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August 2017

Missy and Murphy

Back in late February we came to your shelter to find a cat for our home. Following a family bereavement we wanted a pet, and we saw Missy and Murphy, a young mother and her kitten, all tucked up and snuggled together, having been abandoned by their last owner. In early March, we took them home and initially they were a bit apprehensive of their new surroundings, however they quickly adapted extremely well and are now spoilt and fussed over constantly, which they love. They both have completely different characters and most of the time Missy is quite happy on her own as Murphy is quite bossy and barges in whenever you stroke Missy, but this photo captures the few occasions when they can sit and cuddle together. We couldn’t imagine not having these two little bundles of delight and I’m so glad that we decided to take two cats instead of one!

December 2016

Poppy (Sierra) and Colby (Shelby)


Hello Scratching Post!

We thought you might like to know how some of your former residents are getting on. I can't believe we've had our cats almost a year now. Poppy (Sierra) and Colby (Shelby) are very settled and we love them to bits! 

They are very different - Poppy is very purry and gentle, and loves to rub against our hands while rolling over on the floor. Colby is a real tough guy on the outside, but hugely cuddly when he wants to be, coming up to put his paws round our necks. They still aren't the best of friends, but they tolerate each other enough to live very happily, and we're so glad we got them both!

Here are a few pictures for you!

Helen, Guy, Poppy and Colby

November 2016

Loki and Kirsti

They've started to explore the house - discovered the stairs today - worn themselves out! 
Kind regards

Suki and Cadbury

It has been a year today and Suki and Cadbury joined us from the Scratching Post. Both now have us well trained to meet their every need

Jeanette & Roger Ball
October 2016

Mr Dillon and Flora



You all know me as Kenai,

As you all know I had a really bad start in life, kicked out and had to live on the streets.

I developed a bad eye infection and my teeth were very poor which gave me tooth ache and horrible breath.

Then one day my luck changed and those lovely humans at the Scratching Post picked me up took me to their centre and cared for me.

The vet removed all my bad teeth but my eye was so bad it had to be removed.Well I have to tell you when I looked in the mirror I thought that is my chance of a new home gone.

 It has been a couple of months since and I was getting pretty depressed,but then.

My world just got a whole lot better.A couple of weeks ago I woke up as normal and a few humans stopped to talk to me but no one really liked the look of a one eye cat, but two humans stopped and made a few silly noises at me so I got up and rubbed against their legs and then they left so I went back to bed.

Last Saturday I was woken up and to my surprise I was out in a carrier and taken to the humans house.It is great,it is warm,comfortable and loads of love and food.

It looks like i have found my forever home,I am so happy!

But that is not all,my kennel companion Wren was also homed by the humans and she is a lovely young Tabby who just had 6 kittens so she will make a great playmate and she is over the moon to be with me.

For some reason the humans have re named me Mr. Dillon, probably because I am a sort of laid-back guy and my partner is now called Flora. Can't think why but humans are a funny breed.

All I can say is thank you to the Scratching Post humans for giving me and Flora a second chance. 

Love to you all

 Dillon & Flora

Attached are the first images of Mr.Dillon and Flora having a well earned rest.
July 2016


January 2016

Shinko (Ginetta) and Kibo (Clio)


We adopted Shinko (Ginetta) and Kibo (Clio) a couple of weeks ago now and we thought you would like to know how they are getting on. They seem to be
 doing very well and we love having them. They are both very inquisitive and have loved exploring the house this week although Kibo will often hide under the sofa given the chance. They enjoy playing together, often chasing each other up and down the stairs and hallway. They still aren't too sure about that and will only tolerate being stroked if they are really settled somewhere and can't be bothered to move. Shinko will occasionally let us pick her up but she isn't too sure about it so we are trying to be patient! They both seem interested in us so we hope in time they will decide that it is ok to be close to us. In the mean time we are just enjoying watching them and they often make us laugh with their antics!

Here are some photos of them in their new home.



December 2015

Buster and Dora


Hello, this is Darshna - I adopted Buster & Dora about a month ago.

Just sending a quick update to let you know they are doing fine. After a day or so staying close to one another and in the kitchen, they have now taken full ownership of the house! They eat and drink well, no problems at all with the litter tray use, and whilst still easily startled, they are coming closer to me each day.

