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December 2013 - Catmas is a coming!

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas Fayre which raised £1000 for the cats. Also, thanks for a fun comedy evening to Sarah for arranging this event to also raise much needed funds (£165)

Christmas Fill a Cats Dish

As always, the cats are hoping for something special for their Christmas Eve Supper, Christmas Day lunch and Boxing day leftovers! You can now sponsor a cat through our ebay page too:

Cats wish list - Amazon

Don't forget, the cats still have their Wish List on Amazon too, hoping for their stockings to be bulging with goodies from you, their very own supporter Santas.
Please click on the Amazon link on our front page and search for our wishlist using 'Scratching Post' to help us twice! Or you can go directly to our wishlist  HERE!
Above all, in their Christmas letters, all our cats and kittens most wish for is a home of their own for ever, to be loved and cherished. If you have room in your heart or home for a new addition this Christmas, please do come and visit our residents.

 Comedy Night Fundraiser

The Scratching Post Comedy Night Fundraiser is being held at the Hertford House Hotel on Sunday 1st December. 

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7.30pm. 

Tickets will also be sold on the door (£5) but it will be first come, first served when it comes to seating. If you want a good seat, I suggest you arrive in plenty of time. All ticket sales will go to Scratching Post. 

The show is estimated to finish around 10pm and there is a bar. 

Comics on the night are Jo Ogden, Georgia Thorpe, Gareth Ball, Ollie Bettesworth, Anti Duhring Battalion, Gary Shaw, Mary Feildingand Rosie Martin.

I will be MCing (Sara Louise Campbell). It would be great to see you!

Hertford House Hotel
1 Fore Street,
SG14 1DA
United Kingdom

To buy tickets in advance….

Message from Trevor 
Trevor, our Resident Cat says:
'Thank  you to everyone who gave to my BT Donate fundraiser we raised £363.30'.

Organ Recital

A big THANK YOU to Rebecca and Oliver Matley for organising and starring in an Organ Recital “Concert for Cats” in aid of TSP, this took place on Saturday 26th October at St Mary the Virgin Church in Potters Bar.
There were some wonderful homemade cakes, crafts, cards and a fabulous display of photos, taken by Rebecca, of both past and present cats from the cattery.

 Oliver played the Organ (including some cleverly adapted tunes), and it was a total surprise to see Rebecca play the harp beautifully!

It was a lovely afternoon which raised well over £300 and we thank Rebecca and Oliver for their hard work in pulling off such a delightful event!


Introducing our new Patron - Samantha Fox

 You may have read in your local newspaper that we recently had an exciting new visitor to the shelter. This was Samantha Fox who has agreed to be our second patron and to help with fundraising.

Sam seemed to have an affinity with so many of our cats and she has three of her own at present.

She is off to the USA very soon to promote her latest album and she is taking one of our collection boxes with her.

We are privileged to welcome Sam on board, and look forward to seeing her again soon.

Our thanks go to Maggie Radcliffe, a wonderful volunteer who was responsible for arranging this.

Lots of SAM merchandise available to purchase at our Shelter!

Summer Fete

A massive thank you to all our SUPPORTERS, VOLUNTEERS and SPONSORS for their support of our SUMMER FETE

The total raised so far is £4135.65.
We were honoured to have the event opened and attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  
A few more Thankyous!
A big thank you also to VIVAT who donated bottles of water to raise fund for us in the refreshments area...modelled here by the very glamours Emma....and guarded by Matthew !


Thanks also go to LUSH for the products they very kindly donated.
And to our excellent cake, sandwich and jam makers! And also to Jacqui for her fabulous massages (more pics coming soon...technical hitches with the website, apologies!!)


More coming....


A very fond farewell

We are extremely sorry to share the news that Pam Lord passed away recently.

