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December 2008
Christmas Update!!
We are again running our Fill a Dish Appeal. If you are a member of the Scratching Post, you will receive your form with your newsletter. If you are not a member, but would like to take part, you can either collect a form from our shop, ring the helpline, or if you can't wait that long download and print the form here.
Please support us by sending in your fill-a-cat dish. This money will enable us to provide fresh roast chicken and turkey for the cats over the Christmas holidays (not too much turkey, mind, as it's very rich on their tummies!) You can relax and enjoy your turkey roast, with that warm feeling inside you, (that is not just indigestion!) but the glow of knowing that you have helped us to take care of those poor cats less fortunate than your own.
Our September vet bill was a staggering £7,000 for just one month! The cats arrive in such dreadful condition that our bills are doubled or even tripled just to get them back to a reasonable level of health. 

Don't forget it's also time to renew your annual membership this month too! Thanks to all our supporters, without whom we could not go on. We have kept the membership at £7, but all donations above this are extremely gratefullly received too. You can download and print a membership form here ready for posting.
And, if you have a 'hard to buy for' member of your family, or someone who 'has everything', and doesn't like clutter, who loves cats, why not buy them Scratching Post membership or sponsorship as a gift?
As always, we are desperate for new volunteers. If you have some spare time over Christmas and would like to help out in some way, please do contact us through our Helpline (01992 626110) or send an email to Susan through the link of our 'How you can Contact us' page. Or perhaps you can add us to your New Year's resolution list in some way? We are grateful for all help and donations, however large or small.
Please also consider remembering us in your WILL. We are desperate for our own permanent shelter. We often get forgotten in favour of the larger cat charities.
A few years ago one of our supporters sadly died. He left all his money to a large, well known charity.

We were left the cat !!!

100% of our donations go to helping the cats. We have NO paid staff or Headquarters, so every penny goes to the cats. We have extremely experienced and professional volunteers, many of whom help us in between holding down busy full or part time professional occupations.
Helping in the cat shelter at a weekend can be an extremely effective antidote to a stressful week at work, and certainly puts other of life's little problems into perspective!
Many people who lose a cat often find it difficult to have another because of the upset or may feel they are being disloyal to the cat that has passed away. The only thing we can say is, however difficult, there are so many desperate cats that need a loving home. Please come forward, think about all those furry faces that would so love a new home. They are sitting in the cattery day after day just waiting and hoping someone will take them home. Worse still are the cats still desperately waiting for our help. Many of them are not even being fed. Until we home what we have, we cannot help other cats. We know how difficult it is and how heartbreaking it is to lose a beloved cat but please try to think of the cats that are alive and so needing your help. All they ask for is a warm loving home, with a lap thrown in for good measure. It will reward you tenfold with loyalty and love.


We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a Peaceful, wonderful New Year.  An extra thank you from all the cats that your support has helped to save this year.

December 2008
Electra went to the Rainbow Bridge this month. She loved the warmth and regular meals at the cattery, after her many years of living rough. She is sorely missed by all the volunteers.
October 2008
We've had several requests lately for some updated news, but the truth is, that like everyone else, we are really struggling with the fallout from the 'credit crunch'. Homing is down, people aren't donating as many good quality items to our shops to sell, and even the food supplies donated at the cattery are dwindling. We have lots of gorgeous cats waiting patiently at the shelter for even a viewing, to give them a chance to exhibit their wonderful personalities and beautiful whiskers. The phone rings off the hook with requests to bring unwanted and abandoned cats into the shelter. Each time it rings, our volunteers pray that it is a wonderful home for one of our cats - without loving new homes, we can't make spaces to bring in more needy cats, desperate for shelter and medical attention on the long waiting list.
As you cut back in all areas of your lives, please don't cut back on your cat's health and welfare - prompt veterinary attention and preventative measures (such as worming and flea treatments) will save you money in the long run. Having a litter of kittens is extremely expensive - please please neuter your cat. We even have kittens who have been at the shelter for 5 months - there are just more kittens than homes available. And if you can't afford a large vet bill, now is the time to look at pet insurance.
A warm cat on your laps cat can save you £££'s on your heating bill during those long winter nights, and think of the savings on the electric blanket should your companion be fortunate enough to be admitted to the bedroom at night!
September 2008
A big thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters who turned out to support our summer fete. The weather managed to hold out for a couple of hours! We will publish the total amount raised in our newsletter! Not a member? Join up today, quick! The cats need YOU!
Summer Fete
Elle was a well loved cat whose owner died recently.  She had a thyroid problem and sadly recently lost her battle with that and old age.
It is extremely hard for the volunteers when the cats they care for every day dont make it, but they work on in their memory and in the knowledge that for each sadness, there are many more happy endings. Have a look at our MY CAT section.
July 08 - RIP Wilfred - a very special boy

