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No longer interested in collecting, this list of “for sale until gone” items come to you today.

Reasonable offers will be considered (low-ballers considered a waste of time). 

Note: These certificates listed here are (essentially) NOT available in quantities and are scarce and/or rare. Of course, your research should confirm this. Enjoy!

Postage/Insurance: Add a flat $10 for USPS shipping + rate charged by USPS for optional insurance according to about you request. Uninsured packages sent at your own risk, if not requested otherwise.

Photos of select items may be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64924410@N05/sets/72157627803487413/

I am reachable at downings@hawaii.edu - due to time zone differences and an island lifestyle, prefer email communications unless previously arranged. 

(caveats: items subject to previous sell, links may not be actual item and are for visual aid purposes only – you may have to copy and paste link into browser).

SECTION I – Energy / Mining 

SECTION II – Government / Finance / Related

SECTION III – Sports / Entertainment / ‘The Good Life’ / Related

SECTION IV – Transportation/Related

SECTION V – Industry / Related

SECTION IV - Other items

[#] = number of certificates or documents

ABN = American Banknote; color noted refers to the certificate border; also noted is major variation or types, e.g. (II); all stocks are in superb condition, unless noted.

= Canceled           I = Issued         P = Proof          S = Specimen

shs = shares                  U = Unissued              UC = uncanceled

UC* = "canceled", but lacking the more common physical abuse from stamps, punch marks, etc.) 

SECTION I – Energy / Mining ...............................................................


*Esperanza Consolidated Oil Company
S/C, First coupon “NOV A.D. 1910” United States of America, Gold bearer bond for $1000. No marks indicating this is a specimen except #000, thus possibly a proof. Green under print (coupons too) with central vignette of Spanish horseman gazing upon oil fields. Each of the 40 coupons ($30) has a vignette of a woman with flower in hair on this superb San Francisco document. Emerged on the scripophily market from one of the American Banknote Archive sales.

*Sedalia and California Oil - Very attractive issued 1902 Bearer bond (vertical) with gold vignette and under print, multiple vignettes 27 of 36 coupons attached. Pre-printed for 5 shares, in gold ink. (note: a Mo. company)  http://cigarboxlabels.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=3604

*Brookline Oil –Issued stock from 1938, central vignette oil field with oil truck, orange border, (one "canceled" stamp).  http://www.historicstockmarket.net/images/19390025.jpg

*Monrovia No. 2 Oil - Issued 1924 L. A. oil agreement, #215. Text refers to Signal Hill (Long Beach). Monrovia is near Pasadena, CA. 

*Selma Petroleum – Issued 1925 L. A. oil agreement, #31. Same investor and Secretary signature as the Monrovia certificate. 

*Linda Vista Oil – I/UC, 1921, Multiple Goes oil vignettes, green border.

*Los Nogales Oil - I/UC, 1910 smaller sized stock with typical Goes black print and beautiful shimmering gold under print.  http://webspace.webring.com/people/do/outwest/shoplosnogaleslarge.jpg

*Palmer Union Oil - I/C, 1928 blue-bordered stock with 5 signatures, including trust officer for 1st Nat'l Trust & Savings of Santa Barbara.  http://www.ebay.com:80/itm/Palmer-Union-Oil-Company-Stock-Certificate-1913-/300531005894

*[5] Calpetro Producers Syndicate – five, unissued “Certificates of Beneficial Interest” of $100 shs from 192x San Francisco trust. Three “window”, multiple oil rig gushing vignettes in about average condition.

*[2] Kolingo Refining Company – two, unissued 1931 Goes certificates with gold under print, seal, & vignette highlighting. 

*[2] Bolsa Chica Oil Company – I/C, 1921, with multiple oil vignettes and 2-cent document transfer fee postage stamps. Goes.

*Petaluma Oil & Burner - Unissued. Vignette of Goddess wrapped in American flag. Green border, $100 shares, and circa 1935. Goes certificate design.

*Bohemian Oil Company – I/UC, 1911 for 5000 shs ($1), this Hanford, Ca company stock is typical (gold under print, detailed borders, multiple oil rigs gushing) and designed by Goes. Above average condition on this tri-fold certificate.

*The Sierra Oil Company – I/UC, #9 for 1900 shs from 1909. Average Goes tri-fold.  http://www.goantiques.com/scripts/images,id,342867.html

*Pyramid Oil Company (with 2 letters) – I/UC* Goes certificate for 50 shs, from 1912, to JM Graves, (President of Chapman Lake Telephone Company (Pa.). One letter (1935) with company letterhead essentially states the certificate was in effect cancelled “not in good standing” for lack of paid assessment. http://www.historicstockmarket.com/market/pyramid-company-california-p-2802.html


ENERGY LOT A [2] …… [Offer]

*Central Power and Light Company, Gold Bond, Specimen Pair

[1] 1923 Green for $1000 

[1] 1923 Orange for $100

Both specimen certificates are:  UC, ABN archive,, Classic vertical type, 6.5% Gold Bond with attached coupons (60, with #1 cut out) and typical vignettes and print layout. “PAYABLE IN THE BOROUGH OF MANHATTEN, CITY OF NEW YORK OR IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS” 

LOT B [7] …… [$ffer]

*[7]The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company – Company Set of Specimens

All are typical mid-century design with central vignette of the two founders.

[1,2]  “April, 4, 1944” written in margin.

[3] “JUN 28 1954” ink stamp in margin

[4] “APR 27 1962” ink stamp in margin

[5] “OCT 16 1962” ink stamp in margin

[6, 7] dating absent, however based on security marks are from 40’s or 50’s


LOT C [10] …… $ffer

*Cincinnati Gas & Electric
S/C, 1957, $1000 mortgage bond. Vignette of man, arms open and scenic background. A sample of coupons is attached, about "as made". A modern specimen.

*Getty Oil -S/C, brown stock for 100 shs.Modern ABN specimens.

*Getty Oil -S/C, purple stock for <100 shs.

*Getty Oil -S/C, orange stock for >100 shs.

All 3 have same large vignette of three different "snapshots" of employees at work.

*Gulf Oil -
S/C, 1979 variable / fixed rate bond. Green border/under print the vignette is of two women, trade tools in hand, sitting backs against a globe. Middle of globe or vignette is Gulf logo. A modern ABN specimen. 

*Lusk Moorcroft Oil -
U/UC, usual multiple oil field vignettes on this brown stock from Wyoming. 

*Mount Olive Consolidated Coal & Coke -
U/UC brown under print, 188x stock, $100 shs. This certificate vignettes are unique. Central is men working in a mine. Right is mill vignette of a row of coal feed boilers (2 workers). Left is mythical dragon-head tied into the "M" in Mount. 

*North American Coal - S/C, green, <100 common shs, Vignette of Indian in headdress. Modern S-CBN, probably from mid-century. Similar here: http://scripophily.stores.yahoo.net/noamcocooh.html

*Northern Liberties Gas - I/C, cut canceled certificate from 1849, nice example of a very old, smaller certificate.  http://cigarboxlabels.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=6997

MINING GROUP...................................................................................................

*[2] Benguet Consolidated

A: S/C, purple stock, numbered 00000 

B: S/C, orange stock, <100 shs, num. 00000. 

Both certificates are ABN with nice vignette- 2 miners in tunnel, 1 on drill bit, other working hydraulic drill. 

Also Known as Benguet Corporation, established in post-Spanish War (1903) Philippines, company began with gold mining there.

*Chico Gold & Silver Mining -
U/UC, 186x, $100 shs. with stub attached. Mining scene & bldg. vignette. A rare Humboldt County stock - consider professional grading.  http://www.rumseyauctions.com/auctions/chapter/41/9

*Chino Copper Company -
U/C, 1911, blue. A seldom seen Maine mining stock. Scarcer still, unissued stocks signed, yet this one is. Cancellation stamps are extremely light. Nice central vignette of miners at work. Printed by John Lowell Banknote Co of Boston.  Preceding varietal (green from 1920’s)

*[5] El Dorado Mining -U/UC, circa 1870's stock, $100 shs, Mexican & American eagle vignettes (2). 

*[4] King Mining -
U/UC, 19xx, "as made". Gold seal/seal. Seven (7) vignettes. 

*South Utah Mines & Smelters -
I/UC, Nice orange stock for 100 shs.

*United States Mining Company -
I/C, 1905, Blue border/under print, 100 shs. Vignettes of casual Lady liberty, three miners working, an eagle with shield & arrows, and under printed vignette. Very strong signatures. Small cancellation, ABN Issued Jul 28 1905 with 3 signatures on the front.  (copy and paste link into browser)  


SECTION II – Government / Finance / Related .............................................


*[5]County of Cambria (Pennsylvania) Jail Loan Bond  - Group of 5 …$430

Each large document has the beautiful vignette of fighting horses, shield with clipper ship on it and eagle on top of shield with wings spread, with “VIRTUE LIBERTY AND INDEPENDENCE” (state flag). Lacking coupons and hand-written “Redeemed … 1873 for $….” on the reverse, these certificates are otherwise un-cancelled. Each has a lower vignette of beehive amongst flowers. Unless noted each has four clean, frontal signatures and issued in 1870. All in similar condition: previously folded but still well above average condition.  http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/6770160

[1, 2] with $200 red overprint.

[3] with $100 in green overprint, issued in 1872.

[4, 5] with $500 in blue overprint, one missing the forth signature

Government – Bi-Coastal [2] ….. $ffer

*County of Monroe, NY -
I/C, 1864 $400 Bond, #95. Orange seal, Beautiful vignette of lady Liberty in red ink. Small central state seal vignette and elaborately etched border.

*County of Siskiyou, State of California -
I/UC, 06-04-1890 low serial #7, Large $500 Gold Bond, issued to Wells Fargo & Co. 35 of the original 41 (hand signed) coupons attached. A simple bond with no elaborate art, of which no others are known to exist.