Susan recently wrote a thank you to Pam and her husband Dave in the June newsletter - I will share this here:

''I would also like to say a big thank you to two very important people in the charity, Pam and David Lord, who you may not know. This is because they work behind the scenes and, although precious to the running of things, not obviously or overtly. They have given money generously to enable the charity to function. When we first started nine years ago they went to the cattery every week to clean and care for the cats allowing me a day off. Each and every week without fail they would go to the shop and remove the rubbish, a painful, horrible chore. And every week for nine years Pam and David have transported our cats between the cattery and the vets. Pam, who is one of the trustees, is now unwell and, although they are still part of the running of the charity, at the moment they cannot work hands on. So a big and grateful thanks to them both.'

Susan Delaney

During this week we are making a collection in memory of Pam Lord – to hand to David to give to a charity of his choice!

Donations can be given to Paula at the shop or put in the pot at the cattery.

Thank you.


June 29th 2013

Our Tombola stall at Waltham Abbey Town Show raised a lovely £350.00 Many thanks to everyone that came and supported us and to the donators of some great prizes!

Farewell Comfort  R.I.P. 7th June 2013


 A goodbye from our beloved Comfort:

 'I have lived at the Scratching Post for nine years now, right from the beginning. Many of you will already know me if you receive the newsletter. I have seen so many changes over the years and made so many friends. Cats have come and gone to new homes and some have sadly died. I thought I would tell you my story.  I was born on a nursery and lived with a large family of felines. We were happy, although times were hard. The people at the nursery did not feed us often. None of us were neutered, which meant many kittens were born and died through cold and starvation. I had four litters myself and at nights, when it is dark and quiet, I sometimes think of my lost babies. I tried so hard to rear them, but unsuccessfully. But there were good times too, games of chase or hunting, and I had many male friends who came calling. That’s because I was a pretty cat with my long fur and heart shaped face. 

One day big machines came and frightened us all. They flattened our home, even our beds. A big pile of rubble lay where the only home I knew once stood. The people who were at the nursery all disappeared and so did all my family. I was left scared and alone.  I walked and walked looking for them all, but never found any other feline except some strangers who chased me. I was very frightened and never felt so unhappy and alone in all my life.  Eventually out of desperation I found a garden and stood crying. A lady came out and looked at me with great pity. She put down some milk and food which I quickly ate, I was starving. She was so nice I stayed there hoping she would do it again. The next day she put down a big cage with sardines in. They are my favourite so I went in to eat them. The door slammed on me and I was trapped. I was terrified and cowered at one end trying to hide my shaking body. The lady carried me and the cage to The Scratching Post and I was locked in a bigger cage.

 It took me a while to settle in; the people scared me when they came into my cage. But it was warm and comforting and the food was good. 

In time I was let out and made friends with a big tom cat called Noah. He washed me and cared for me and shared his food with me. I loved Noah and swore never to be parted from him. One day someone came and took him home. Because I was called a feral (whatever that means) I was left behind. I missed him terribly and would look for him constantly. He never came back for me and soon I put my past behind me and made new friends. Always wary that one day someone would take them, but not me.  

Now I love living here and, as I wrote, I have been here nine years. My bestis friend is Pansy, we curl up together and she washes my ears and I wash hers.

But in the past few months I have not felt so well and I’ve visited the animal doctor many times. I know not much can be done for me but the kind ladies here have been trying. We cats know these things, I know that I am dying and soon it will be time for me to go too. I am sad as I will miss everyone, especially my friend Pansy and even the pestie kittens who bounce on my tail. But I am over 13 years old so I guess it is age and wear and tear. 

I want to say goodbye to you all and thank you for sponsoring me and helping to keep me happy here. I hope you will always remember me as the first Scratching Post cat.'  

Love Comfort   

R.I.P. Most Beloved Comfort. 17th June 2013

Forever in our memories and hearts.



It's just amazing what a little love and TLC can do for a rescue cat - look how well Smithy has scrubbed up after a few months with us. He really is looking handsome and is ready to go into his forever home.
Before.............................................................................and after!!
We could not help cats like Smithy without the help of all our supporters and volunters. We are always so grateful to everyone who supports the Scratching Post - THANK YOU!