Wilfred came to us with his mother, having been abandoned, and lived his whole life in a garden, struggling to survive.

He has been extremely poorly, and the cause of this is still under investigation.



Sadly, Wilfred has not made it through his illness, and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately it's not all happy endings for rescue cats. Sometimes they are just too poorly to be saved. Thankfully this is rare, and we will continue our hard work resucing unwanted, abandoned and neglected cats in Wilfred's memory.

Summer Fete!
We are pleased to announce that the Scratching Post Summer Fete will be held on Saturday 6th September, from 11 am to 4 pm.  The venue will be the charity shop garden, at 107 Lancaster Road, Enfield. There will be stalls, resfreshments, raffle, tombola, and LOTS LOTS more! Please come along and support us, and meet our other supporters. If you have adopted a cat from us, come along and tell us how they are getting on!
July 2008
Cream Tea fund-raiser!
A big thank you to Ros (one of our volunteers) who held a fund-raising afternoon tea party in her garden on 4th July. It was a great success, attended by around 40 of our supporters - the weather was fantastic (our fingers had been crossed for about 2 weeks prior) and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Thanks to everyone for their help, support and generosity in raising a total sum of £640 - £300 of which has gone towards our Blossom Appeal (see Blossom on our 'Give a cat a home' page) and the balance is being spent on much needed cat food and litter for the cattery. 


Buying from Amazon

If you vist the Amazon website please get there by clicking the link below



The Scratching Post is now a member of the Amazon Associates program.
Clicking on the logo above will result in a small donation to the Scratching Post for any purchases made. Tell all your friends!
May 2008 - RIP  - Thomas and Fang
*Thomas and Fang were some of our 'hospice' cats, both terminally ill, and with us to ensure they spent their remaining days in a loving, warm environment, with regular meals and lots of love and cuddles. They also received high quality veterinary attention to ensure that they did not suffer.
Your support helps us to help cats like this.

A BIG thank you to Jayne from the Scratching Post for organising the Barn Dance, to everyone who attended and to the kind people and companies who donated prizes! Money was raised for the Isabel Hospice and the Scratching Post.
A good time was had by all, and the Scratching Post was delighted to receive £440 from the proceeds of the evening.
Barn Dance - A fun evening out!

One of our volunteers has organised a BARN DANCE for Friday 9th May, to be held at Presdale School, Hoe Lane, Ware. The fantastic Pete Skiffins will be the caller and the price per ticket, is £12.50, which includes either a fish and chip supper, or a Spicy Vegetarian Bean Burger and chips (veggie option must be ordered with ticket.)

Bring your own drink and glasses as these will not be provided. Door open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Terrific raffle prizes available!

To book tickets or for more information, please call Jayne on 0796 0115808 or email

