Welcome to ScreeStuff!
Once upon a time, I had a homepage creatively named "Tom's Place". From around 1996 until early 2010 it was my online repository for whatever random stuff I wanted to share. In March of 2010, I was forced to change ISPs, and in the process, I lost my personal webspace. Blogs are fantastic, but my internet life felt incomplete without a good old-fashioned homepage; it's the old-school internet nerd in me. Thanks to my already existing Google account, in May of 2010 I was able to resurrect my personal homepage. I have named it ScreeStuff to tie it in to my blog, Writing The Scree.

Much like my old homepage, this website will be reserved for whatever random stuff I feel like sharing. If my blog is my online journal, this is my online corkboard. It will be a perpetual work in progress.

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