Government - Tropical [12] ……. $ffer

*City of Vero Beach, FL -
I/C, Fully issued (6 signatures) including the Mayor of the city, 08-15-1930, brown, $1000 6% bond (vertical), 42 of 42 coupons # 115, canceled by 1 small "void" stamp. Vignette of early Indian scene and banner "in god we trust".  http://scripophily.stores.yahoo.net/ciofvebefl19.html

*[3] State of Hawaii -
I/C, 1975, blue, $5000 general obligation bonds with modern vignette. Fully canceled and Signed by the Honorable Eileen Anderson, State Director of Finance.

*[8] State of Hawaii - - I/C, 1985, blue, general obligation bonds with modern vignette. http://www.glabarre.com/item/State_of_Hawaii/5879/c107

Government – Disney Duo [2] ….. $ffer

*[2] United States Treasury (War Finance Committee) -
I /UC, the classic WWII bond, 22 Famous Disney characters, in full color, make-up the border of this certificate.  

*City of Perth Amboy, NJ
S/C, 1913 vertical school bond for $1000. Sixty orange coupons, with heavy burnt orange bond colors. Small "specimen" ink stamps on signature lines and #000. Nice vignette of state of New Jersey seal

*Village of Newark (New York)
S/C, 1961 green vertical bond for $1000 3.70% Water Works Improvement, S-CBN. This simple bond has an eagle vignette and 60 coupons on THREE attached pages. Ink stamped specimen on 3 signature lines and reverse. ….. $ 5

*Royal Siamese Government (Thailand) .... $400
I/C; Created by King of Siam decree at Bangkok; vertical for £100 pound Sterling 6% Loan 1924. A very large & red Waterlow & Sons Ltd. bond with one central fold. Nice, large vignette of train, Garuda, and Asian man on a canal, paddling upright, “rare” (per Spink). This was the same year of the “Palace Law of Succession”, following England’s example of passing on kingship. 


FINANCE ...........................................................................................

ABN archive ‘working proofs’ accompanied by printer’s details: 

*The St. Louis Bridge Company [2+]

*The United States Mortgage Company [4+]

These appear to be pre-final or 'working proofs' and therefore have handwritten notations, etc. Due to this treatment, the fact India paper is used, the age of these and that they are huge documents, they thus also contain multiple margins and fold issues. Nonetheless, these are unique and each are accompanied by supporting documents by ABN staff.

The St. Louis Bridge Company – Two, India paper proof – bonds with (93) coupons, front[1] and back[2] from the ABN archive. These proofs of a Missouri $500 Gold Bond from 1879 measure about 18 x 33 inches.  Also two documents pertaining to how the bond text should read or be edited.

The United States Mortgage CompanyFour, India paper proofs of relating to this £200 Sterling Bond from 1882. Text is in English and French (side-by-side) on this very large approximately 24x14 inch ABN working proof. 

[1] is of the bond front with a vignette of two women, seated & shaking hands with a shield between them. 

[2, 3] show two different full sheet of coupons – note: one has major issues; 

[4] is a working proof of the border and vertical front (when folded) engraving plate - green,  borders and details (“United States Mortgage Company, £200, etc).

Also included is a coupon proof (in paper frame, similar to common “vignette proofs”) of the two different coupons [2, 3 above] – a fold crease in the space between the two engravings. Additionally, the order form for this bond on original, internal ABN printed forms.


1800’s Dakota Territory, Financial Specimens

from American Bank Note’s Archive.

[2]Western Loan and Trust Co. of Pierre Dakota

*[1] S/C, 1887 Series "A" Debenture from Territory of Dakota, ABN Archive, stamped “Return to …”, underwritten by Knickerbocker Trust Company and Chase National Bank.

*[1] S/C, 188x, #000 $200 Gold Debenture from Territory of Dakota, ABN Archive, large multi-vignette of company name, farmer scene and eagle. Larger than typical coupons on one continuous sheet with bond portion. Stamped “Return to Issue Room to be held for reference”.


LOT A [3]…… $ffer

*First Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. Of Miami
S/C, ABN archive, 19xx, #00000, Savings Certificate with vignette of 1920's building. "Insured up to $5,000".This F. Lee – ABN vault specimen has one neatly placed “Return to Record & Specimen Dept” stamp in top right. Part of the S & L scandal.

*The Oriental Bank – S/C, an intricately detailed, turn-of-the-century ABN specimen with two vignettes and lightly stamped on the stub “SEP 20 1906”. Likely a printer’s proof as this document has a long, non-perforated stub. (low res. b/w image)

*The Suburban Land & Investment Company (CO) – S/C,  this 1894 Colorado $500 Gold Bond  is in flawless condition, ABN Archive, stamped “Return to …” This bond has 30 coupons and has a connection, in print, to The Colorado Coal and Iron Development Company. Consider professional grading.

LOT B [7] …….. $ffer

*Bankers Trust New York Corporation
S/C, brown stock for <100,000 shs. Vignette of lounging beauty, leaning on globe. Modern ABN.

*Bunker Hill Securities
U/UC, 190x, South Dakota stock, this turn-of-the-century certificate has a light green under print and simple appeal. Securities firms in this part of the country and during this time in our country's history must be scarce.

*The Chase National Bank of the City of New York
S/C, Preferred shs, ABN stamped "Specimen & Cremation Certificates", #00000, Vignette of Samuel Chase.

*Fidelity Securities Corp. of MD -
U/UC, 19xx. Nice blue border, $50 shs underprinted, & vignette. ABN.

*Int'l Mortgage & Investment -
U/UC, 1928 stock, signed, blue certificate for 100 preferred shs. Scarcely do unissued stocks have signatures, yet this one possess the signatures of two company officers. In addition, this is uncanceled.

S/C, olive green stock for <100 shs, S-CBN #BN 50233. Vignette of robed woman, hands atop large globes. A modern specimen.

*United States Securities -
S/C, Blue bordered, three pyramids & sphinx vignette. Red litho'd specimen on 2 signature lines. Appears to be from the 1920's. Punch cancellation (4) affects absolutely nothing. CBN.


Sports / Entertainment / ‘The Good Life’ .......................................................


*Western Television Corporation S/C, green, for 100 shs of class A, vignette of  a woman standing between two transmitting rigs. #0000 (and a date of 1932 litho’d in red).

"Western Television Corporation played a significant role in the evolution of television in North America. Canada's first experimental television station, which was operated by the Montreal newspaper La Presse and radio station CKAC, was supplied with Western Television equipment. The Canadian public witnessed Western Television's technology through a special mechanical projection apparatus, which was demonstrated at Eaton's and department stores in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg during 1933. In the U.S., Western's traveling demonstrations included a 9-day run at Macy's in New York that was witnessed by over 200,000 people. The Western Television Corporation drew on the talents of television pioneer Ulysses A. Sanabria, who is known for his use of interlaced scanning. Interlacing improved picture quality by reducing flicker. This television utilizes an interlaced aluminum scanning wheel and 3" magnifying lens. It was among the last and most advanced mechanical home televisions to be in use before the electronic sets began to show greater promise." -  from MZTV.com

"In 1930, Western Television Corporation, a company run by Sanabria, using the mechanical television scanning equipment designed by him, joined with Nelson Brothers Bond and Mortgage Company and began experimental telecasting that was reported as being seen as far as 450 miles away. The video portion aired on Western's W9XAO on the 2000-2100 KHz  short-wave frequency and the audio was transmitted via Nelson's AM outlet WIBO. By 1931, regular telecasting had begun with about three hours of programming a night including by that fall, football games on Saturday night." -  from ChicagoTelevision.com

*Bell & Howell
S/C (“printers proof”, un-uniform margins, slightly larger than regular), Movie projection company, orange stock for 100 shs. Two light, ink stamp "specimen" over signatures. Man & woman seated next to globes with a projection screen in between. 

*[3] Panavision Inc.
S/C, blue border, 1990 common stock with vignett of director next to "panaflex" movie camera and company logo.  http://scripophily.stores.yahoo.net/panavisioninc.html

*RCA Corp.
S/C, green,100 shs, $4 Cumulative first preferred (Foreign). Certificate embossed with large, vertical "RCA" along left 1/5th of certificate. Very appealing modern certificate.  http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3010885

*United Artist
S*/C, green, 100 shs. Famous Hollywood movie studio specimen. Vignette of man and woman. This is a “printers proof”, with hand-stamped “specimen” and cut a bit larger than normal.

THE GOOD LIFE – Lot B ……. $ffer

*American Pacemaker
S/UC. Massachusetts company stock with logo in red, blue stock borders. ABN # 8413, “specimen” typed in holders place.

*American Cigar Company
S/C, ABN archive, # 00000, 100 common shs (brown). ABN vault specimen has one neatly placed “Return to Record & Specimen Dept” stamp in top right.

*Circus Circus
S/C, this ABN stock is for the famous Las Vegas hotel & casino. Vignette of man & woman sitting with company logo between them. Incorporated 1974. "Par value changed..." litho'd on stock.  http://www.bullmarketgifts.com/product_p/5384.htm

*Petri Italian-American Cigar -
I/C by pen. 1918, Eagle vignette certificate # 61 for 8 shs of 1000 total shares. Signed by A. Petri as President. Endorsed and transferred in 1919 with 8 - 2 cent document stamps bordering the reverse. A classic original Goes printing.

THE GOOD LIFE – Lot C ……. $ffer

S/C, Bowling supplies & equipment manufacturing, green stock for >100 shs, incorporated 1900, vignette of man sitting and pondering among factory scene. One crease on side of certificate. A modern ABN specimen.

*Boston Celtics Ltd. Partnership
S/C, "as made", green stock, 3 punch cancellations (affecting 2 of the 4 signatures). Specimen litho's are black and not the usual red color. A modern, ABN specimen. 