10k Sponsored Run



3 cheers for Sara Louise Campbell who ran 10k on Saturday 1st June 2013 in aid of our lovely SIMBA (and with such a fantastic amount from all you sponsors out there, some pennies may be left over to neuter one or two new cats!!!!)

The total raised so far is £555.00 sponsorship is open until the end of the month!


Monty and FIV - a most misunderstood virus:
FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

Monty came to us this weekend as an emergency.
He was on 'death row'at a vet practise. After he tested Positive for FIV, the lady who had been caring for him was too scared to take him back, as she had other cats. FIV is one of the great mis-understood feline viruses (much like Human HIV) and is not easily passed, unless the cats are fighting or mating.
One lady came to the cattery and when told that Monty had FIV, she would not even go into the pen to say hello - poor Monty!!
We urge any cat owner to read up on this virus -should you ever be confronted with a cat with FIV, you may find that you are better informed that your vet, or even some of the larger Cat Rescue Charities. Don't let any healthy cat be put to sleep purely for having FIV.
17th April 2013

Message from our Co-ordinator, Susan Delaney, 15th April 2013

Unfortunately due to technical problems Susan has been unable to access any email for the past few weeks, and her internet service provider has been unable to retrieve her old messages.
If you have emailed Susan and not received a reply please re-send your message to her new email address which is:

 April 2013

If only he had been micro-chipped...
Bert was brought into the shop by 2 well meaning girls as 'he was following them and mewing for food'.
Unfotunately they were unable to state exactly where they had picked him up so we could not put him back or make correctly directed enquiries.
We feel that he must below to someone, but why isn't he microchipped?
If you find a cat like this, please don't assume he is lost or abandoned. Lots of cats like attention from strangers and can give you their best 'I'm starving' look.  You should report thim to us, and if possible re-visit the same area over a period of days or even weeks to see if he is still around. Put a paper collar on the cat asking the owner to contact you to let you know he is being cared for. Knock on nearby doos to see if they own him, or know who does, or if they have seen him hanging around looking uncared for over the past few weeks. Look at their fur and feet to see if they are dirty or matted, which may indicate living outdoors.
We have Bert on our website and a notice up in our shop to hopefully trace his owner but it's been 2 weeks now and no-one has come to look for him so he will soon be put up for re-homing.

Sunday 17th March 2013

10:30am until 2:30pm
Jasmine the Vet Nurse has arranged a 'Fun Day' to raise much needed funds for the Scratching Post
Medivet, Mansfield Cottage (24 crossbrook street, Waltham Cross EN8 8JQ) 

Come along and see our wonderful stalls and there will also be a selection of cats to view looking for new homes.

Refreshments and kids corner will also be available

"Chilled Out Quiz"
Friday 17th May 2013

Doors open 7pm Quiz 7:30pm – 9:30pm    Teams of 4 or 6

At The Narrowboat Cafe, Hazelmere Marina, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1BA
(Same venue as psychic supper, free parking, no steps)

Directions: For marina go towards Waltham Cross, as you pass Macdonalds going over the bridge - turn left immediately before jewsons and traffic lights.

Tickets £12 Includes home cooked meal Chicken or quiche & Chips or Cheese & Beans Jacket (to be chosen on ticket purchase)

Catastrophe: The Future of Felines in Britain
A group of extremely talented students from a local University have made a short film in which the Scratching Post is featured. 


SATURDAY 2nd March 2013

A HUGE Thank you to Sarah for putting together such a great event with the help of some volunteer therapists, stall holders and general volunteers they managed to raise £828.00 for The Scratching Post at the "Goddess Within" day held on March 2nd.

This will cover the bill for 4 cat dentals, smiley cats!! 

Psychic Supper
The fundraising Psychic Supper took place on Tuesday 29th January 2013. The supper and clairvoyant demonstrations from 6 first class mediums at the dinner table made for a great social event.

A fantastic amount of £260 was raised which will all go towards the cats welfare.
Thanks to Narrowboat Cafe team, and Maria, Pauline, Mary, Claire, Lisa and Sheila the mediums on the night, and especially to Sarah for her hard work putting everything together.