This evening Dora was playing with my slippers and then came to sit on the sofa to look out of the window. It's definite progress, and I'm pleased they're settling in despite being wary of me. Buster hisses if I get too close, but i'm giving him plenty of space, and they both seem to have cosy hidey places they like to snooze the day away in!

They aren't ready to go outdoors yet, but I think they're as happy as they could be at this point in their new life. 

Sending you all festive wishes, and hopes that many more resident felines find new homes in the coming year.

Best wishes from
Darshna, Buster and Dora

Caesar and Mjoll


Hello, please find attached some pictures of Alfie and Patches in their new home. They are now called Caesar and Mjoll! They have settled in so well and love having lots of cuddles and playing. Thank you so much for them


Zak and Oliver


Just to let you know that 2 little kittens we adopted from you at 9 weeks are doing well. They had no names when I took them home but are now called Zak and Oliver. I've included a few pictures . They are just starting to gain their confidence xx


June 2015

Sallem and Kasper (formerly Merino and Braid)


Dear All

I am delighted that we choose these two cats. Both cats are slowly coming out of their shells. Merino has sat on my boyfriends lap. Braid is slightly more shy. Both cats share my breakfast each day of marmite on toast. 

They are both very playful ( usually about 2 in the morning ) . 

We have renamed them - Merino is now called Sallem and Braid is now called Kasper . My elderly cat seems to have accepted them she moans every so often but nothing more than a grumble.

Please find attached some pictures I thought you might like to see. I will keep you posted on their progress . 

Kind regards

Update March 2016
Hi all
Thought Id let you know how the boys are doing . Cant believe we have had the boys a whole year ( 20/ 3 ) . They have come out of there shells so much . Kasper has daily tickles and ive even had a few purrs out of him. He has the softest fur . He s still nervous and doesnt like sudden movements or loud noises. Sallem is more out going still doesnt let us stroke him but sniffs our hands and rubs his tail on our legs.
Unfortunately we lost our other cat in June last year she was 18 yrs old.
We got a ginger kitten later in the yr who adores both boys and washes them . Honey sleeps with both the boys too and has helped them come out of themselves . Thank you so much for allowing us to adopted the 2 boys we wouldnt be without them for the world
Kind regards

April 2015

Update on Kingsley


I thought you might like an update on Kingsley. He's been with us a
year now and is becoming much more confident. He's a very helpful boy
who earns his keep by eating spiders, tidying the kitchen (by hiding all
small objects under the fridge) and making sure we don't oversleep.
He's extremely energetic, but I'm sending a picture of him in a more
relaxed mood.

Elena and Ray

Megellan, Luna and Shadow


Just wanted to send you a little pic of my happy family. 

Megellan is the big boy we rescued this time last year and Luna and Shadow at Christmas. They are all getting on very well.
Apparently Megellan didn't play well with other cats, look how lovely he is with the naughty Ninjas. 

Lots of love

Pansy (prev Chantilly) Stella (prev Bella) and Eddie all settling in well :)


March 2015

Ivan and Koshka


Please see this photo of Ivan and Koshka who we adopted from you as Barley and Bacardi back at the end of November last year. They have really come into their own the past few weeks and love curling up in the basket and playing with their toys!

Just wanted to send a photo to show they are both settling in well.


Jack & Camilla

Lily and Lenny


Hi Everyone at The Scratching Post,

Lily & Lenny here, we thought it was time we dropped you a line to let you know we settled in straight away in Epsom, our servants Sue and Paul Allen do look after us and certainly spoil us.

We have both been to the vets for a full check up and we have also both been neutered, Lily had her stitches out on Friday. We are being wormed and flea treated regularly. Lily has a slight heart murmur but we are all hoping this will disappear once she is a little older.

I ILenny) love my blue mouse which I carry in my mouth, I then take it to my servants drop it and make my servants throw it, so I can run and play with it, I repeat this constantly as I love this game. Lily my sister has her own favourite toy and this is a chasing after a fluffy snake on a stick.

There are a couple of photos above, but we will send you some more very soon.

We will be 6 months old in a few weeks, and getting bigger by the day.