S/C. Manufacturer of bowling equipment. Green stock for <100,000 shs. Vignette of logo / woman. A modern specimen.

*Thousand Trails
S/UC, brown, #25182. Famous Washington based camping co-op. Printed by Jeffries Banknote. A modern specimen.

*Tribune Company
S/UC, soft orange under print of web press vignette. "8,000 shs", dated 19xx. Age of this document is unknown, but appears pre-depression era.

THE GOOD LIFE – Lot D ……. $ffer

*Cleveland Indians Baseball Co.
S/C, 1999, color photo under print of Jacob's Field during the playing of Star Spangled Banner.  http://scripophily.stores.yahoo.net/clevin.html

*Cleveland Professional Basketball -
U/UC, orange border, eagle vignette c.1970.


*Continental Vending Machine Corp.
S/C orange stock for 100 shs from Indiana, a (rare) vignette of the trademarked "push-a-pak selector buttons" part of a vending machine. S-CBN

*North American Reindeer -
I/UC*, 1919. Only hint of cancellation is an ink stamp "HWL 8OCT26'27" in the very top margin. A multi-vignette stock.

THE GOOD LIFE – Lot E ……. $ffer

*Northhampton Brewery -
I/C, 1934, orange border, punch canceled. Preferred stock # 155 for 100 shs. Vignette of robed woman lounging, with background of NYC, port and tall buildings. 

*Pabst Brewing -
U/UC, central vignette of early factory, green border, 19xx, $1000 shares.

*Wilson Distilling Company. S/C, 1906 ABN Certificate redeemable for Wilson Whiskey. Void 01-01-1911. Possibly unique, consider professional grading.

FOOD / Related............................................................................................

LOT A [20] ….. $ffer

*[18] Farmers' Union of San Jose, California -
U/UC, nice smaller stock, 187x. Limited to only 1000, $100 shs. Issued ones I have seen have stub glued over woman vignette and are glue stained down the length. Vignettes (3) of woman picking grapes, man grazing cattle and a plow. 

*[2] Farmers' Union of San Jose, CA -
I/C, #44 and #45. Limited to 1,000 shs of $100 and have multiple farming vignettes. Both Issued 12-10-1875 and assessed three times on the same date (reverse). Some glue discoloration. Very nice examples.

#44 to Adam Herman for 3 shares than lightly pen canceled to (another person). 

#45 to Sarah Herman for 2 shares and lightly pen canceled. Printed by Bacon & Co. S. F.

LOT B [3] ….. $ffer

*General Foods Corporation -
S/C, 1937, brown stock for <100 shs. Nice vignette of two women hold up logo. "specimen" and numbers #00000 are in unusual blue ink.

*Gerber Products -
S/C, blue, 100 stock shs. The baby food company. ABN lot 1. Someone typed "Issued 1971" in the top margin of this certificate. Vignette of the famous registered baby portrait. Three fold creases.

*Safeway Stores
S/C, 1955, yellow preferred stock for <100 shs, robed couple overlooking coastline, Hamilton Banknote, incorporated 1926, litho'd signatures and "specimen" over signatures.

LOT C [4]….. $ffer

*Foremost Dairies
S/C, nice blue stock for 100 shs. Rolling hills along winding river valley (background). Foreground is two kneeling men and logo. Company name and logo are in bold, red print. #00000 ABN. A modern specimen.

S/C, brown stock with large central vignette of Mercury flying above earth. Manufacturer of food products. S-CUSBN. A modern specimen.

*General Mills -
S/C, 1980,modern blue stock for shares. Young couple sitting among grain bushel and basket of fruits.

*RJR Nabisco -
S/UC - Only pin-punched on bottom "specimen 5-29-87". Green border/under print. Products, world map and man & woman in farm setting. USBN. A modern specimen.

TELCOM LOT [70] …. $ffer

*[3] (AT & T) American Telephone & Telegraph
S/C, blue stock with light blue under print, large vignette with portrait of Alexander Graham Bell in the center. ABN. An All-American modern favorite.

*General Communication - S/C, Hardly seen Alaska company specimen. Green, modern specimen certificate for B stock.

*Int'l Telephone & Telegraph -
S/C, brown foreign share certificate for 100 preferred stock shs, ABN #00000. A Naked man among communications equipment, plant in the background. A modern specimen.

*[64] North Fork Telephone Co. – Original Book of unissued certificates (no vignette), #36 to #100. From stub evidence, these 1960’s stock certificates were not the first issued from this Minnesota telecom company.

*Telex -
S/C, orange stock for <100shs, num.00000 (ABN #C8174) Famous manufacturer of Teletype machines. A modern specimen.

SECTION IV – Transportation ........................................................................

Transportation Specimen Pair 

from the ABN Archives:

*South Gila Canal Company – S/C, ABN archive, United States of America, Territory of Arizona, $1,000 Gold Bond for an issuance of $1 million in 1890! Main vignette is scene of fertile farm land. Side attached, 60 ($30 payable in gold coin) coupons with head of bald eagle vignette on each. Even with a one cm fold tear, consider getting this graded.

*The Dickson Manufacturing Company – S/C, ABN archive, stamped “Return to …”,$1,000 Bond with 10 coupons, from 1896. Detailed engraved artwork highlights this Homer Lee BN specimen. This vertical bond is unusual due to contrast of heaps of bright blue print and borders on white paper stock.

In 1901 the company merged with seven other manufacturing firms to form American Locomotive Company (ALCO). Dickson Manufacturing Company was a manufacturer of boilers and steam engines used in various industries but most known in railway steam locomotives. The former shops still stand today, and are featured in the opening sequence of the television show "The Office," which is set in Scranton, Pa.


A True Global Specimen

*Honda Motor Co., LTD. 

"Probably unique" (per R.M. Smythe/Spink)

A simple looking 1982, international specimen from Japan, in U.S. currency and as a bearer bond, payable in  8 different countries. The historic document has, red background and borders, is for $5000 5.5% Convertible (vertical) Bond, #000000, litho'd "specimen" once across the bond and each of the 30 coupons, which are attached to the right and folded behind. Vignette of Honda wing logo. 


AUTO / Related

LOT A [8] …. $ffer

*Central Motors, Limited
I/ UC, Stock certificate # 32 for 25 shs at $20 per share. Showing some wear, this rare Hawaiian automotive company was incorp. April 14th, 1920. Aged / wear within 1/8th" on margins. Oldest automotive certificate known for Hawaii.

*[3] Daimler Chrysler AG, Stuttgart
S/UC, #00000000, printed in German & English. Pictured across stock is Daimler, Benz, & Chrysler, each with litho'd signatures below picture. Under print is first automobile of each founder. Security features include automobiles outlined over holographic foil (embedded) and raised print along certificate edges.

*Ford Motor -
S/C, green stock for <100 shs. Vignette of early auto with city & country scene. S-CBN.

 *General Motors
S/C, 1951, green bordered stock for <100 shs. "Specimen & #00-000" are in printed blue ink. 1950's train, bus, car, & factory vignette, ABN.

*General Motors
S/C, 1951, blue bordered stock for 1000 shs. "Specimen & #00-000" are in printed blue ink. ABN. 1950's train, bus, car, & factory vignette.

*General Tire & Rubber -
S/C, orange, 1943 temporary stock cert. #00000 for $100 shs of preferred. ABN

RAIL / Related

*The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company – 1875 - NOT a certificate.

This unique item is a printer’s sample of the engravings for a bond coupon sheet for a 1875 bearer bond with semi-annual payments of $35 “at their office in the City of New York”. It is printed on a heavier card stock, originally full size, however one complete fold tear and aging has created two pieces. This historic item has three different handwritten dates in the margins, marking the life of this engraving: 1875 (red pencil), and two plate cancellation dates of 11-25-38 and 5-40 (black pen). There are 40, unnumbered “coupons” of which the central fold/break marred eight. ….. [OFFER]

*Chicago & Denver Reduction-
I/UC, certificate # 30 for 5 shs, issued in 1887.  Paper wrinkles, but with very clean & strong pen lines and corporate seal stamp.

*Continental Passenger Railway [$275] _I/C, Multiple vignette with bald eagle top & central. 1883 and signed by William Elkins. Printed by ABN.

*Gulf, Florida and Alabama Railway -
S/C, brown turn of the century stock for 100 preferred shs. Large & beautiful rail and port side vignette. 

*Kona & Kau Railway -Bond # 90 (scripophily.com lists bond for $495). First Mortgage Gold Bond certificate with vignette of a steam train crossing the Hawaiian countryside. This company intended to operate a line between the city of Kona and the district of Kau on the "Big Island" of Hawaii. However, the project was abandoned before the completion of the road bed for the track.

*Louisville & Jeffersonville Bridge -
I/C, 1889 made out to "The Masonic Savings Bank Trustee for the East End Improvement Company". Stock certificate #15 for 100 shs of 15,000 total. Elaborate green border and reverse. Very nice train & eagle vignette. One not issued:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Louisville-Jeffersonville-Bridge-Stock-Cert-Railroad-/180582999133

*National Railway Company -
U/UC, green under print, $50 shs, dated 18xx (1869 reverse). Elaborate vignettes (4) of National Congressional Building (people walking, 3 different horse drawn vehicles, and dirt road). Smaller vignettes (3) of other national symbols (fighting horses, lady liberty, etc.).  


*Norfolk Terminal & Transportation -
I/C, Fully canceled ABN $100 Gold Bond (vertical). Issued 1898 and punch canceled, #158 of 500, the vignette occupies about 1/3rd of the bond - Train terminal that is dockside, with ships and port city background. 

*Greyhound -
S/C, rust color, dates 1936, #0000. Beautiful split vignette of crossroads - left side shows bus on road with roadside pines, lake, & snowcapped mountains. Right side shows bus on road of rolling countryside. Both buses headed towards middle, which is shield (crest) of two greyhounds, map of US & compass. Punch canceled.