April 2008
Appeal for Blossom
We have just taken in a  desperate case and are launching an appeal for help. Blossom was living rough in derelict buidings near a building site. A kind neighbour answered her pityful cries for help and fed her until we could trap her. Sadly, she was already in a terrible state, with a high fever and bleeding. She will have to have one eye removed, where a cyst had burst. Most of her tail had been ripped off and the rest will have to be amputated. She has truely had a life of hardship and must have been in excruciating pain.
Her vet bills are going to be enormous, but she is a young cat and has such a lovely temperament, that we owe it to her to get her through this. Blossom wants to sit on your lap and be cuddled the whole time. If you are interested in sponsoring Blossom and helping us pay for her operations, please do get in touch ugently.  We can send you photos of her progress and you can visit her when she is well enough.
We have not published graphic photos of her injuries as they may distress. The photo above shows her after a nice pain killing injection and a good dinner, both of which were much appreciated! 
Updates on Blossom's progress will be sent to anyone who wishes to help her. She will also be in need of a very special and loving home, when she is better. Her balance will not be very good, as she will only have one eye and not much of a tail. Please contact us if you think you can provide Blossom with the special (and safe) home and attention which she deserves.
April 2008
Rescue report 2007
Last year we rescued 341 cats, and re-homed 297 of these. The difference in these numbers is the cats stillin care at the start of the New Year, and those few who were sadly too sick for us to save.
This year is already looking busier than ever - to the end of March, we have already taken in 78 cats and homed 79. That seems to leave us with minus one cat, but of course we did not start off at zero!
April 2008
In loving memory 
Thank you to Francis Mudford for the generous donation of £150, collected in memory of his dear mother, Winifred, who passed away on 14.4.08.   Winifred was a great cat lover.  This very generous and thoughtful gift in her memory is gratefully received and will go towards the work that we do for the benefit of the rescue cats in our cattery.  
The Scratching Post hopes this message will bring comfort to Francis and his family and friends.
March 2008
In loving memory
We would like to say a big thank you to the friends and relatives of Mr. Lee Mifsud (11.12.58 - 12.2.08) who so kindly gave one of our volunteers (Ros) donations totalling £160 for the Scratching Post.  In addition to this they also donated a total of £310.15 to Diabetes UK in his memory.   
Lee always loved cats (and indeed all animals) and we are sure he will be smiling down on us and all the cats in our care.
If you would like to leave a gift to the Scratching Post in your Will, please visit our 'How you can help us' page.
We are desperate for caring homes for some of our feral population, who are currently housed in our feral unit. We always have long waiting lists to help feral cats, who are often mal-nourished, in dire need of urgent medical attention, riddled with worms and skin complaints, and exhausted from constant pregancies and fighting to survive. Some of these cats were born in the outdoors and have had little or no contact with humans, others have had some contact and may develop a relationship, given time and patience.
Some are cats who were previously pets but have been abandoned or lost and left to fend for themselves and lost all trust in humans (PLEASE GET YOUR PET MICRO-CHIPPED TO AVOID THIS HAPPENING TO YOUR TIGGER OR FLUFFY!).
We bring these cats in, have them neutered, and they receive a full health check/worming programme, a shelter in our stable unit and good quality food.
We then need to find them new homes to make space for our next lot of arrivals.....IF YOU CAN HELP AND OFFER A HOME TO FERAL CATS, PLEASE CONTACT US URGENTLY ON 01992 626110.
December 2007
The cats' letters to Santa requesting loving permanent homes have all been posted. They have put their requests in for Christmas lunch, thanks to the kindness of our supporters in the annual Fill a Dish Appeal - it's not too late to join in, you can send in your forms any time!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers and supporters, whose kindness and hard work has meant that many cats have been rescued, brought back to good health, and moved into loving new homes. Many of them were this time last year roaming the streets, cold, hungry and afraid. This Christmas all they ask for are warm laps and sofas, regular meals, and the odd game of pouncy-mouse!
If you can't adopt a cat, why not look at our sponsor cats? Or you can now make online donations through our website (see 'How You Can Help Us' page for link.)
We always need volunteers. It is very rewarding, and you can make new friends, so why not put that on your News Year Resolution list - and make it the one that you keep! We especially need help at the cattery and with home-checking, and someone who enjoys laundry to help keep the cats stocked up for the winter with warm, clean, fluffy blankets and towels.
This is also the time to renew your membership for next year (£7) - or why not buy this as a Christmas Gift for someone - it's a good Green Gift - all our cats are recycled from previous homes or lives!
We also have loads of great gift ideas in the shop, including lovely gift packs, and you can drop off your old Ink Jet Cartridges there for re-cycling too - we receive £1 for each one.
May the Spirit of Christmas be with you bringing joy and peace and a wonderful New Year.
November 2007

'Kittens will be crushed under Olympic diggers'

