Tiree Tech Wave


Tech Wave 9

This has been my 9th Tiree Tech Wave, and as usual with Tech Wave events there is no real fixed agenda however for me this time I came as part of a holiday. There has been many projects undertake this time http://tireetechwave.org/ but for me I just wanted to play. It is a fare trip from Manchester to Tiree via Oban and on this trip I shared the journey and consequently accommodation with Edd (Eddy). I have not had much chance in the past to write a great deal but I thought I would try to put finger to keyboard as it were. That said there will be a few items below from earlier TTWs scraped together. 

3D printing: Before the event I had started to create a Blimp (wombat) to house a shotgun microphone. This is in its early stages and was mostly already 3D printed just to sort out the spacing and physical dynamics.


Spoons / Stirrer [ 3D demo test]

Being asked how do you make a 3D model it seemed a good idea to demonstrate a relatively simple 2D drawing and the turn it into a 3D object. 

Three spoor / stirrers 3D printed >>  



Power reservation:: 
This made me smile, due to the amount of people sat around the table and in need of power for laptops etc.. this little jem caught my eye. Some paper tape secured the covered power point. Good fun :-)


3D printing Game Part
One participant of TTW9 http://tireetechwave.org/projects/tiree-holiday-a-board-game-for-the-island/ started to design and build a game. The 3D printer came in handy to make some little stands.  


PS CallMe (Re visited)
Revisiting a past project communications device PS CallMe paper mobile phone. 


The original concept models are made mostly from paper and as such have no electronic components. Iv been playing with the idea of building working prototypes but never seem to have time. Coming to TTW seemed a great opportunity to start to play with the concept again. Using a Bluetooth mobile headset the first stages in playing with proof of principle (POP) prototype. Below are the dissembled Bluetooth device and drawings exploring the physical stages.    

Tech Wave Archive 

Here are a few past TTW projects and making projects from previous events: 

Cybernetic Serendipity inspired  (TTW 5)

A collaboration while at TTW 5 inspired by the notion of Cybernetic Serendipity , in that this attempted to take some random inputs to an Arduino and in turn drive servose which added to the randomness. 


Mind Music (TTW 3 or 4)

Here we have a little project bringing together devises to turn human thought into sound. Inspired by the Theremin this TTW hack / mash made lots of annoying sounds which could be altered by thinking. 


CogWork-Chip  (TTW2)

If a microchip was made from cogs, what might that be like and what might it do?  The cogwork chip (V1.0) uses rotating cogs and can operate switches and sensors. These can be connected to other electronic projects and interact with them.  http://tireetechwave.org/projects/cogwork-chip/ 

Pet Me Puppy  (TTW 1)

This was a project I was playing with around the time of the first TTW. The puppy was already dissembled prior to the event and the thinking related to this project still int its early stages and linked to several other artifacts. The project was investigating object from the digital world becoming physical and also about physical objects becoming digital.  This exploration Pet me Puppy was of the latter mode. The final object was a interactive puppy sort of behind a screen like an 'app'.