S/C, orange stock, 100shs, Vignette of dog at a full run, 2 punch cancellations & typical red specimen litho'd, ABN# 2-3971-101-72 lot 1-1. A modern specimen. 

*Greyhound -
S/C, brown stock for <100shs. Vignette of dog at a full run, 2 punch cancellations & typical red specimen litho'd, ABN# 2-3971-101-72 lot 2-2. A modern specimen.

*’The Ecuador Four’  from ABN ….. $ffer

This lot of [4] separate sheets of specimens, two of each: 

[2] Republica Del Ecuador national bond coupon sheet and the diploma from 

[2] La Universidad Central del Ecuador. Each pair are essentially identical with red “specimen” and are larger than typical diplomas or bond coupons.
One of each has “Return to…” stamped in top right. Each item is in sturdy but less than typical condition. The artwork is limited to font and school seal on the diploma, while each (4x5) “cupones” are intricately detailed with the National Coat of Arms. One sheet of coupons contains 8 coupon examples in 8 different denominations between 0.38 to 500 Sucres – two denominations for each Serie A thru D. 

Age unknown, but based on translation of the diploma, these four presumably date about/before WWII. …“The Central University of Ecuador at the request of the authority conferred on him the title of a lord [Mister] because he has met all legal requirements …

*Greenwich Pharmaceuticals -S/UC, Green stock with one large red "specimen" litho'd diagonally. A modern Jefferson Banknote specimen.


GENERAL INDUSTRY ...........................................................................

NYSE Company Reference Set, Depression Era

[4]The American Sugar Refining Company

Four (4) Specimen stock certificates all in “vault condition”, $800,000 capitalization.

Three certificates are pin-punched “NYSE” in 3 three places, are for common shares and have (verso) multiple ink time stamps, with “SUBMITTED TO THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE” and “RECEIVED COMMITTEE ON STOCKLIS” – two specimen certificates  have “SECRETARY’S OFFICE Y STOCK EXCHANGE”. Each have a single “specimen” in red.

1, 2:  (1929) - Almost identical except for difference in transfer agent > “The National City Bank of New York” and “City Bank Farmers Trust Company”. Brown borders, both #00000, $100 shares.

3: (Jan.1930) is green bordered, #00000, for 100 shares of $100.

4:  (undated) Blue bordered stock for Preferred shares at $900,000 capitalization and double “specimen”.

Seldom seen, the vignettes are on the left side, with the company name and elaborate “shares $100 each” making it appear that the top third of these gems are vignette.


*Newport Manufacturing Company - 1838 Proof

This rare, 170+ year-old proof for $1000 Capitalization. Extremely detailed & beautiful vignettes along left, central and border. "1838 Proof of which 2 exists" (per R.M. Smythe & Co.). Printed by “Chas. Toppan Co., Phila.”, on a heavier paper stock, unlike most proofs, which are printed India paper. This is a primary document of early Industrial Revolution history!  

A history of the original Newport Manufacturing Company… (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kycampbe/newportcompany.htm)

“… The Newport Manufacturing Company has depended principally for its supply of Hemp on the production of Mason County of which Maysville is the market this season they have not been able to get a supply at Maysville, and it is a remarkable fact in the history of Hemp manufacturers in Kentucky that this Company, owing to the scarcity and high prices of Hemp in Kentucky, has imported the present season 354,201# of Russia Hemp."


*Maryland Land & Cattle Company (CO)

S/C, #000 at top and on signature lines, ABN Archive, 1886 Series "B" $1,000 Gold Bond with 10 side-attached coupons for $50. This Colorado bond has vignette of active horses on fenced acreage.  Right margin to this specimen was printed on paper lacking a straight & full edge. Colorado, having never been a territory, had only been a state for 10 years at the time of this bond.


*Armstrong Cork
S/C, orange stock for >100 shs. Unique design! Vignette of woman in front of globe. ABN. A modern specimen.

*Ashland Artificial Ice Company
I/C, 1910, #120 for 10 shs. A large "$100" gold under print front & center of stock. Scarce KY stock of an unknown type of industry. Folds, soil & margin issues, overall “about average” condition. (low res. b/w image)

*Bethlehem Steel
S/C. Blue border with Greek man sitting in steel mill setting. Two signatures over stamped (litho'd) "specimen". Preferred stock (under print) for 100 shares at 7%. # 0000, stamped 3-16-1936 on the reverse. Republic Banknote.  Minor issues to right side keeps this from highest condition.

*Bethlehem Steel - S/C brown stock, three workers vignette. ABN. A modern specimen.

S/C, orange "certificate of stock". ABN lot 1-1. World famous commercial vehicle manufacturer. Vignette of a engineer and scientist (trade tools in picture) with large relief globe between them.

*Chicago Cotton Mfg. -
U/UC, 18xx stock in excellent condition. Beautiful large, brown underprinted vignette accompanies other vignettes on this post-Civil war certificate. Company was incorp. in 1870 and #190. 

*Chicago Nipple Manufacturing Company
S/C, 1923, olive green/under print on this unusual temporary stock certificate (yes, a nipple maker,) for <100 shs of B Trust Certificates. # 00000. ABN 

*Clark Equipment - S/C, red, >100 stock shs. ABN http://www.nyge.com/V4118.jpg

*Clark Equipment - S/C, blue, <100 stock shs. CEO under Pres. signature (litho) ABN 

*Clark Equipment - S/C, green, 100 stock shs. serial # punched, corp. seal is "corrected". ABN #300-3323-68. All three have the same vignette of naked man seated among factory tools and pondering at a tool in hand. Modern specimens.

*Clorox -S/C, orange stock for more than 100 shs. Vignette of robed, beauty standing and holding globe. Manufacturer of Clorox bleach. One small ink stamp "specimen in signature area of stock certificate. S-CBN # BN 44015. A modern specimen.

*Commerce Drug
S/C, green stock for 100 shs. Vignette of two men, one women also in green. S-CBN. A modern specimen.

*Continental Illinois
S/C, Blue bordered ABN, 13-5/8ths% Debenture Note from the '80's. Vignette of company logo. Cancellation punch is two small holes only.

*Copper Laboratories -S/C, blue stock, <100,001 shs. Vignette of two chemists /globe ABN. A modern specimen.

*The Diamond Match Company – S/C, red for 100 shs. This ABN specimen likely dates from 1930-40's (based on security marks) and has a left side vignette of a bald eagle. This 130 year old company still thrives today.

*Galaxy Carpet Mills
S/C, Purple ABN stock. Chain of carpet stores known to hawk the famous shag carpet of the 1970's. Unusual vignette of stars with a spiraling "swoop" above company name.

*Geo. I. Squier Manufacturing Company – S/C, a 1893 $1,000 Gold mtg. Bond has a central vignette of a press, and 40 attached coupons. Another example of an ABN archival certificate with “Return to …. Dept.” stamped visible when the bond is folded for storage.

*Hat Corporation of America -
S/C, 1945, green stock for <100 preferred shs. Flawless, "as made", Vignette is two angels leaning on crest with company initials in center. Must see this classic ABN design. One of their finest ever! ABN #00000.

*The Huntingdon Manufacturing Company (NY) – S/C, this $500 (in orange under print) from 1887 has red “specimen” printed on each signature line and across each of the 40 attached coupons.  Minor fold splits exist on this first mortgage bond. Central vignette of a factory of that era. ABN archival certificate with “Return to …. Dept.” stamped visible when the bond is folded for storage.

*Japanese Tissue Mills -
I/C, Blue paper, this is the scarcer temporary stock certificate - $100 shs, #A 18 for 10 preferred shs in 1917. Between both sides, this certificate holds 7 signatures (4 on verso).

*[8] National Silk Dying - U/UC, nice looking preferred stock with brown border and left vignette of eagle, wings spread, ready for flight. Each is for 100 shs @ $100 each. Appears to be pre-WWII.

*Int'l Paper - S/C, older, modern, green stock for 100 shs. Good sized central, multiple vignette artwork.

*Int'l Paper - S/C, blue/purple, <100 stock shs. 

*Int'l Paper -S/C, green, 100 stock shs.

*Int'l Paper- S/C, olive, >100 stock shs.  All three modern specimens have man sitting leaning on saw, in forest.

*Keyes Fibre
S/C, Nice crisp brown ABN for $1,000 and 5% Debenture from 1960's. Numbered "00000", this company was incorp. 1935, strong in the manufacturing sector (made molded products). A modern specimen.

*Levi Strauss -
S/C, blue stock. Portrait of Levi Strauss, world famous pants manufacturer from San Francisco. Underwritten by two known California banks - Bank of America and Crocker National Bank (now defunct). No ink or litho stamps of "specimen" pin-punched across the bottom.  


*Liberty Insurance
P/UC. A very sharp proof with spread-wing eagle vignette, on heavy paper stock. One stain (glue?) appears on top margin, fingertip in size between elaborate printed border and document edge. Artistic embellishments at essential viewpoints make this (stock certificate sized) proof a pleasure to view. All print is rather large. New York City, 18xx, $800k capitol, and $80 shs.

*Midland Utilities Company - S/C, $0000, Final payment on this 1927 note was due November of 1929. Vertical with large vignette of seated women holding light-emitting bulb on this $1,000 5% Gold Note. This was originally printed with only 6 coupons (attached to side) with #1 paying $37.50 with the remaining five showing $25. Republic Banknote Co of Pittsburg, Pa.

*N L Industries (Dutch Boy Paint)
S/C, 1975 9-3/8ths % Debenture Bond for $25,000. Incorp. 1891. Left vignette of Dutch boy seated on wood plank, paint bucket in one hand and brush up (painting in the air). A modern specimen.