Lots of Love

Lily & Lenny

February 2015

Florian and Aladdin (formerly Addy and Garfield)



Just a quick note to let you know how Addy (now Florian) and Garfield (now Aladdin) are doing. We picked the 2 brothers up almost 5 weeks ago.

Within one day they had settled themselves into the spare bedroom. By day 2 they were demanding to have all the doors to every room and cupboard opened so they could check nothing was lurking in them. They have been on spider patrol and we've not seen any since they arrived. We had loads before. There were a few complaints about the food but we seemed to have resolved that quite happily. Let's just say they have expensive taste.

Florian (tabby) is more confident and within a couple of days had worked out he liked to lie on clean sheets and to share our bed. This is not working out so well as he attacks feet verociously at about 5:30 in the morning. We have mentioned not biting the 'hand' that feeds you, but it's water off a cat's back so to speak.

Aladdin (ginger) is more cautious but still seems very comfortable. Much to our amusement he really likes to watch tv ideally from your lap or beside you on the sofa. His favourite programmes appear to be CBEEBIES at about 4:30 to 5:30pm. He then expects to occupy a comfy lap at about 9:00pm with plenty of petting. He comes over and taps you with his paw until you've made enough room for him. He 'yowls' for his brother at night to tell him to go to bed and whenever he can't find him.

They were very curious about going outside - to the point that we were worried they would run off. When we finally opened the doors they just cowered by the door. We think they may never been outside before. They are very cautious but now adventure out into the back garden to check out the birds on the bird feeder. They watch the squirrels that live in our trees but run inside as soon as the squirrel looks like it might be coming to the ground. They have catflaps but prefer a human to hold the door for them. Now there's a surprise!

We have completed their vaccinations but are also having an additional vaccination for both (cat leukemia virus) as they are going outside. They haven't thanked us for this.

We are delighted with them. They are affectionate, friendly and gentle - and hilarious to watch.

Many thanks
Gary, Nicky and Penelope

January 2015

Hendricks (previously Lucy)


We thought we would share with you photos of our cat that we rescued from you at the start of December.

After we rescued Lucy-renamed Hendricks (after the gin we served at our wedding) she settled in really well and quickly became a part of the family!

We couldn't imagine being without her now-a happy homing success indeed!


Sarah and Arthur

Holly update!

Dear all,
I thought you might like to have an update on Holly who came to live with us a year ago. She's a delightful cat, very mischievous and very friendly. She sleeps most nights on my youngest daughter's bed and is seen here having a cuddle with our old rescue cat Star (he's 16). She loves to 'hunt' for food pouches and I often find them demolished around the house. She also loves to drink from the tap. She's a very happy girl.
Thank you
Best wishes

Quentin, Harris and Dottie

Dear Scratching Post,
My sister Dottie (who was Duchess) and me are very happy in our new home. We have discovered that there is a lot more in the world than we first thought, and it’s really exciting for us kitten-cats. We have a house with lots of things to do and a garden with trees to climb. There is a also a big moving picture in the house, which I really like to look at – it’s amazing.
We have been doing lots of the things we heard about from the other cats when we were in the main unit, like shredding the armchairs, climbing up the bookshelves and stealing things out of the bin. Despite this our new slaves still seem to like us and are mostly doing as they are told.
We have a new big brother too – his name is Harris. He has been looking after us and I think he’s really cool.
As you can see we all get along very well. We have kindly allowed our slaves to use half of our bed.

Lots of love from Quentin xxx

Dear Scratching Post,
I was a homeless lad living rough for a long time before you helped me, and now I’m very happy in my new home and pleased to have somewhere to belong at last. It’s comfy and warm and there is lots to eat. I love exploring in the garden.
I also have a new sister and brother – they are teenagers and mostly they are fine but now and again they get on my nerves so I have to cuff them round the head. Dot is feisty and sharp but Quentin is quite gullible so I can do bad things and get the slaves to blame it on him. They never did discover which one of us really nicked the leftover chips and then sicked them up on the bed. They tell me I’m a gorgeous boy, and make a big fuss of me. I think I’m in here!
Lots of love,
Harris xxx

Jimmy (previously Denim)


Dear everyone at The Scratching Post

Please find attached some pictures of Denim (who is now called Jimmy).

