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The cats are all eagerly awaiting their festive dinner (a huge THANK YOU to everyone that donated to our annual 'fill a dish' appeal) we will have approximately 50 mouths to feed on Christmas Day.

We have also received many goodies from our Amazon wish list (for which we are extremely grateful).

Some of the lucky cats have also found new homes, (and will no doubt be attempting to climb the Christmas trees, pawing at the baubles and pouncing on tinsel), but we still have many many more little furries waiting and hoping it will be their turn soon.

22 November 2011

Christmas is coming and it's time to Fill A Dish for our beautiful cats so that they can enjoy a little special something on the big day.
Click on this link to download your donation form.
Of course, what they really want is a home.....please do come along to our first special HOMING DAY:

Sunday 4th December 2011

11 am till 2 pm.

And a BIG thank you for our wonderful adopters - we homed THREE of our black cats this week - still LOTS more waiting though...

20 October 2011
As we come into Winter, our long term feline residents who moved with us from the old temporary shelter, all huddle around their heaters and thank their lucky stars for the lovely new shelter with its insulation, fun outdoors areas with places to climb and play, and proper heating. We could not have done this without all our supporter - thank you everyone - you know who you are!
Of course, fund raising can never stop - always vet bills to pay, food to be bought, and heating bills to be paid! As we come into Christmas shopping time, please do visit our Shop in Lancaster Road, Enfield, to stock up on lovely Christmas gifts. Or how about a sponsor cat for the person in your life who has everything or is trying to de-clutter!
We will be running our Fill a Dish appeal, as always - we'll get the form on here as soon as it's finalised. The cats are all hoping they won't be on the list, but that they will be instead in their own forever homes....but homing is really slow...we still have kittens for homing - gorgeous bundles of fun, many of whome were born either at our shelter or in foster homes. Kitten season seems to be never ending - don't get us wrong, we love kittens, but there are more kittens than homes..... Black cats are often overlooked so we urge you to give them your special consideration!   

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat


10. You can always find them in the snow.
 9. Holding a black cat is very slimming.
 8. Black goes with everything.
 7. Love knows no colour! Your cat doesn't care what colour YOUR hair is! 
 6. Black cats have more fun. (You only thought blondes had more fun. Black cats are fun loving, playful, full of spark and energy. They try harder to make up for the image they somehow have as dull and dreary).
 5. Black is beautiful. (There's the deep auburn shaded brown-black, the blue-black, the black with tiny white highlights here and there, the sleek black, the fluffy black, the black with soft fur, the black with yellow eyes, the black with green eyes, the black with orange eyes ... well, you get the picture. Black is not just black; there are as many different kinds of black cats as there are cats!) 
 4. Lucky black cat (when you love a black cat, luck is on your side!)  
 3. Think of your black cat like he or she is an onyx, a rare, glossy, beautiful precious stone.
 2. Black cats are so loving. (they go overboard to be as affectionate and loving as all those popular tabby cats could be, plus you get all the other benefits too.) 
 And the number one reason to adopt a black cat...

1. They are the least likely to be adopted.


October 2011
As always, the helpline is ringing off the hook every single day with people who want to get rid of their pregnant cat and / or kittens. We are - like all the other cat charities - really struggling to help these people. We urge you to help us educate anyone you know who has an un-neutered cat (male or female) and help and encourage them to get their cats neutered. There simply aren't rescue spaces or homes for the amount of kittens being born. Homing from our shelter is way down - people simply aren't adopting either cats or's so sad to see the kittens born and growing up in the shelter - but these are the lucky ones who we have been able to bring in. Our hearts break at the calls we receive. Who knows what happens to the ones that we can't get to in time....
Unfortunately we don't as yet have the resources to help neuter cats (except of course those we take in), but the national charites do offer free or low cost neutering to those who can't afford it. Please contact them directly or pick up an application form from your local vet. 03000 12 12 12 
September 2011
Thank you so much to everyone who came to our open day - we raised £2961 for the cats! Thanks also to the volunteers who worked so hard setting up and on the day. And of course to Susan for organising everything as always!
And even better news still, we homed some cats and kittens, and others are reserved.