* National Enameling and Stamping Company – S/C,  this 1909 $1,000 Real Estate Sinking Fund has a basic central vignette, and is made to look like a stock certificate, yet folds to appear like a bond. From the ABN archive, the due date was June 1929 and has the stamp “Return to …” along with an early example of a red litho’d “specimen”. The bond was to be exchanged for Bond coupons. The factory complex located at Baltimore, Maryland, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

*Oriental Silk Printing Company

S/C, blue with central vignette of an ancient Chinese lion (company logo), $100 shs. The certificate from this 19th century N.J. company appears to be from the mid-20th century. Co. history here: http://www.textilehistory.org/OrientalSilkHaledonNJ.html

*The Pacific Lumber Company -
S/C, 1981, green border stock from Maine. Vignette of young beauty in a nightgown and on a bed, arm draped over a globe, with trees in the background. ABN.

*Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company -  Proof, c1870's Beautiful and very flawlessly detailed multi colonial vignettes on India clean and strong paper.

*The Pfauder Co. – S/UC, ABN archive, 1937 green $1000 depression-era, sinking fund bond #00000 with 40 coupons.  Founded in 1884 this manufacturing multinational company is (presently) headquartered in Rochester, New York.

Philadelphia Company (I) - S/C, 1951, brown, $1000 2 5/8% Serial Note, 20 of 20 coupons, printed by Republic Bank Note Co. Pittsburgh, PA.  #0000

Philadelphia Company (II)--S/C, 1944, green, registered 2 5/8% Collateral Trust Serial Note, Printed by Republic Bank Note Co. Pittsburgh, PA. #000

Philadelphia Company (II)--S/C, 1950, green, registered 2 5/8% Collateral Trust Serial Note, Printed by Republic Bank Note Co. Pittsburgh, PA. #000

Philadelphia Company (II)--S/C, 1951, green, registered 2 5/8% Collateral Trust Serial Note, Printed by Republic Bank Note Co. Pittsburgh, PA. #000

*Phillips - Van Heusen
S/C, blue stock for <100 shs. Clothing manufacturer. Vignette of three women. B3158. A modern specimen.

Pennsylvania, 1800’s ............ $ffer

*[8] Allentown Hardware
U/UC, 18xx stock, $100 shs, limited to 1600 shs, EF+ Prime example of a beautiful, 19th century stock, with central vignette of fighting horses (Pa. State flag). Foliage vignette along left side of certificate Printed by "Wm. F. Murphy's Sons 509 Chesternut St. Phila." ……….. LOT OF 8 FOR $55


*Bloomsburg Silk Mills
I/C, 1890 #31 for 5, $100 shs. PA manufacturing company, vignette of 2 horses (Pa. State flag). http://www.goantiques.com/detail,bloomsburg-silk-mill,337585.html

*[2] Hope Hose & Steam Fire Engine Co., No.2 -
U/UC, Philadelphia, 1859. Triple vignette of woman holding anchor looking out to sea, dog with key under paw and water coming from hose attached to hydrant(?) Two large, 150+ year old certificates….OFFER


*Mutual Benefit Life Insurance -
I/C, "1865" in red, scrip, canceled by fine cuts. Elaborate, multiple vignettes! Central vignette of mother pelican wingspread over brood of four nesting birds. "I Live & Die For Those I Love" printed on banner below nest.


*National Insurance Agency -
U/UC and near flawless example of a small stock of the pre-Depression era. #44, gold under print design, and nice money-green artwork across entire reverse.

*[19] Nevada & Mountain Lakes Ice-
U/UC, from "Nevada City, Cal." Circa 1870, dated 18xx, 1000 total capitalization $100 shs. Vignettes of a woman overlooking a mountain lake (central) and old wooden icebox (bottom), printed by H. S. Crocker & Co. of Sacramento. 

*Sheffield Furnace Company of Alabama [Colbert County] (and letter to son of owner from Governor Rockefeller) - Only known example and almost flawless condition.
I/UC, Issued #51 (& signed on verso) 1887 to W. L. Chambers for one share. Green bordered with nice corner and central artwork. Vignette is of two workers mining (left) and workers using horse drawn mining cars (right). Usual double fold occurs. 

PLUS, To accompany this rare find is a 1964 letter to William Ely Chambers from Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor of New York. Content re: 175th Anniversary Dinner for Veterans Corps. Rockefeller's bold & clean signature on this Governor of New York stationary - multiple staple holes/tears limited to upper left corner, clearly affecting only the paper. Unique paper pair!

Washington Lodge No. 156, F & A.M. -
U/UC, Vignette of Masons tools. Large, $10 in red under print. Only 100 stocks printed, for fraternal lodge in Quarryville, PA. Dated A.D. 1899, A. L. 5899. 10 of 10 coupons (numbered in red under print) each due on St. John's Day. 

*Royal Arcanum
S/C, very large vertical, “Widows and Orphans Benefit Fund” certificate with small tear (~1/2") at bottom edge. “SCRA Form 18, Aug 11, 1911”, this ABN specimen appears to have been from their archives ....."return to..." stamp in top corner.  Unique.

*Tannette Manufacturing Company – S/UC* (except coupons),  $500 bond dating 1892 has a central bald eagle vignette and one of the last examples of Homer Lee Bank Note before being bought by ABN in 1891. Minor age issue (2 cm) at bond-coupon fold. Unusual Garuda vignette on the 20 coupons. ABN Archive, stamped “Return to …”

*Union Camp Corporation
S/C, 1971, olive bond certificate for $25,000 7.5% sinking fund debenture. Nice vignette of man and woman sitting with forest background. Company logo appears in two places. S-CBN.

*United States Gypsum - S/C, green, 100 common shs, S-CBN.

*United States Gypsum - S/C, pink, 100 preferred shs, S-CBN.

*United States Gypsum
S/C, brown, <100,000 common shs, S-C USBN #R 2835. All three (3) stock certificates have perched bald eagle with wings spread (central) vignette. 



*George Washington - Proof, Vignette
Proof of artwork used for reference in the making of stock certificates & bonds. In paper frame from National BankNote Archives

SECTION III - Hawaii ..........................................................................

Hawaii stocks and bonds had low printings. Hawaiian certificates rarely numbered more than 300-1000 until the nearing of Statehood. Due to tropical (& early storage) conditions in Hawaii, less than average condition prevails. Therefore, higher quality documents are increasingly scarce.

Kingdom of Hawaii years (<1894), Republic years (1894 - 1900), Territorial years (1900-1959) and State of Hawaii (1959+)


*International Immigration and Colonization Association, Limited (Rare)

I /UC, stock # 26 for 1 share issued 30 January 1911, incorporated 24 December 1910 (Christmas Eve). Capitol limited to only 50 shs of $1,000 each. Left vignette of a map of the Pacific with trade route lines all drawn toward the central point of Honolulu. Except for the usual bi-folds, this certificate is almost "as made". Possibly unique. 

Two sources mention the association. The first is a book (written in Russian), “Russian-American relations in the Region in the Far East: Past and the Present “ Author: Garusova LN, Editors: Alexandrova LI, Moiseeva, LV. The second is the Congressional record of 1921.  The translation of the first source:

 “In the official papers of officers Amur region and Russian consulates in the United States reflected the official evaluation of all manifestations of Jewish migration and the activities of Jewish Americans in the Far East. Far the most attention of the authorities after the Russian-Japanese war drew "recruiting job" of U.S. citizens - emigrants from Russia. Some former Russian subjects actually worked in the U.S. agencies, such as the International Association of colonization and immigration ("International Immigration and Colonization Association "), recruited workers in Hawaii, USA, Canada and Australia. It was Jews, according to Russian officials, belonged to "merit" in smanivanii [?] Russian from Siberia and the Far East in the United States and Hawaii. For example, in a special circular, the military governor of the Primorye [a.k.a. Primorsky Krai] region for the number 58504 on December 10, 1909   the Jews were accused of directly supplying the American planters in Hawaii Russian workforce. "According to information received, American growers have paid attention to Russian immigrants in the Far East, and with nimble evreychikov[?] hope to attract them to their plantations in Hawaii to 10,000 men.”

The second reference is the Congressional record of 1921 (Serial 7, Part 1), Hearings before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization. 

“… the board of immigration during the month of July1911, entered into an agreement with the International Immigration and Colonization Association for the introduction of small parties of Russian immigrants. … During the period in which the agreement existed, 266 Russians were brought into the Territory at a cost to the Government of $16,055.10 …”


Kona-Kau Telephone & Telegraph [3]

 *Final Three Certificates showing Transfer of the Company

I/C, Three [3 -Type I] certificates, # 185 for 905 shs and issued April 12, 1913 (VF); # 186 for 70 shs and issued April 24, 1913 (EF-); and certificate # 187 (EF) for 20 shs and issued July 17, 1913. All three were issued to "Mutual Telephone Co. Ltd." All three stocks are canceled on the front in red pen by Luther S. Aungst, "Cancelled May 13 / 14 L. S. Aungst Trustee in disincorporation" and signed on the reverse by the Treasurer of Mutual Telephone, J. A. Balch.

L. S. (Luther Stine) Aungst (1862-193x) - Born in Pa. 1862, He was the man who "wired" the Big Island. Hired to improve Hamakua & South Kohala Telephone Co. (1890); Secured franchise from gov't for Kona-Kau Telephone & Telegraph: (1892-1932); Secretary; Mutual Telephone Company, Superintendent (1895); Retired in 1932 at the age of 70. Note- Kona Kau Telephone & Telegraph merged with two other companies into "Hawaii Telephone Company". Once owned by Mutual Telephone, the Big Island subsidiary was then known as Hawaii Telephone Company.

