Technobabble from the Webmaster - Webcounter statistics

You may have noticed the Visit Counter on this website.
This counter has been recording the number of visitors since it was added on 3rd July 2003.
As well as counting visitors, it also gives a few interesting statistics about computer operating systems

Update 23rd February 2015

Total number of visits to the website is now 249,832 since the website was started by Julie in 2003. 
Over the past 10 years there has been a big change in the technology used by viewers of the site, especially in the last two years, with the increasing use of smartphones and tablets.
Compare the following Operating System statistics, taken over the past week, with those of our previous report in 2012.
Mobile 27%  (iOS = 16%, Android 9%)
Win7 24%
iOS (iPad) 18%
Win 8.1 8%
Android (tablet) 7%
WinVista 2%
WinXP 1%
Win8  (0.5%)

Update 23rd November 2012

Total number of visitors to this website is now 121,853 and the number is growing at an ever increasing rate as it continues to get caught by the search engines.
Thanks to the efforts of Julie the WebEd the site continues to draw much interest from all visitors and the addition of the PayPal and Amazon buttons has given a welcome boost to the Charity's finances.

Over the last 30 days the number of visitors averaged 134 per day. On 31st October 195 people visited this website; whether the fact this was Halloween made any difference is uncertain.

Operating Systems:
Microsoft:- Win7 39%, WinVista 16.8%, WinXP 14.4%, Mobile 11.8%
Apple: - iOS (iPad) 9%, MacOSX 6.8%
Blackberry OS 1.2%
Android (tablet) 0.8%

Internet Explorer:- 49.8%, Chrome 14%, Safari (iPad) 12.4%, Mobiles
Mobile browsers 11.6%
Blackberry 1.2%
Android 0.8%

New website design 23rd May 2012
A new version of the website on Google Sites went live at about 6pm on 23rd May 2012.
The Statcounter for the previous version of the site was showing 100959 visits since 3rd July 2003. The counter was adjusted so that new site continues with the original count.

Statistics observed on 20th May 2012

Total visits has now passed 100,000 (actually 100611 today). This month we are averaging an average of 76 unique visits,
Operating Systems: 32% using Windows 7, 16.8% still on Windows XP, 15.6% on Vista, 14.6% on MacOSX and the rest , about 20%, on Mobiles or iPads.
Browsers: 52.4% on Internet Explorer, 24.6% on Safari (presumably Macs, iPad, iPhones), 8% on Firefox, and 4.4% on Chrome.
New website on Google Site will go live this week, following Google destroying our existing GoogleDoc pages.

Statistics observed 27th June 2010

Total visits to this website now total 61,944, a big increase on last year.
This week we are averaging 31 visits per day with each visitor spending 2 1/2 minutes on the site.
Note that these are unique visitors, i.e. if you visit the site ten times in one day you only count as one visitor. June seems to be the quietest time of the year with Jan, Feb, March being by far the busiest with twice as many visitors each day.
Operating Systems: 49% using Windows XP, 34% using Windows NT, 6% using Mac OSX. No information yet on Windows 7 but interestingly 3% using a Nokia OS.
Browsers: IE7 34%, IE8 24%, Firefox 18%, Safari 12%, IE6 6%, Opera 3% 

Statistics observed on 30th June 2009

Total visits now stand at 39,622
We are presently averaging 38 hits per day, each visitor spending 2mins 26 secs and viewing 3 pages on average.  This is somewhat down on last year but obviously reflects the economic climate where people are less keen to adopt a furry friend.
Operating System: 62% using Windows XP, 30% using Win NT, 5% using Macs, and only 2% using Vista !!!!
Browsers: 57% using IE7, 20% using IE6, 12% using Firefox, 6 % using Safari, 5% using IE8

Statistics observed on 12th May 2008

Total visits since the website started = 23,930
We are now averaging 42 hits per day. The average visitor spends 3mins 20 secs on the site and looks at 4 pages. 
Tuesday is the most popular day to visit and Sturday is the least popular.
Operating System:  75% of visitors are using Windows XP and only 15% have upgraded (?) to Vista. 3% are running on Apple Macs, 1% on Linux, whilst the remaining 7% are running on Win NT or 200 i.e they are using Company computers!
Browsers: 63% on IE7, 21% still on IE6, 12% on Firefox, 3% on Safari (the Macs)

Statistics observed on 13th January 2007

Total visits = 9960
Total visits since August 2nd 2006 = 3,372, now averaging 23 per day.
Average visit length = 4.02 minutes.
Location: 87% of visitors are from the UK, 7% from USA, 2% from South Africa, 1% from Netherlands, 3% from unknown.
Operating System: 92% of visitors are using various flavours of Microsoft operating systems, 8% using Mac OSX.
Browser: 81% of visitors are using Internet Exporer as their browser, 12% using Firefox, 6% using Safari (the Mac browser)
Screen Resolution: 54% of visitors have a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, 14% are still on 800 x 600, and the remainder are on a variety of resolutions higher than 1024 x 768

The following statistics were observed on August 1st 2006

Total visits - 6,588, now averaging 16 per day since 03jul05
Total pages viewed - 28,173, now averaging 60 per day
Average visit length = 2.29 minutes
90% of visitors are from United Kingdom, 5% from USA, and 1% each from Israel, France, Spain, Czech Republic, and Australia.
Web Browsers
83% of visitors use Microsoft Internet Explorer as their web browser, 9% use Firefox with a variety of other browsers making up the rest.
Screen Resolution:-
In the past the most common screen resolution for a computer was 800 x 600 and many websites are designed to optimise viewing at this resolution, including such notable sites as and of course this Scratching Post site.
I can now reveal that only 10% of users are on 800 x 600.
Of the remainder, 1% are on 240 x 320 (they must be using handheld computers or 3G phones) and a whopping 50% are on 1024 x 768 which seems to be the most common format for laptop computers.
The remaining % of users (you can work it out) are on a variety of resolutions above 1024 x 768