SP Mag Episode 4

Episode 4: 12/10/2013   

This episodes filming tip:

Try to use natural light as much as possible 

How many Lego main characters are there in Lego Adventure?

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SP: Lego Adventure 3 - We get a sneak peek!

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An Evening with John Seale

Last Thursday John Seale gave a talk about his new movie Mad Max Fury Road at Griffith film School. Maxim Hussey and Stephen Cavenagh were there to experience some of the action. John was very gracious and gave lots of insights. e.g. his love of available light, multiple cameras for coverage and his much loved 11 to 1 zoom lens for closeups. Sound like an awesome film, most cuts less than a second and they destroyed 14 Canon 5Ds on stunts! Can't wait for the new movie to come out next year! Thanks to ACS QLD for organising the event.

    Tom Hardy as Mad Max from the new movie                          Maxim Hussey with John Seale