This site has been created as a repository for as much archival material relating to Screen 3 as we can gather.
The site includes a history of the band, folders with themed photographs, transcribed press articles and reviews, scans of memorabilia, such as gig posters, tickets, hand-written lyrics etc, and links to other sites containing relevant information. 
You'll find players on various pages, where you can listen to a variety of tracks, some officially released, but also live recordings and demos. 
Updates 25th February 2012
A new page, 'Miscellaneous Pressings & Promos' was created. History Pt.3 was added (though is not quite complete), plus new material was added to the 'What Next?' pages (new information about Brett Cooper's current musical adventures), and Links (plus a bit of tidying up on various other pages).

Play 'Refugee': Demo recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge
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