He has settled in so well, is running around exploring the house, loves sleeping in front of the radiator and on my bed, and chasing his toys across the floor. He was quiet at first, but grows more confident every day, and is so loving and affectionate. He really has a lovely sweet nature. I think he will look forward to exploring outside when it's time to do so.

Thank you all for letting me give him a home!

Kind regards,


Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that I have settled in really well with my new family and have been purring non-stop. I am delighted to report that all my favourite foods are on the menu and the waitress service is excellent.
My days are spent relaxing in a variety of sofas and armchairs and at night I snuggle up with my new Mum on her bed. I have studied the garden from the windowsill and plan to explore the grounds in a few weeks' time.
I would like to thank everyone at the Scratching Post for taking good care of me while I was waiting to be chosen. I am confident that I have, at last, found my forever home.

Much love,

Pansy (previously Chantilly)

She joined us in November and has been quite a shy girl but with lots of love and attention she's become a great member of our family. Totally unfazed by our dog Buddy too!  

Thanks so much to all at Scratching Post for helping to select the right cat for us.

Mel and Stevie



Please find pictures of Harpo.
He is a lovely affectionate cat and is settling in well.
He knows how to use the cat flap and enjoys running up and down in the garden.
Kind regards,
The Webster family.

December 2014



Dear everybody at the Scratching Post,

I just wanted to say a very happy Christmas to you all and thank you again for letting me take home Flash. She is just the loveliest, sweetest, naughtiest little thing - she nicked a chorizo sausage from a hamper I was making for someone two days ago!

I've pasted some photos below. I hope you all get a break over Christmas and look forward to Scratching Post updates in the next newsletter.

Best wishes,



Hi Scratching Post,

Just thought we'd let you know how Charlie our kitten is settling into his new home. He has been in his new home for nearly 2 weeks and he is a confident little kitten. He is very playful and loves cuddles! He is good at using his litter tray and he is just getting to know his big, feline sister Lola, not quite best friends yet but working on it! It is Christmas night and he is completely worn out because he has been playing with his Christmas presents from Santa Paws!


November 2014

Orion (previously Kwazi) and Perseus (previously Treacle)

Orion (was Kwazii) was adopted in March 2014, followed by Perseus (was Treacle) in May 2014. After some hissing and sulking from Orion these two quickly made friends and are now thick as thieves; snuggling up, chasing each other about and ganging up on us for food. Such a lovely pair, we wouldn't be without these gorgeous boys xx

Freya and Eva


Dear Scratching Post

Both Freya and (Eva) now called Pickle Lily have settled in well and have already enriched our lives so much. We decided that as eva seemed so young, active and into everything we would rename her pickle lily. Pickle, as currently called because she is always getting herself in to scrapes and lily for when she ages. Freya is an elderly lady and definitely keeps pickle in her place. They both have a mutual respect for each other as pickle knows when not to overstep the mark.

Pickle is now asserting herself within the greater cat community outside. Several times we have rescued her from difficult situations as she is ready to stand her ground. Freya is just content to step outside and then come back into the warmth.

Both of our ladies have seen our vet. A big thank you for the prior information on their respective complaints as it helped greatly. Neither need medication at present but we are better informed about what to look out for with each of them.

Once again a big thank you to the scratching post for all that you do.

Best wishes
Andy and Debbie

October 2014


Just a quick note from Harvey!
I have really settled in well in my new home. I've been eating all my food and grooming myself very well. I enjoy running up and down the stairs and playing with new toys. I especially like my new humans bed, as you can see.
Best wishes
Meow, Harvey x

July 2014


Tigg and Bray

Hi all

 We got Tigg and Bray (kitten) in May and I just wanted to let you know that they are getting on splendidly!

 We did originally take Simba with Tigg but the two of them just didn’t get on. We were very upset to have to bring Simba back but it definitely was the best thing to do as she has really settled with Bray and the two of them are a wonderful addition to our family.

