me a headache!"
Daniello Novy
"Just excellent!!!"
Andreas Pedro Garcia-Vedal
"Works great!"