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1. What is a template for?

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Enhance and organize your content presentation

Awesome Table lets you easily display data from a Google Sheet in many different ways. In the Table, Cards and Maps view you can use HTML to design your view like you want.

Using Template allows complete separation between your data and the HTML layout that displays the data - a solution both logical and practical ! It also greatly reduce the loading time of the Awesome Table, by load separately the data and the layout.

Some nice uses of template by users and us :


Taking the People directory demo, the spreadsheet without template looks like the following :

This is not a recommended practice
Awesome Table Example - P...le Directory - noTemplate

The same spreadsheet, but using a template will look much cleaner and your data will be easy to manage !

This is the recommended practice
Awesome Table Example - P...Directory - With template

Note: Check the Template sheet in the recommended practice spreadsheet, it holds the template
Find the resulting Awesome Table view here