 As we thought, Bray is a bundle of energy and always wants to play and get up to mischief – but it works out fine because when Tigg has had enough and goes outside for some peace, my 6 year old is more than happy to take over as playmate!    Jess


Ellie, Chloe and Gia (awaiting photo)

Hello Scratching Post!
I thought I would take 5 minutes to give you an update on the 3 cats we have adopted from you.
We adopted Ellie (black and white) back in October 2013. Since she has been with us she has really grown bigger and put some weight on, and is venturing outside now and has made friends with the enormous cat across the road (smart move). She is incredibly sweet and everybody's favourite! She enjoys playing boss-cat in our home and waking us up in the middle of the night by licking any part of us she can reach! Maybe it's because she was the first one we adopted, but both myself and my partner feel we have a very strong bond with her. Initially she was a handful, and we were worried about her being lonely or bored during the day so we adopted Millie and Molly as some company for her. She has calmed down a lot in her behaviour since and doesn't follow us from room to room any more (if I'm honest, I do miss this a bit!).
Millie and Molly (now Chloe and Gia) were with you for just one day I believe. We think they were around 4-5 months old when we took them home in February. Despite a few slight teething issues between Gia and Ellie, things are now fantastic and they all get along well (the very occasional spat of course, is to be expected). We're sure they look out for each other when they are playing outside, as when one of them stays out a bit too long, the other two will wait next to the window until they are all back in! Chloe is quite shy around strangers but is incredibly energetic and will hoover her food up within seconds no matter how much we feed her! She likes eating our scraps too, everything from toast crusts to bits of spinach. Her latest trick is sneaking packets of soft food out of the cupboard if we leave it open for a moment, and we will find them chewed up and completely empty under the kitchen units later on. Once we came home and she had eaten her way through half a brand new loaf of bread! We do have to keep an eye on her a lot in case she eats something she shouldn't, but she seems pretty intuitive. She had a few toilet training issues in the first weeks, but has finally got the idea now. Gia is still very small for her age, and is a bit more independent than the other two, but she's a softie at heart and often comes to play 'tents' with me when I go to bed at night. She's definitely an outdoor cat at heart, I just hope her boldness doesn't get her into too much trouble with the big boys outside.
All in all, I think these have been very successful homings and I am so glad we are able to keep up with 3! They are very much part of our little family, my babies, and we hope they will be with us for many years to come.
Thank you, Scratching Post.
Kind regards,
Rosanna & Chris

May 2014


Dear scratching post, over the years we have always supported "the post" by homing cats who were previously unloved. We have always chosen specifically, elderly cats with serious health related problems who incure serious vet bills. Fortunatly we are in a position to fund this. Elderly cats give us immense pleasure and our current love, snowflake has been with us for 2 fantastic years. Snowflake had a brother (midnight) who passed away. Like snowflake he had serious health problems. We would love to home another elderly cat but snowflake would see them off. We also would worry if snowflakes quality of life would deteriorate if she felt there was another 'threat'. 
Snowflake visits Paul at our local veterinary practice once a month for her bloodtests. We gather that snowflake may now be the oldest female cat in chingford mount being some 17 human years old however there is a tom cat in chingford who is 22. Her age and levity of life is a credit to the scratching post. We will always continue to support the post.

Stevie and Toff

Happy to be reunited after a holiday apart!
Dear Scratching Post
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for letting Stevie join our home.  I wanted a cat companion for my greyhound, he had always got on well with my other cats and felt he would benefit from another feline friend.
I appreciate your help in choosing the right cat friend for him.  I have attached a picture of my lovely greyhound Toff and Stevie spending some time together. 
She has fitted in perfectly and her fur is growing back. 
Thank you so much.

Hope and Bilbao

Hope and Bobo (now Bilbo) were adopted from you in January. 
Here they are claiming their favourite spot again having settled in nicely (and in Bilbo's case doubled in weight). 
Thank you for two such lovely and loved cats. 
Revd. Barbara R


April 2014

Thought you might like to know that Kingsley is settling well. He was a bit shy for a couple of days but has now made himself fully at home. His main problem is deciding which lap to sit on.
Thanks for letting us give him a home

March 2014


We thought you might like to see how Diesel is chilling out on his first full day with us. He loves being with my daughter. We have decided he is half dog cause when we eat dinner in the evening he sits at my feet begging, he is hilarious.

Thanks he is already giving us lots of joy.


Wendy and Mackie

Ex_sp Wendy and Mackie d just dropping by to let you know were very happy and settled into our new home and is hoping that our brother wimpy is doing ok and found a good home.

