Myrna Minnis, the “oogly lady”

Named “2000 Kansas Educator in Arts and Disabilities,” Myrna Minnis, also known as 'the oogly lady,' is passionate about working with people and clay.

"oogly is the toy that gets kids creative!"

A little about Myrna:

  • For the past 15 years, Myrna has been inspiring children through clay classes taught in local schools as well as her studio. She provides a simple, non-judgmental experience for all children including those with special needs.
  • In 1989, she created the oogly kit as a simple way to transform feelings into form using uncolored, non-hardening clay. Minnis developed the “oogly” to be a character that is as different and unique as each of the children and adults creating it.     


  Looking for a great way to slow down, play together with your kids, and open up communication in your family?   oogly is your answer!

To purchase an oogly kit or sign up for a clay class:

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