Fundraising for the Scratching Post

Please take 2 minutes to vote for The Scratching Post, we need your votes!! We lost out to the dogs in the last FB vote and we are once again behind them - the Cats need your URGENT help!
Tesco Waltham Abbey are again asking for customers and the community to nominate and vote for a local animal charity, who they feel deserves a little extra help. The charity with the most amount of votes will receive regularly donated food and supplies as well as being able to advertise animals for rehoming.

Please, please take 2 minutes to vote. Either click on the link below or type in Waltham Abbey Community & Charity Events in your Facebook search bar. You will need to request to join the group before you can vote. Voting finishes 31st January. Please vote for The Scratching Post!!

Please share with your cat loving friends! Thanks everyone!!

Noel - finally homed!

Susan preparing Noel for his new home after spending 2 years with the Scratching Post, off he went in the snow on Friday!!! He didn't manage a home before Christmas, but his new family are so excited and have been ready for him all week, he was duly discharged…… this space for news once he has settled in. Good Luck Noel from all your slaves at the Scratching Post we will miss you. To all the other cats remember "Every thing comes to he who waits" xxxx


Washington - Saved from an incinerator....!

Washington is looking slightly shocked in his photo! This is because he has had the most traumatic event in his life. He arrived via the London Waste rubbish incinerator plant by dust cart, so we can only assume he had somehow got into a wheelie bin? It is a miracle he wasn't crushed to death or even burnt alive! Washington has started to trust us and LOVES his food, could you offer him a home that he can learn to trust the human race in? Time and patience is all he needs.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

We would like to once again thank all of our volunteers and supporters for their continued support over the past year - without which we could not have rescued so many cats!
As we move into 2013, we hope and pray, as every year, that this will finally be the year that people get the message about neutering their cats to avoid the misery for so many young mum cats of having kittens to cope with, and being abandoned to fend for themselves.
Thank you for all the donations from Amazon - Trevor is keeping a close eye on the food, as you can see!

We have lots of fun events planned for 2013, so PLEASE do continue to support us.

As always, we have LOTS of cats desperate to find their loving forever homes. We are so busy, we try to get them on the website, but there are always lots at the shelter who haven't had their piccies taken just yet, so please do come along and visit them, they are always happy to recieve some love and attention and perhaps a tin of cat food too?!
Please also do remember our shop in Enfield for all those unwanted Christmas gifts.
Christmas Filladish 2012. 
Would you, your friends, family or work mates like to give a Christmas dinner to one of our Kitties!?
Yes, it's that time of year again! Please Click here to download  our 2012 Fill a Cats Christmas dish form. It's not too late to return your forms to us with the donations - we can give them a slap up New Year too!

Psychic Supper

Tuesday 29th January 2013.
£12 ticket includes clairvoyant demonstration at table. Homemade supper served - chicken curry, haddock chowder or veggie option. Starts at 7:30pm at The Narrowboat Cafe, Hazlemere Marina Waltham Abbey, entrance between the Old English Gentleman site and jewsons (will be well signposted) tickets from, or direct from the cattery or The Narrowboat Cafe.
Maria at  Spirit of Isis has kindly donated her time and mediums for our Psychic Supper - we are so grateful for her support.
Goddess Event with therapists and gift fayre Sat 9th March - details to follow - keep the date free!

Natural Instinct Cat 'Fud'

We are now an official stockist of Natural Instinct Cat Food, (we can also order dog food if you let us know in advance) If you are a member of the Scratching Post you will have read about this product in our recent news letter.
We recommend this as a diet for cats of all ages, some cats will have to be weaned onto it slowly, but once they take to it you will be feeding a natural diet, free of cereals and vegetables that cats would not usually choose to eat. It does take some commitment from cat owners, especially if you are used to feeding dry food, this is very convenient for the human but not a brilliant diet for our felines.
Come to the cattery during our regular opening hours if you'd like to find out more!

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