January 2014


'Some photos of a very happy Holly, as promised. She's such a happy girl, and she and my old boy Star are starting to hang out together now which is very sweet.'

December 2013


Hello everybody I am just about to celebrate Christmas in my new home which was only made possible by the new friends I found at The Scratching Post. Thank you all so much for the help and support that you gave me when I needed it most. Life is now just Purrfect in my new home  with my new adopted family, once again thank you all so much and it goes without say that I wish you all
                           "A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS"
                                                SASHA - ex S/Post


October 2013

Rocky and Roxy


Dear all

We collected Rocky and Roxy from you on Saturday lunchtime and it's all going really well.

They are very sweet natured cats and once we got home they quickly settled in.  That evening we had friends over and the cats stayed in the room with the four of us, not at all phased.  Yesterday they adventured all over the house to claim it as theirs, and last night Rocky actually slept on our bed.

We are so happy, with the way they have settled - they were obviously very well looked after by yourselves and their previous owners.  It is such a contrast to when we got our beloved Spud and Fruit Cake, who at a year old and having been badly treated came to us in 1995 scared of their own shadows.

Thank you again ...

Julia (and Ray)
15 October 2013

September 2013



Khan that was at the cattery for over a year, now happy in his new home…..

Khan is itching to get outside in the garden...and he is so intrigued by the printer! He will sit for ages trying to work it out, going round the back of it and grabbing the paper as it comes out! I suppose he would never have seen one before!


Monty and Winston (formerly Kia and Jayden)

Hello. Just wanted to send you an updated pic of the beautiful kittens  I rehomed from yourselves just a few weeks ago. They are totally gorgeous , wonderful natures and have settled in beautifully. The whole family adore them.
They had their second vac and neutering ( which they didnt thank me for !) and have now taken up residency on the fluffy cushions in the lounge.

Very best regards
Dani and Family


Luna and Friday

'Luna and Friday are happily settled in their new home since April 2013. We are so glad to have them - Thanks.

Margaret and family'

May 2013



Hello everyone at the Scratching Post

We adopted Bob from you last July and we thought we would send you a few photos to let you know how he’s been. He settled in really quickly and everyone in the family adores him.

Thank you!

The Barrie family


Update on Darcy, Bo, Morgan and Rio Ted


Here are Lola (now Darcy), Logan (now Bo), Morgan and his brother Rio Ted. All together with my other cat on their new 78" high tree. My living room is a cat's playground.

They were on it as I was putting it together. They play with all of their toys. I think they are happy here. Rio Ted and Bo (Logan) have been neutered and chipped. Lola (Darcy) finally walked into the cat crate this week and is now also neutered (and turned out to be a is now Mr Darcy!)
Kind regards Peg. T.


April 2013

Alfie and Bailey


I have had Alfie and Bailey (formerly Elvis and Harmony) for exactly a year now and thought it was time to update you.

The boys were very frightened at the cattery and slept together in a cardboard box. They then spent most of their first few weeks in their new home under the duvet, popping out for exploratory trips around the house. Gradually they spent less time under the duvet and more time with me. Now we are constant companions. Bailey likes sitting on my lap, while Alfie sits next to us on the chair or sleeps on my feet in front of the fire. Both sleep soundly on the bed at night and I often wake up with a cat either side. When not snoozing the boys enjoy short wanders outside or even just watching the world go by on the doorstep, garden trellis or shed. They also like playing, particularly Bailey who loves a game of “cat table tennis”, returning the ball with his paw at high speed. Their play tunnel has turned out to be one of my best buys ever.

I would like to thank the Scratching Post for letting me have Alfie and Bailey. Having lost my beloved Louie and Berkeley I didn’t think I would be so lucky again but the boys make me smile whenever I see them and I couldn’t have had two lovelier cats. Here are two photos of them braving the snow.