Sheila manning the raffle tickets!        The Kitten 'creche' was very popular!

Undercover stalls in case of rain!         The history of the SP was documented for our
                                                        newer supporters to catch up on - and 
                                                        the cats did enjoy all those lovely visitors
                                                        admiring them.
August 2011

Grand Open Day

Sunday, 4th September 2011


11 am ‘til 3 pm


            The Scratching Post Rescue Centre

Woodgreen Road

Off Honey Lane

Waltham Abbey

Essex EN9 3RA



Do not park in the pub car park!


Refreshments will be available,

plus many lovely items for sale –Jewellery, Craft items, home made produce and lots more.

Entrance is free.  However, a tin/packet of cat food or litter would be much appreciated.

All proceeds will go towards helping the cats in our care! 

June 2011
Links have been added to our Rainbow Bridge page, to try and help anyone who has lost a pet. Your friends and family may not appreciate the depth and duration of your grief when you lose a beloved pet - we do - and so do many others.
May 2011
Lots of new new cats added to our homing page - please take a look and lose your heart to one of them!
April 2011
All the cats have now moved to our new shelter. The last few months have been extremely difficult for everyone at the shelter, but we hope now that there is some light at the end of the very long and arduous tunnel. Already this has been the worst year for pregnant cats. The message just never seems to get through. Some of the mum cats have not been able to cope with kittens, being no more than babes themselves and the girls at the shelter have endured a lot of heartache, losing mums and kittens. They are so brave to keep going in these circumstances, but the shelter never stands still, and the work has to go on for those we can still help.
The new mum and kitten unit is now up and running though which is great news - and lots of hard work!! Please contact us if you can offer a loving home to one of our kittens - or cats - they aren't quite ready but it won't be too long. Please also consider taking a mum cat - perhaps with one of her kittens. And we beg you, please choose them on their personality not looks!! The black/ bw kittens often get overlooked in favour of the tabby cats...
Not all mum cats can cope with life at the shelter, it can be a scary place, with so many people coming and going, and the other mum cats and kittens around, and we are desperatly in need of fosterers - could you take care of a mum and her kittens? If you have other pets, you would need a room dedicated just to the foster cats/kittens. Is is so rewarding! You would have them for around 8 weeks at which time the kittens would be homed and mum cat speyed and moved to the main cattery for homing.
There is no open day planned as yet for the new shelter, there are still bits and bobs to be finished off before an official 'grand' opening, but if you are a supporter who would like to come along, or are thinking of adopting a kitty or adding to an existing 'family' plesae do contact us!! As always, we have lots of gorgeous cats for you to visit.
A huge thank you to Linda Barnes who successfully completed the London Marathon on Sunday 17th April to raise much needed funds for the Scratching Post. The course is 26 miles and 385 yards long - a massive achievement, we are sure you will agree!!
22 March 2011
More new arrivals. Wouldn't you look this sad if you had been abandoned like these poor pregnant (now mum) cats.

5 March 2011
Well it's seems as if there are glimpses of Spring in the air - I'm sure I even spotted the sun earlier! It's still extremely cold though and the stray cats still need your help if you are taking care of one. Our waiting list is huge as always - we hope that once the new shelter is up and running, we can get even more cats in. However, for this we need homes - something that is in very short supply at present.
We still have almost grown up kittens from last year and already there are FIVE pregnant cats in residence, one of whome was in labour today - while we were all busy eating mince pies over Christmas, poor thing was trying to survive the cold and snow and getting hounded by the local Tom Cats until her inevitable pregnancy - we don't know how many litters of kittens she has already had.  (Update: After a very long and difficult labour for 3 kittens, she was rushed to the vets, sadly the kittens did not survive -  and another 3 were inside her not formed properly and mum is critically ill at the vets with a serious internal infection - we are all putting our paws together to pray for her). If only people would think through the consequences of abandoning their pets - and not getting them neutered....
If you or anyone you know is thinking about gettting a kitten this year, please do hold on for one of our rescue kittens - we are sure to have loads. We can't guarantee what colours they will be, but they will be lovely and very cute. And of course vet checked to be healthy, de-wormed and de-flead!
Breeders and pet shops with kittens bred for certain collours hide the fact of what happens to those ones who don't come out the right colour. 'We do what we have to' with them one member of staff told me....please don't encourage this by buying from them - even if you think you are rescuing them from a vile pet shop, you are still encouraging the continuation of this profitable practice.