John A. Balch (1875-1951) - His family first arrived in America in 1623. Interisland Wireless Company, Co-owner and VP (1907) which later became Hawaiian Telephone & Telegraph, merging with Mutual Telephone in 1909; First "ship-to-shore" call (1908); Mutual Telephone: Treasurer (1910), Organizer of "Hawaii Telephone Company", a consolidation of three Big Island companies (1913); VP (1923); President (1925-40); Chairman of the Board (1944-49)


Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone 

*Final Issue + List of stockholders (dated 12-31-1909).

Stock Certificate (1) PLUS a typed, original company document (2) from 1910 that lists the stockholders for year ending 1909.

I/UC, # 34 issued to J. Waterhouse for one share, on March 3, 1910.  John A. Balch and E.M. Campbell sign for the company. An exceptional (& large) example of the signature of J. Waterhouse on the reverse. Condition is almost "as made". The stub was never removed on this fully issued and endorsed certificate. Day of issuance was the day that Mutual Telephone took over control of the company. The finest pre-WW I example known and the last for this company. Additionally, this short-lived company worked with the U.S. military, successfully making the first “ship to shore” call and was the first in the world to attempt wireless communications (from Barbers Point, Oahu to the island of Maui).


First and Final Issued - 

*[2] Hamakua & South Kohala Telephone & Telegraph

The first of the pair is  # 1 certificate, I/C, Issued 12-31-1898, and lightly pen cancelled, for "20 shs to Charles Notley Sr." (a plantation owner with 57 employees and Senate Member 1887-89, 1985-96).  (note: Spink’s claims they have a few of these certificates - #2 and upward).

 Capitalization was limited to 600 shares. The ink remains extremely strong and in superb condition, the paper has not. Paper grades average (no splits or tears) but has organic flaws (termites). Reverse endorsed [n. d.], "Grantors and Trustees under the will of Charles Notley Sr. deceased". This was written and signed by Cecil Brown himself. Cecil was VP of Mutual Telephone and brother to Godfrey Brown, Minister of Foreign Affairs under King Kalakaua. In addition, this  #1 certificate is primary historical evidence that shares were apparently sold before the existence of stock certificates - likely from a ledger. 

The second, # 62 -  I/UC*, Issued 04-08-1913 for one share. Issued to the company president, L. S. Aungst. Handwritten and signed by Luther S. Aungst, written on the reverse, "transfer to Mutual Telep. Co. Ltd." No higher issued certificate known.


*[2] Mutual Telephone Company Pairing #270 and #273

The first of the pair is stock certificate #270 (type III), UC*; Issued on 04-19-1909 to "Alexander & Baldwin Trustee" (A & B still in business today) for 9,268 shs or 61.79% of capitalization. C. Atherton and Cecil Brown signatories for the company. Reverse signed by J. Waterhouse for A & B, this historical document is in better than average condition. Uncanceled.

The second, Cert. # 273 (Type IIIa), I/C; Issued 04-19-1909 to "Alexander & Baldwin Ltd." (A & B still in business today) for 2,500 shs or 16.67% of capitalization.  C. Atherton and Cecil Brown sign for the company. Endorsed on the reverse by J. Waterhouse (Missionary family background), ink stamped "Canceled"

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*Hawaiian Bell Telephone (I) I/C, Issued 10-04-1883 to Mr. William O. Smith. Certificate # 58 for 33 shares. E. P. Adams and J. F. Brown signed for the company. Date of incorporation handwritten in on this first issue type, limited to just 1,000 shs. Uncanceled. Endorsed (reverse) by Mr. Smith. 

William Owen (W.O.) Smith (1848-1929) - son of missionary parents, arriving in Hawaii in 1842. W.O. became a lawyer; sheriff of Kauai (1870-72) and Maui (1872-74); Board of Health (1893-99); W.O. Smith & Co. (stock brokers), President (1884); Oahu College, Trustee (1884). He also served as President of Bishop Trust Co., Ltd., President; Guardian Trust Company, Ltd., Director (1911). Legislative Rep. (1878 & 1884) Noble (1887-89, 1892, 1907-8); Senate President (1909-10). Served as Attorney General (one of 4 executives) in the Provisional Government (1893-94); member of the "Committee of Safety" the actual group that overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Edward Payson (E.P.) Adams (18xx-1895) - Hawaiian Bell Telephone, President (1884); Auctioneer & Merchant by trade; Queens Hospital, Auditor (1884).

Set of Multiple Era Specimens [3] 

C. Brewer and Company, Limited

Charles Brewer (1804 - 1885) descended from a Brahmin Boston family with roots back to the Mayflower. C. Brewer & Co., Ltd. the oldest surviving company in Hawaii, also one of Hawaii's "Big Five", which dominant the economy of Hawaii.

*C. Brewer and Company, Limited –  Company founded in 1826. this specimen /printer's proof has the stub folded back with the document extending about 2 extra inches beyond the binding mark.  'Ink purple' borders, $100 stock, multiple vignettes of the company building (still standing today), dock side warehouse, portrait of founder, and another of company’s first president. 

*C. Brewer and Company, Limited
S/C, Orange. Mid-century ABN specimen with nice central vignette of a tropical port, scene from the perspective of being on the water looking toward port / island. 

*C. Brewer and Company, Limited
S/C, Green, <100 shs. Typical, modern ABN Specimen with nice central vignette of a tropical port, scene from the perspective of being on the water looking toward port / island. 


*C. Brewer and Company, Limited - Company founded in 1826. I/C, 'Ink purple' borders, $100 stock, multiple vignettes of Hawaii buildings, both portraits of company heads, and ship on the ocean (central). Issued 11-20-1929 to Emma C. Scott. Certificate # A1459 for 625 shs. (Large) signature of E. F. Bishop, company President. Endorsed (reverse) by C. M. Cooke III of Cooke Trust Co. Ltd. Canceled by pin punch, red ink and stamped once, 1935, $2 red document stamp on reverse. Printed by ABN

*City Finance & Mortgage Co. Ltd.
(Type A)
- 1940's Territory of Hawaii stocks. Issued, about VF or better, 5,000 capitalization, pen canceled. #21 for 60 shs; (*)#27 for 10 shs; #40 for 25 shs; (*) #120 for 10 shs; #187 for 3 shs; and #216 for 10 shs; (*)#4 for 50 shs; (*)#9 for 50 shs; (*) #47 for 300 shs. 

(Type B) - similar as above; #5 for 100 shs (w/legal docs attached

Note: These last certificates have an "H" pin-punched in the certificate. This was done to stocks for the same reason that "Hawaii" was printed on currency - in case the Japanese captured Hawaii in WWII, it could be de-valued so funds could not be turned against the United States / Allies.

*Dental Company of Hawaii, Limited
I /UC, Territory of Hawaii, $10 shs, limited to only 1,000 total shs. Stock certificate # 16 for 30 shs issued on 31 July 1926, only one month after incorporation. "50% paid up" is written next to share amount. Usual wear & aging for bi-fold type certificate including some fold splits.

*Dental Company of Hawaii, Limited 
I /UC, Territory of Hawaii, $10 shs, limited to only 1,000 total shs. Stock certificate # 24 for 20 shs issued on 30 April 1927. Some age spots. Same principles as above, but condition is better. Have not seen any others.

*Gannet Company
S/C, blue stock for not more than 10,000 stock shs. Vignette is of man among different communication items. Company has interests in radio, TV, and print media, including the Honolulu Advertiser. Modern ABN example.

*[3] Hawaii Telephone - "An Hawaiian Corporation"
U/UC, Kingdom of Hawaii, Chief Office at Hilo, Hawaii, i06-20-1889, dated 19xx. The highest numbered we have seen was # 48 (unissued) and the highest issued #24. Stub is still attached with no major flaws.

*Hawaii Telephone - "An Hawaiian Corporation"
I/UC*, Kingdom of Hawaii, Chief Office at Hilo, Hawaii, i06-20-1889. Issued 07-21-1920, only canceled on stub, Certificate #19, Reverse signature is only sign of cancellation! The highest numbered we have seen has been # 48,with the highest issued # 24. 

*Hawaii Telephone - "An Hawaiian Corporation"
I/C, Kingdom of Hawaii, Chief Office at Hilo, Hawaii, i06-20-1889. Issued 07-12-1921, only canceled on stub, Certificate #20. Cancelled by pen & diamond-cut. 

*[18] Hawaiian Bell Telephone (I)
U/UC- {Kingdom of Hawaii} Honolulu (San Francisco blacked-out), originally printed in 1880. A temporary stock certificate used as first issue, limited to only 1,000 shs at $10 each. No vignette but red border & printing. Less than 85 were issued of an original print run (est.150-200). Printed by A. Carlisle & Co., S. F. This was the first telephone stock.

*Hawaiian Bell Telephone (I)
I/C, [see above] Issued 11-29-1883 to Mrs. M. D. Hall. Certificate #60 for 12 shares. E. P. Adams and J. F. Brown signed for the company. Date of incorporation handwritten in on this first issue type, limited to just 1,000 shs. Uncanceled. Endorsed on the front of the stub by a family member. Solid condition, very close to unissued examples. 

*[7] Hawaiian Bell Telephone (II)
U/UC {Kingdom of Hawaii} i12-30-1880, 188x stock, second printing - $50,000/5,000 shs, Stub attached. Printed by Hawaiian Gazette Printers. Light foxing is typical on type II certificates.

*Hawaiian Bell Telephone (IIa)
U/UC- {Kingdom of Hawaii} i12-30-1880, 188x stock, second printing - $50,000/5,000 shs, Stub attached. Vignette of Palm tree, foliage, and seabirds. Small vignette of woman swimming. Original sheet of two certificates per one page. Printed by Hawaiian Gazette Printers.  http://www.glabarre.com/item/Hawaiian_Bell_Telephone_Company/5878/c107

*Hawaiian Bell Telephone (II)
I/C, {Kingdom of Hawaii} Issued 06-25-1889. Certificate # 25 for 250 shs of 5,000 total share capitalization, issued to Joseph "Jos Campbell". Signed by Godfrey Brown as president. Reverse signature of Cecil Brown (brother of Godfrey) as attorney for Joseph Campbell. Cecil would later go on to sign the front side of stocks as Vice President of Mutual Telephone. Printed by Hawaiian Gazette Printers. One [1] small ink stamp "canceled" appears over each of the two corporate signatures. Corporate seal (raised) is about 75% elevated! Very strong & sharp writing - one of the better examples of this type. 