6 April 2013

Marvyn and Molly Buttons (prevoiusly Prince and Bella)

Dear Scratching Post
Just to update you with news about our lovely cats that we renamed Marvyn and Molly Buttons. They settled in so quickly and are now part of the family. We were nervous about letting them into the garden but in fact they are real home cats and don't stay out for too long. They are very skilled at seeking out new sleeping places and yet are not too old it seems to be playful with each other and with us and the boys. Thanks for letting us home these lovely new additions to the family,
Helen, Mike, Thomas and Joseph

March 2013


To all the nice Ladies and Gentlemen at the scratching post, My name is Toby and I lived with you for a short while until I came to live with this new family. I settled very quickly, I wasn’t shy and I didn’t hide and loved my food. I was a bit naughty at first. I used to like to hide around the corner and jump out at my people and attack them. They got a bit cross with me especially the lady with a walking stick and a trolley. I have a special little door to go into the garden, one night at 5am I banged and banged it until the door wasn’t there then I shouted out how clever I had been from the shed roof. My people came to see me so I tried it again at 6.30! There is a nice garden and the first time I went out I decided to be a race horse and jump the fences one way then the other and over the back. Some cats came into the garden but I soon told them where to go. I like the cats down the road and sometimes go and see them. It is fun to sit on their dustbin and look in through their window and annoy them! I have settled down a lot now. I love everybody who comes into our house and like to test their laps to see if they are as comfortable as my families. My family have really good laps and I love to sit on them. Sometimes I like to sneak on their beds at night. But they won’t let me sleep in the middle of the bed. They have nice warm radiators and if I am clever I can balance my chin on them so it gets nice and warm. One of my favourite activities is seeing how high I can sit, I really like next doors side gate then I can see everything that goes past and they can’t get me. I love watching the people go past in the morning then I have a nice long sleep for the rest of the day. The lady with the walking stick wonders a lot about my previous family what happened to me and why they couldn’t look after me. She wonders if I sit and wait for them to come and see me again. I do like to check that my family are all in the house and I will wait for them if they are not there. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. My new people would like to subscribe to your newsletter can you tell them how they can do it (DETAILS ON THE How you can help us page).

Love from Toby (sometimes Toby Tar) (and his 'mum' Jenny)


I moved in with my new owners Annette and Clive last July. After spending two days hiding in a cupboard I ventured out and have never looked back. I am in charge now and let them share my sofa and even let them use my remote control for the tv (I like to hide it under me). I am very happy and content. I miss my friends and hope they have all found good homes. Thank you to the Scratching Post for taking care of me when I needed them.
Lots of love

February 2013


Hi there,
I thought I would send a message to let you know that Cheekys kitten (now called Janet!) is very happy in her new home. It took a couple of days for my other cat Duncan to get used to her but they are the best of friends now as you can see from the pics. Janet absolutely adores Duncan and will always seek him out to cosy up with him. He will then spend ages licking her clean, I think she thinks he is mum! On one occasion I even walked in to find her giving him a back massage lol (as seen in the last pic)
Thanks the new family member :)
Beth x


Hi all at scratching post.
Thanks to all who advised us on matching a kitty to our tom (he decided he was living with us last august he was homeless 6 month old kitten underweight and quite wild and crazy !!) we had help choosing a beautiful black and white 18 month old girl called muffin who apparently loves the boys! We were also advised that she had a terrible time being rescued and hated the pet carrier. They were not kidding. By the time we got her home she was terribly upset, she decided that our 17 year old daughters bed room was her safe haven and so muffin moved in for two weeks she only came out to eat or use the loo, not helped by toms lack of manners spitting at her the first time they met, she has made real progress from the frightened kitty that lived upstairs we can now use hair dryers!!!! She is one crazy lady! They play race and chase round the house all evening taking it in turns to hunt the other one, then come running into my daughters room, both stopping dead in front of her, as if telling tales on each other! She no longer lets our boisterous tom call the shots. They even call each other from the top and bottom of our stairs to start play time. At 3am the other morning he screeched into our bedroom closely followed by a saucer eyed muffin, she loves to play with us too, many toy mice now have ears missing!!! She is a getting more confident each day and is downstairs more and more we hope that in the next few weeks she will be downstairs all the time, we will post more pics when they stay still long enough, xxxxx Katie.