Upade on Bunny 
For anyone who remembers the story of BUNNY, the disabled kitten, now a sponsor cat, here is an update!
After the vet giving him a short life expectancy, Bunny has continued to prove her wrong. He was recently neutered (although this proved a bit of a tricky op because his 'bits' were up inside him.) However, it had to be done, because he was experiencing 'male' urges toards his sister (neutered a while ago.) Although he couldn't actually <ahem> do anything about these urges due to his deformities, it was making him frustrated. He came through his little op right as rain and is now a happy Bunny again! Thank you to anyone reading this who sponsors Bunny!
Bunny has supervised access outside. He can't be left out on his own as he wouln't be able to defend himself properly or run away fast enough from any problems.



Update on Millie
Millie was a pregnant feral who was severely traumatised by being at the cattery as she was not used to humans. She is now neutered and living with her foster mum, who can't bear to put her through any more changes in her life. She is VERY slowly learning to trust just this one person and gets on easily with the other cats in the house. She is very low maintenance as - unlike her kitten Chloe (still waiting a home) - she doesn't require lots of cuddles and attention!! She hasnt yet ventured outside but has managed to get halfway down the stairs - fingers crossed she will come back when she does find the catflap....

WebEd has been made aware that users of AOL are having problems accessing this site. Unfortunately this is an AOL/google docs issue and short of moving our website host, we can only ask people to please come to us via a different web engine. Not sure what AOL has against googledocs but it's a free web host and as a charity we appreicate it as it keeps our costs of maintaining this website to NIL - we only pay for the domain name every couple of years!

January 2011
Wishing all our supporters a very Happy New Year for 2011!
Unfortunately Winter is always a difficult time at the charity with the helpline ringing off the hook with desperate calls to help cats out in the cold. To add to that, work at the new shelter ground to a halt during the snow, without the electrics installed in many areas so we are still operating out of the old shelter - you can read about the problems we have there on our shelter page - leaking roof, unreliable electric supply, country lane access (during snow....) and so on.....funds are also drying up with the shops closed for holidays and many people unable to get to there to donate or purchase goods because of the bad weather. Add to that the almost grinding halt in homings and you can see how we are struggling to keep our spirits up.
If one of your NY resolutions is to DE-CLUTTER then our charity shops will be happy to re-cycle your pre-loved items and turn them into cat food!
At 3-6 months old, the last of our 2010 kittens are now considered 'too old' by some people calling us up for kittens during their Christmas holidays - we get asked questions like 'do you know who else has any younger ones' and 'when will you be getting more younger kitens'! Aaargh - not yet we hope, but judging from last year we expect to be once again overwhelmed by pregnant cats before too long. Hopefully their plush new accommodations at the new site will be ready in time to receive them...pending some more fund raising by our dedicated volunteers and supporters! So don't forget to purrlease keep ending your FILL A DISH appeals back to us.
During this Winter chill, if you see a stray cat scrounging around for food and shelter please show it some kindness. Put out a bowl of water, some food and offer it shelter in your shed and call us. We will bring him in as soon as we can. Ask around neighbours to see if you can find out where he comes from and whether he is abandoned or perhaps does have a home somewhere but perhaps they are not looking after him as they should and he needs your help to get through Winter. Iif he is upsetting your own cat, put him a food bowl a safe distance away but please remember he is still a cat and is probably desperate for food and shelter. Please never ever thrown water over a cat in Winter. Cats can survive a degree of cold weather but only if they can stay dry (and eat of course!).