 Item in The Metro, Nov 26th:- Hundreds of stray cats and kittens face being crushed by diggers at the Olympic stadium site in east London because an animal welfare charity is being prevented from rescuing them, it has been claimed. Read all about it by clicking here

Christmas Appeal

We are delighted to now be able to accept on-line donations using our paypal account. This is an extremely secure way of making a donation to us.
Christmas can be an especially sad time for cats. Many cats are abandoned (often outdoors in the cold) as their owners go on holiday without arranging proper care for them. Others find themselves victims of family stress and break up of relationships. They often come to us having lived rough for a long time and suffering from flu, starvation, severe worms, and other illnesses. They are often depressed and confused. We provide them with veterinary treatment, regular meals, and a warm bed. And love. You can help us by providing them with a permanent loving home, or if that is not possible, why not add a present for the Scratching Post to your Christmas List. We always need food, litter, blankets......and of course money for our veterinary bills.
We also have some wonderful Christmas gift ideas in our shop - and it's all environmentally friendly, being recycled!
We have also launced our seasonal 'Fill a Dish' appeal. Please print off a form and take it to your friends, work colleagues and family and ask them to sponsor a cat - take at look at our website and see how many of the cats you can spot and how many lucky ones have found homes!
Please see our front page for the link to download our 'Fill A Dish' Christmas Appeal - or you can make on-line donations - see the link on our front page or 'How You Can Help Us' page.
Please also consider your own cat during the Christmas Season - they may be frightened by new events, visitors, and a change in their routine. If you are going away, please arrange for them to go into a reputable cattery, or for someone reliable to come and visit them. Your vet can recommend these to you.
Be careful what treats they receive - turkey can cause an upset tummy and most other Christmas foods are not suitable for cats! **Chocolate is poisoness for both cats and dogs!!** Also keep your cats (especially kittens) away from Red Christmas plants and berries. Poinsettas are poisoness to animal if eaten.

Ash R.I.P

Poor Ash was left behind sad and confused, to roam the streets, when his owner moved home and left him behind to fend for himself. He was found starving and roaming the streets. He was around ten years old, but you wouldn't have known it to look at him, he was gorgeous. Ash was grateful for the warmth and regular food at the cattery and was a lovely gentle cat. Sadly, he had been starving for too long, and without veterinary attention, and he lost the fight to live this week. We hope he finds happiness on the Rainbow Bridge.
September 2007 

Memoires of Daisy

We are very sad to have lost one of our resident older cats this month, Daisy, otherwise known as 'Farm Cat'. She was a much loved.

Thank you to everyone who turned out to support us at the summer fete! See our next newsletter for details of how you helped us to help the cats!

30 June  2007

Scratching Post makes the DAILY TELEGRAPH!

'Rescue Me' 
The plight of Feral Cats is high-lighed in today's Daily Telegraph, in Celia Haddon's 'Pet Subjects' column, including a photograph of one of the ferals currently residing at the Scratching Post Feral Unit, alongside details of our chairty helpline and website.
If you feel you can offer an appropriate outdoor home to any of our ferals, please do contact us on the Helpline number (01992 626110).
23 April 2007
Your Cat Article
We are delighted to be featured in the MAY issue of YOUR CAT magazine, which is available at all good newsagents now! There is a fascinating interview with Susan Delaney, and Matthew Bose, our patron, and some fantastic photos of some of our gorgeous cats, including some of our very special long term residents.


16 April 2007
Subscription reminder!
If you are a member of the Scratching Post, you should have received your latest newsletter this month, including details for renewing your subscription, if you have not already.
Every penny we receive goes directly to provide for the welfare of the cats in our care; all our 'workers' are unpaid volunteers, who give up their 'spare' time to work in the shop, the cattery, check prospective new homes, transport cats to the vets, convert used stamps into funds, and MUCH MUCH more! We would like to thank you all for your continuing support, without which we could carry on the work we do.
We are also always delighted to hear from new volunteers - see the link on the left hand side - 'How you can help us' - for further details, or give our helpline a call on 01992 626110.
14th January 2007

Blowing our own trumpet  


The Webcounter

You may have noticed the the statement "You are visitor number xxx" on this website. It counts the number of visits made to this site since the counter was added 03jul05..