Hello all at The Scratching Post,
My wife and I re-homed a feral cat called Paris from your Rescue Centre back in November.
We already had a male cat called Gary, who was also once a stray. He is gentle, placid and a big cuddly, friendly wimp.
He tries to make friends with the other cats in the area and always gets beaten up, even though he is twice their size.
We wanted a female companion for him at home so he wasn't so lonely. He is great around humans but he definitely seemed to need some feline company. Because Gary has a tendency to get picked on, the female cat needed to be gentle and not too boisterous.
When we saw on your website that Paris was shy, nervous and had been living rough, we immediately fell in love with her and wanted to give her a calm and caring home that she could live in. We thought she was a lovely looking cat and would make a lovely companion for Gary.
She made great friends with Gary immediately, and they both love nothing more than curling up next to each other and snoozing. Paris was initially very scared whenever we approached her, but over the past couple of months she has begun to come out of her shell. She enjoys playing with Gary and leaping around, but also she is happy to play with us and is a very fun and active cat. She is still nervous and she won't let us really stroke her yet, but she will sit very close and also take food out of our hands, so she is getting there.
We just thought we would send you an update on how she is doing...which is very well.
We would like to thank you for looking after Paris in the time that she was in your care, and we are glad that we came to you for our second cat.
I have attached a few pictures of Paris so you can see her in her new home.
David and Katherine

Lola, Morgan and Rio Ted

Lola the beautiful scaredy cat tabby was having trouble settling into her new home - we are so pleased to have this update from her new 'mum'.

I am very pleased to say that we have been following tips on You Tube by the cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy from My cat from hell tv programme, and she is coming along nicely as is Logan. So she is staying here.  Rio and Morgan are always up to mischief but are beautiful little boys. Here are some photos of Morgan and Rio Ted the two little brothers.
The first photo is Rio/ Teddy sitting in the middle of his ball game, he has another that lights up when he plays with it, the next pic is of naughty Morgan attacking the leather swivel chair. The 3rd pic is Rio Ted and Morgan sharing.


They have settled in very nicely and are getting up to real mischief. Taking the phone off the hook, pouncing on my mobile to make it light up, climbing up the door to try and open it, table surfing which is sliding across any table and taking everything with them. Tablecloth, papers, coasters etc. My older cat has accepted them and just lets them know when she wants them to keep their distance by sitting in a box. They are all darling cats and they are so entertaining. Thank you for letting me have them.

Regards Peg

Washington and Tinsel


It's been less than a week since Tinsel and Washington came home, but they are both settling in really well, and purring loudly!

Tinsel is very confident and insquisitive, and loves cuddles and playing. She has totally ignored her new cat bed, in favour of an adult bed!

Washigton is still timid, but gets more confident every day. He now allows us to stroke him and play with him and his favourite catnip toy!

They are not quite best friends yet but are happy to be in next to eachother, even though Washington tries to steal Tinsels food!
Thanks to all at TSP and we hope to see you again soon!
Sarah and James

January 2013


We have been looking after Eve (now called Sasha) for a few weeks now and thought you'd like to know how she's settling down.

She is the most beautiful cat and somewhat of a diva...we are slowly but surely getting used to her 5am wake up calls for cuddles and nibbles!

She is the gentlest, friendliest cat I have ever come across and is an absolute angel. She happily watches tv with us, although she finds it hard to stay still for long and tends to get in the way of us seeing the tv...probably because it's getting more attention and she wants to divert it back to her!

We can't thank you enough for bringing Sasha into our lives - we have fallen in love with her so quickly and I can't imagine her not being around now. I just hope that the other kitties will all find homes soon.
Gillian and Scott x


Dear Scratching Post,
Here are a few photo's of Sunday (rehomed April 2012) from last year, making herself at home (and blending in quite well with) the sofa.
She's still exceptionally timid but has gradually extended her territory around the house. We don't let her out yet - she runs at the first noise - but is quite happy being a house cat for the time being. She's very affectionate - but on her terms, and is an absolute hoover for food! We had a few wetting problems, but thankfully these have stopped and were probably caused by moving her litter tray into the utility. She simply didn't have enough confidence to cope with the domestic traffic in the hall and kitchen!
She's still smitten with Posy (our old tortoiseshell) notwithstanding the occasional biff round the nose, but gives as good as she gets, and is quite masterful at shedding her collar. Catching her to put it back on is not something either she, I or my thumb enjoyed on the last occasion, but no harm done. I now resort to gardening gloves!!
Kind Regards, Jane 

Lily and Bryan

Thank you are so much with help choosing cats today , both are a delight - thanks again they really are the friendliest cats.