This site offers free animated 3D science fiction screen savers for download. 
  • 18.9.2010: Combat Training Version 2.1 released, bringing a nice splash screen to shorten loading time
  • 26.8.2010: Combat Training Version 2.0 released featuring light & shadow, varying cameras, and better animations
  • 7.2.2010: Viper 2 Version 1.1 was awarded the SoftPedia 100% free award
  • 31.1.2010: Viper 2 Version 1.1 with the BSG 2003 models is now available.
  • 30.1.2010: New screen saver available!  Viper 2 Version 1.0 is now ready for download!
  • 7.12.2009: Version 1.6 of the XWing screen saver is now available for download!
  • 2.12.2009: TIE Formation screen savers was awarded the "Editors Pick" award by Brothersoft


Number 4:  Finally! Combat Training has been released.  The Viper is now training for combat above Galactica, flying maneuvers and firing.  Check the screen shots on the Screen shots page!


Number 3: Viper 2 is now there for you for free!  Note that the Viper is flying maneuvers.  The screenshot below gives you a first impression.  A screencam is available on the Viper 2 title page.


Number 2,TIE Formation, features three TIE fighters passing by the Death Star.  Here is a screen shot:


Number 1, XWing:  It displays an XWing fighter - well-known from the Star Wars movies - hovering above a landing platform.  Here is a screenshot from the XWing screen saver:


Feel free to browse through the pages of this site and download the screen savers. 


If you want to do me a favour, please add a comment on the product pages about what you think about the individual screen savers.


Note: These programs are guaranteed to be free from viruses, scareware, trojans or similar.  Those who have doubts are welcome to download the executables from download.com.  (download.com offers only malware free software.)   Just search download.com for e.g. "XWing screen saver".