*Hawaiian Bell Telephone (II)
I/C, {Kingdom of Hawaii} Issued stock 01-17-1893. Certificate # 28 for 90 shs of 5,000 total shares. Signed by Godfrey Brown and J. F. Brown for the company. Printed by Hawaiian Gazette Printers. Very fine fold split, repaired decades ago, noticeable from reverse.

*[2] Hawaiian Natural Water Company, Inc.
S/C, Only sign of cancellation is the pin-punched "specimen" and "NBN Co" twice. Under printing is very beautiful & scenic running across entire stock certificate of tropical waterfall (central), flora, and fauna. Modern 1990's company. The most attractive and colorful Hawaii certificate ever made.

*[21] Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone
U/UC, Territory of Hawaii, i02-12-1907, 190x, green border/ under print, stub attached and never folded. Large stock, no vignette. Few were ever issued. Company incorporated in 1907 and bought by Mutual Telephone in March 1910. Certificates printed by Honolulu Gazette.

Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone
I/C, # 5 issued to Henry Waterhouse Trust Co. Ltd., Trustee on Feb. 24, 1909, for 125 shs. Hutchins & Campbell sign for the company. Some minor margin tears. Cancellation stamp is placed in the top margin, not affecting artwork.

*Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone
I/C, # 9 issued and endorsed (reverse) to E. M. Campbell for one share on Feb. 24, 1909. C. Hutchins and Campbell sign for the company. Campbell was the Treasurer of the company and his signature appears on all issued stock. A very nice example. Canceled by stamp "Cancelled by the issue of Certificate No. _______" which appears in the top margin. The stamp does not affect the certificate artwork.

*Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone
I/C, # 13 issued to J. A. Balch for 1,200 shs (24% of the company) on Feb. 24, 1909. Hutchins & Campbell sign for the company. Strong corporate seal with minor aging to part of one edge (~1 mm) and quarter inch tear on right side. The margins on these certificates are very large, making these flaws minor and easy to cover if framed. Two small ink stamps - "Mar 3- 1910" on the stub and "Cancelled by the issue of Certificate No. ________" are the only evidence of cancellation. Reverse endorsed by owner.

*Hawaiian Telegraph & Telephone
I/C, # 16 issued to Clinton J. Hutchins for 50 shs on Feb. 24, 1909. Hutchins was the President of the company. His signature (very strong/flawless) is also on the front and reverse. Good corporate seal pressed into paper. Small ink stamp (front) "Cancelled by the issue of Certificate No. ________" is the only evidence of cancellation. No stub present.

Hilo & Hawaii Telephone & Telegraph
I/C, Island of Hawaii. Issued 01-20-1913, stock certificate # 374 for one share. Blue crayon canceled, endorsed by the corporate secretary. Printed by The Union Litho Co. of S. F.

*Honolulu Oil Corporation
S/C, dark brown stock for less than 100 shs. Vignette of half-nude woman, with oil field in the background. One crease to right side that does not distract, otherwise crisp. Ink stamped "FEB 24 1956". ABN #00000.

*Kona & Kau Railway
I/C, Issued 05-31-1902, green, #15. $100 6% 30 yr. First Mortgage (vertical) Bond, three signatures (1 reverse), 59 of 60 coupons. VF+ Nice central vignettes of train coming towards viewer; border vignette above that of "United States of America {Eagle vign. - wings spread} Territory of Hawaii". Less than 150 of the original 3,000 printed have survived time and destruction.

Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (I)
U/UC, 189x, numbered stock certificates for total capitalization of 1,000 shs. Company was incorporated 1895 and bought by Mutual Telephone in 1913. This company operated on the Island of Hawaii, known as the "Big Island". Luther S. Aungst was the leader of Big Island telephony. He personally took part in the construction of the poles and wire needed to cross the island. Blue ink printing and artwork. Printed by "Star Print", only 250 originally printed.

Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (I)
I/C; Issued 08-11-1902, #76 for 20 shs. (2% of the company). L.S. Aungst signs as Secretary. Two tears (about 1") and small portion of certificate missing, probably from revenue stamp cutout.

Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (Ia)
I/UC*, Issued 12-04-1906, Certificate # 100 for 90 shs (9% of company) to "Hutchinson Sugar Plt. Co. Ltd." The company decreased capitol share amount from $25 each. This certificate has a scarcely seen overstamp of $15,000 at $15 per share. Signed by L.S. Aungst as Secretary.

*Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (I)
I/UC*, Issued 03-14-1907 stock certificate # 132 for 429 shs (42+% of company) of 1,000 total shares. Issued to L. S. Aungst and signed twice by him (as Secretary and reverse, endorsed).. Canceled April 12, 1913, per stub. Company was sold to Mutual Telephone one month later.

*Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (I)
I/UC*, Issued 03-14-1907, certificate # 156 for 5 shs of 1,000 total shares. Endorsed (reverse) "sold to L. S. Aungst..." Cancellation of March 31, 1913. Signed by L.S. Aungst as Secretary.

Kona=Kau Telephone & Telegraph (I)
I/UC*, Issued 03-14-1907 stock certificate # 164 for 50 shs of 1,000 total shares, to Hawaiian Agricultural Co. Ltd. Endorsed by President and Treasurer of Haw'n Ag. on reverse.

*[48] Kona-Kau Telephone & Telegraph (II)
U/UC, numbered stock certificates for total capitalization of ONLY 480 shs. Blue ink prints. Typical for this company, small termite holes exist in most issued/unissued certificates. Dated 189x. Printed by "Star" Job Printers.

*[31] Maui Telephone
U/UC stock certificate from Paia, Maui, Hawaiian Islands (incorp. 1889) Capitalization of 2,500 - $10 shs. Never folded, with stubs in EF condition. Beautifully engraved unissued certificate from the Maui Telephone Company dated 190X. This historic document has an ornate border around it. This item is over 92 years old.

*Maui Telephone
I/C, Island of Maui, (i1889) Issued 12-01-1910 stock certificate # 558 for 288 shs of 10,000 total shares. Reissue of certificates 110,136,144,171,174,228,and 263 to D. C. Lindsay. Signed by D. C. Lindsay (early Non-Hawaiian family) on reverse and as President of the company. 58 cents in document stamps on reverse. Canceled by stamp & punch. 

*Maui Telephone
I/C, Island of Maui, Hawaiian Islands (incorp. 1889) Issued 12-01-1910 to and endorsed by D. C. Lindsay as VP. Stock certificate # 527 for 6 shares. Reissue of certificate 72. Lindsay family was an early non-Hawaiian family. 2 cents in document stamps on reverse. Canceled by stamp & punch.

============= Mutual Telephone Company 

There were many varieties of stock certificates for this company. Either by rubber stamping of older ones or completely new engravings. 

They are: 

Type I -Elaborate vignette of nature, palm tree and angler scene. Capitol of $30,000 (07/16/1883)

Type Ia - Same as I, but red rubber stamped Capitol increased to $50,000 (05/20/1884) 

Type Ib - Same as I, but red rubber stamped Capitol increased to $100,000 (01/25/1890) 

Type II - Border and certificate change. Border is blue, multiple vignettes (two doves with laurels, street view of building) & printer are different. Certificate # is still handwritten. 

Type IIa - Certificate # is now pre-printed. 

Type IIb - Certificate # is now pre-printed. Red rubber stamped Capitol increased to $250,000 (08/02/1909) 

Type III - Similar to type II, but vignettes have changed slightly. Also printed are now 4 different capitalizations, the last one is $150,000 (11/16/1894) 

Type IIIa -Same as III, only red rubber stamped Capitol increased to $250,000 (08/02/1909)

*Mutual Telephone (I)
I/C, certificate in top condition for this company. Issued 12-22-1887. Stock certificate #297 for 10 shs. Neatly pen canceled. President signed, H. A. Widemann. Rare because this certificate bears no red stamp for increased Capitol. Capitol increased from 3,000 shs to 5,000 shs in 1884, yet issued on the original certificates from 1883. Issued to H. H. Williams who owned the City Furniture Store and an undertaker & embalmer. A picture of his store (with painted advertisement in 3 languages) can be found in the first edition (2000) of "Hawaii Looking Back", by Mutual Press. Typically, the glue stains are heavier to about "brittle" and paper has turned completely brown. This is the finest example I have seen. Light glue stains, one horizontal crease, this 120+ year-old example.

Herman A. Widemann (Judge) (1823-1899) - "Founder" of Hawaii telephony as a business. Hawaiian Bell Telephone, 1st President (1880-83); Mutual Telephone Company, President (1883-1894); Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of King Kamehameha V (1869); Minister of the Interior; Sheriff of Kauai; Member of Legislature (1874, 1882-92);

H.H. Williams (1856-1935) - He was commissioned to represent the Kingdom of Hawaii at the World's Fair of 1888-89. Williams owned the City Furniture Store and was an undertaker & embalmer. A picture of his store (with painted advertisement in 3 languages) can be found in "Hawaii Looking Back", by Mutual Press (2000). Williams also was part of 10 different organizations, including 33rd Mason, and Knight Templar.

