Reading Non-Fiction - English II
Before Research, students must first learn how to read, understand, annotate non-fiction articles.  In this unit, we will read articles that have a common theme:  Overcoming Adversity.  The students will end the unit by writing their first "In-Class" Essay.  This will prepare them for the much larger unit of the Research Paper.

Overcoming Adversity Introduction

SOAPSTone Handout

"Sancuary of School" essay

"Sanctuary of School" handout

"The Black Table" essay


Small Moment Snapshots - write a paragraph responding to what similarities and differences you saw in your "snapshot" drawings.

"LA Gangs are Back" article

"Hard Times in Brooklyn" photoessay

Photo Essay vs Text Debate

Photo vs. Text Worksheet

In-Class Essay on Personal Adversity requirements

Essay Rubric

Outline for Personal Essay-Rough Draft