You may also have noticed that the count has just topped 10,000 !

Here are some statistics:
Between 3rd July 2005 and August 2nd 2006 the site had 6,588 visits, averaging 16 visits each day.
Since August 2nd 2006  the site has had a further 3,372visits averaging 23 visits per day. The average visit length is just over 4 minutes.
Technically minded people might be interested to see a breakdown of operating systems, browsers etc. Click here.

30th November 2006

Our first Patron. It is with great joy and excitement that I can report on our first Patron – Mathew Bose who currently plays Paul Lambert in ITV’s Emmerdale.

Our Second Shop. After a long 5-month struggle we have finally signed the lease on our second shop. Trevor and Paul, our faithful handymen, are in there at this moment making the shop presentable. We have not yet decided on an accurate opening date, but possibly the first week in November.

24th November 2006
Lots of people have been asking about the Scratching Post Christmas Fair. However, since we have our wonderful charity shop (Lancaster Road, Enfield), where we are able to sell many quality Christmas gifts, cards, and of course our very own Scratching Post 2007 Calendar, we will not be holding a separate event. Instead, we hope that you will visit our shop, where you will find a wonderful selection of special gifts, many of which are presented and packaged as beautiful gift sets. We also have some hand made cards, and LOTS of gift ideas, to take the pain out of Christmas shopping - and you'll be helping the cats too!
Find out more about The Shop

4th September 2006
'We would like to say a big thank you to all our supporters who braved the windy weather for our summer fete! Also a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who helped on the day, without whome it would not have been possible, as always. A special thank you to DAVE for keeping the Gazebos on the ground!!
We are delighted that we raised £2,400 for the cats, as well as picking up some new supporters and members, and lots of people have promised to visit the cattery, where we have - as always - lots of gorgeous cats, of all sizes, colours and ages, waiting for that special someone to call their own....
We also now have our 2007 calendars on sale at the shop or you can ask Susan to mail one to you (just ring the helpline for details).
Watch this space for details of the CHRISTMAS FAYRE !

28th August 2006
Snuggles' new owner Emma has sent in a picture. He is now called Alfie.
Sue B from Nazeing has sent us an update on Sylvester. Apparently he now thinks he's a bird! See the photos here.
18th April 2006
Ellis has been homed. You can read Ellis's story Read Ellis's history here. A real adventure story!
Rescue Report 2005/2006
167 Cats homed
207 Cats rescued
5 Cats died
So far this year we have rehomed 57 cats and rescued 95

6th April 2006
New page Remember The Scratching Post in your will added
8th March 2006
Addition to "Caring for your cat" page telling you why you should keep your cat in at night

25th January 2006
A new page added to cover Feral Cats.
Ellis was instructed not to mioaw when he saw a mouse - apparently some people have been looking at The Scratching Post website during working hours (disgraceful) and Ellis's loud mioaws were waking their boss!

2nd January 2006
We would like to thank all of our volunteers and supporters for their relentless hard work during 2005.
207 cats and kittens came into our care over the last year, of which we have, to date, homed 169 - that's nearly one home every other day of the year, which is great news for the cats. We've still got a long way to go though. We always need more help and of course funding, and are desperate for our own land, so we can build our own permanent shelter.
Why not add us to your New Years Resolution list, and make a difference to the cats lives, and your own. Being a volunteer is immensely rewarding - we need all sorts of helpers - in the shop, at the cat shelter, people to knit blankets, send out newsletters, take the cats to the vet, check new homes, and even people who love washing blankets!
Of course, we are always in need of loving homes for our beautiful cats, especially for our 'oldies' or those who have been treated very badly before coming to us, and need lots of love and patience to win back their trust. Also, we have some great 'mousers' - ideal for anyone who is perhaps allergic to cats or can't have one living in the home, or for farms - you simply provide a place of shelter, such as a shed or garage, and a blanket, with regular food, and your very own feral cat will keep away unwanted rodents! ''

See our 'how you can help' page for further details

Thanks also to everyone who raised money through sponsoring a Cat Christmas Dinner - we are still collecting the sponsorship money and an update will follow later in the month.
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