*[5] Mutual Telephone (Ib)
U/UC, {Kingdom of Hawaii} Honolulu, H. I. (Hawaiian Islands), i08-16-1883, 188x stock, red stamped "increase from 3,000 shs to 5,000 shs", stub attached. Beautiful vignette of fisherman, foliage, Palm tree, etc. Every issued one I have seen of this type has very heavy glue stains and aged much more than these. Printed by Hawaiian Gazette Print. Early competitor to Haw'n Bell, Mutual eventually bought them. This was the first Telephone stock listed on the Honolulu Exchange.

*Mutual Telephone (Ib)
I/UC*, {Kingdom of Hawaii} Honolulu, H. I., i08-16-1883, Issued on 09-23-1892 to Geo. P. Castle (Castle & Cooke). President signed, H. A. Widemann. Signed on the reverse by G. P. Castle. Stamped (red ink) Capitol increase from 3,000 shs to 5,000 shs then again to 10,000 shs, stub attached. Certificate #414 for 79 shares, inclusive of share "numbers 54, 223, 260, 275, and 281". Canceled 10-1892.. This is one of the better ones that have survived, with only moderate glue staining. One of the last of this type issued.

*[3] Mutual Telephone (IIa)
U/UC, {Kingdom/Territory of Hawaii} Honolulu, H. I. (Hawaiian Islands), stock, dated 189x. Nice intricate blue border. Small multiple vignettes of two birds, a simple but large residence, a hanging, flowering plant and elaborate blanks for Certificate No. and # of shares. Stubs present. Printed by Grieve Printers of Honolulu.

Mutual Telephone (II)
I/C; Issued 09-27-1892, Certificate # 2, to "Bishop & Co" Endorsed on the reverse by E. F. Bishop. Stock is for 1,800 shs or 18% of the company. President signed, H. A. Widemann. Some aging, glue stains make this a bit below average. One light cancellation stamp that does not distract

*Mutual Telephone (II)
I/C, Issued 09-27-1892 to Hollister & Co. # 11 for 45 shs. President signed, H. A. Widemann. Lightly stamped "canceled", a better known example of this variety.

*Mutual Telephone (II)
I/C; Issued 09-27-1892 to "Geo. P. Castle" (Castle & Cooke - a present day corporation) Certificate # 20 for 79 shs, endorsed on stub & reverse, "G. P. Castle". President signed, H. A. Widemann. Stamped "canceled".

Mutual Telephone (IIb)
I/C, Issued 09-01-1909, # 297 for 300 shs to A. N. Campbell. Flamboyant signature of Mr. E. F. Bishop as President is strong. Atherton signed as Secretary, ink stamped "canceled". A better than average example from this company.

Mutual Telephone (III)
I/C, Issued 01-01-1895 to "Mrs. M. D. Hall". Certificate #13 for 64 shs. One of the few certificates signed by W. G. Irwin and J. F. Brown sign for the company. Endorsed (reverse) by Bishop Trust Co. President (S. M. Damon) & Treasurer (Cockburn) for the deceased, lightly stamped "canceled", no stub attached. One of the finest examples and very clean (no glue stains) from this company. 

Samuel Mills Damon was a prominent Honolulu banker. James G. Cockburn, a banker, joined Bishop & Co. of Honolulu in 1899. He was made Vice President and Manager of the Bank of Bishop & Co., Ltd., in 1919, and later became Director of the Bishop Trust Co., Ltd. and Bishop Insurance Agency, Ltd.

Mutual Telephone (III)
I/C, Issued 07-06-1898 to "F. A. Schaefer". Signed by J. B. Atherton as company President and owner-endorsed on reverse. Certificate #101 for 15 shs, reissue of # 92 stamped "canceled", lightly over names. Moderate glue stain at stub.

*The O. K. Pines Company, Limited - I/UC, Issued 07/14/1921 to and signed by F. Norton, company President. Certificate #17 for 1000 shares, company incorp. 06/21/1921. No other known at this time.

*The Union Land Co. Ltd – I/UC, certificate #3 for 500 shs of $10. Issued April 30th, 1902 under in “Honolulu T.H.” (Territory of Hawaii) and 22 days after the date of incorporation. Also an uncancelled Hawaiian Island duty stamp.

President’s signature is Albert Francis Judd (1874–1939). He was founding secretary of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks lodge in Honolulu, served as trustee for the endowment of the Kamehameha Schools, trustee of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum, and Charles R. Bishop Trust. In 1906, he went to Manila to lobby the Philippine government to allow the first Ilocano laborers to work on sugar plantations in Hawaii. He was elected to the Hawaiian territorial Senate in 1911 and 1913.

SECTION IV - Other items .........................................................................

Hawaiian Postal Cards [3] 

1. UNIQUE - Birth of the Territory of Hawaii

Duplex stamped. "June 13 11PM 1900"; Inscribed. "Honolulu, H. I. June 13th 1900. 1130 p.m. This evening closes these Islands as a Republican Country, formerly a Kingdom, tomorrow the 14th they will be admitted as a Territory of the United States of America, this postal being a last evidences (one of them) of the present Republic, Respectfully..." A unique postal collectible – last moments of an era captured!

2. Picture Postal Card - Molokai Leper Settlement
Hawaii & South Seas Curio Co., Honolulu. Postmarked Schofield Jan 21 1918 Hawaii, 2 cent Washington stamp.

3. Picture Postal Card - Molokai Leper Settlement
Island Curio Co., Honolulu, T. H. (Territory Of Hawaii); Unused condition.


Varies Collectible Maps of Hawaii [4] ….$ffer

Official US Gov't Map of Honolulu - 1893
Large, folded 35x28 map of central Honolulu, drawn 12/30/1893, drawn and comments of the Surveyor General of Hawaiian Islands, William D. Alexander (notarized 01/23/1894) in the margin. Scale 200' = 1 inch. Used for military purposes during take over of Hawaiian Monarchy - map notes essential businesses and homes of Americans marked in red. Also noted, place troops first gathered. A True collectible & rarity in superb condition!

Official US  Gov’t Map of Honolulu - 1893
16x14 Street/Plat map drawn 12/09/1893, certified by Charles L. Carter. Scale 500' = 1 inch. Likely used for military purposes during take over of Hawaiian Monarchy - map notes Camp Boston, Prison, Gov't Bldgs, U.S.S. Boston (anchored in harbor), Customs House, Iolani Palace, Armory, Barracks, Churches, hospital and home of J. B. Atherton.

Map - Souvenir Map of Honolulu and its Street Car Service
Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. map, printed in 1932. Slight soiling, minor fold splits.

Map - Map & Bus Guide of Honolulu
1943. Printed for Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. Ltd. Is in well used condition, soiled & extra creases. Likely given to military personal stationed in Hawaii during WWII.

Hawaii Pearl Invitation + (Reply) Cards (mailed to customers) [6] ….. $ffer


Pearl Harbor Invitation Card - 1929
"The U.S. Submarine Detachment of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii request the pleasure of your presence at an Aloha Dance given in honor of Captain and Mrs. Kenneth Castleman, Lieutenant-Commander and Mrs. Earl R. Morrissey and Lieutenant-Commander and Mrs. David R. Lee at the Alexander Young Hotel Roof on Wednesday evening, October 9, 1929 from eight to twelve [strictly invitational] "
. blue print with gold vignette.

Reply Card - Hilo and Hawaii Telephone and Telegraph Co.
Early proxy form used for voting at the company stockholders meeting for 1900. To owner of certificate # 179.

Reply Card - American-Hawaiian Steamship Co.
Winter of 1913 Schedule of Sailing from Brooklyn (NY, San Diego, S.F., Portland, Seattle, and Hawaiian Islands). Also lists agents. Postmarked "New York, N.Y. Dec 5 130PM 1913 STAR", to Hilo Shoe Store, Hilo H. I. (typewritten).

Reply Card - American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 
Spring of 1914 Schedule of Sailing from Brooklyn (NY, San Diego, S.F., Portland, Seattle, and Hawaiian Islands). Also lists agents. Postmarked "New York, N.Y. Jan 30 1030AM 1914 STAR", to Hilo Shoe Store, Hilo H. I. (typewritten).

Reply Card - C. Brewer & Co. Ltd. (Hilo Branch) 
Increase of tonnage rates to Seattle & San Francisco - postmarked "Hilo, Nov 4-15, Hawaii".

Reply Card - Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty Co. Ltd.
Notice of Annual Meeting 1/22/1916 -Postmarked Hilo, 1/10, 10AM.

ODDS & THE END [7] - $ffer

An 1841 Waybill - Tremont Despatch & United States Mail Coach [$150.00]
Waybill for stagecoach route from Boston to Brattleboro. Six passengers, including a "Master Bates". This 170 year old and about stock certificate sized historical, transportation document is showing wear and some fold weakness.

*Vellum Indenture Conveyance - from 1739
From the twelfth year of the reign of George II. Very clean and suitable for framing. A little fold wear. Very legible! Principles are Roger Ball of Birmingham, carpenter and Riniard Barr of Birmingham. Vellum stationers are Lloyd & Gibbons. Has two intact wax seals and tax stamp. Measuring 28"x 24"(large).

Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows
Unissued season pass for 1953 (# 545)
to "The Greatest Show on Earth". Colorful artwork & raised printing on card stock with edge gold gilded.

Tonopah, NV. Ice Co. Coupon Booklet (1930's) - Unissued Booklet #314 for 250 lbs. of ice. Average condition.

1901 Illustrated Advertisement - Leaf
One side is Hotel Del Coronado & Coronado Tent City ad with each pictured. Other side is for Wellington Coal. Pictured is ship @ loading dock. Small tear.

Perpetual Care Deed
Issued 12-22-1932 for $20 for plot and $30 for perpetual care by the "...Reno Lodge #14, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows...". Signed by 4 members.

Ernie Menehune, Hawaii's Sun-tanned Irishman
10.5x14 trade advertisement for Caesars Palace (Las Vegas) and Harrah's (Lake Tahoe, Reno) shows. Circa 1969. 

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