Our Patrons

October 2013
We have a new patron, Samantha Fox.

You may have read in your local newspaper that we recently had an exciting new visitor to the shelter. This was Samantha Fox who has agreed to be our second patron and to help with fundraising.

Sam seemed to have an affinity with so many of our cats and she has three of her own at present.

She is off to the USA very soon to promote her latest album and she is taking one of our collection boxes with her.

We are privileged to welcome Sam on board, and look forward to seeing her again soon.

Our thanks go to Maggie Radcliffe, a wonderful volunteer who was responsible for arranging this.

It is with great joy and excitement that I can report on our first Patron – Mathew Bose best know for his role as Paul Lambert in ITV’s Emmerdale.  
After a visit to our shop, Mathew was so impressed with our charity’s work and our aims for the charity’s future that he kindly suggested becoming our Patron – YES – our very first Patron!
I could hardly sleep for a week, as I was so overwhelmed. 

After sending Mathew all the information he required – we awaited his reply and he quickly returned to confirm his support and lending of his name to our charity.

After calming down somewhat, an arrangement was made for Mathew to come along to the cattery which he did on 27.9.06 and spent several hours with the cats – he was very taken with them all and said that, if his work didn’t require him to be constantly on the move, he would undoubtedly home one, two or more of our beautiful felines.

He really found it hard to tear himself away from them when it was time for him to leave.  But, alas he had an important recording appointment and had to go – looking back and waving at the cats.