How you can help us

We have a wonderful group of people who are working to make the charity a success.  They are all extremely experienced in cat welfare, many with over 20 years in cat rescue. All are hard working and sincere in their values and aims to cat welfare.  Read more here.


There are many ways you can help us either directly or through donations, or by buying goods through selected online shopping sites which donate a small fraction of your payment to our Charity.

Please read all of this page, right down to the bottom of the page please, to see all the options available.

Oh yes, also Please visit our MEWS page for news of current fundraising events too! 

Our vet bills are enormous

Any donation or legacy you can make to assist us is gratefully appreciated. We sadly often receive cats and kittens requiring immediate and expensive veterinary attention. Our monthly vet bill is between £5,000 and £8,000 a month. We are really struggling to pay this with some many cats coming to us in a very poor condition, and needing neutering, vaccination, worming, de-fleaing, expensive dentals and other urgent medicines, and are so grateful for your support.
Just to have one seriously ill cat in the vet on a drip costs us £200 a day.

Food, litter, blankets etc
  • We are always pleased to receive donations of food, litter, clean blankets/towels, wool and of course cash. 
Cash & commission from goods bought online. 
The money you donate makes a huge difference to what The Scratching Post can provide.
  • £1 pays for one cat to receive all their meals for the day!
  • £5 pays for a cat litter tray, scoop and food bowl!
  • £10 could buy an igloo for an elderly cat to snuggle up in.
  • £40 would pay for us to neuter one cat.
  • £40 could vaccinate a kitten against flu viruses and enteritis.
All these figures are approximate but give you an idea as to the ways in which funds raised/ donated by our supporters can help with the day to day running of The Scratching Post and shows that even the smallest amount really does make a difference.

xxxxx    Thank you for your support, love from all the Cats    xxxxx

Practical help

Charity Membership
If you would like to become a member of our Charity, the Membership Fee is £7.00 
You can download and print an Application Form
Please send cheques or Postal Orders (payable to Scratching Post) with your name and address to:
June Delaney, 1 Hampden Close, Cheshunt, Herts, EN7 5AX

Adopt one (or two!) of our lovely Cats
See our page of cats currently available for adoption here

Sponsor a Cat

Maybe you don't have room to give a cat a new home. You can help us by sponsoring a particular cat i.e. by giving us money every month, to help pay for food, vet bills, toys, litter etc. You will be welcome to visit your sponsored cat whenever you like. 

'ADOPT' A CAT (on paper)!

We have renewed our 'Adopt a cat for Christmas' campaign.
Looking for the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your family? Or perhaps for a friend or family member that can’t have their own cat (or perhaps has no room for any more!)
You can now adopt a Scratching Post Cat for just £20. 

We will send you a festive certificate showing a photo of one of our beautiful cats, bearing the recipient’s name. You can then present this to your loved one from the cat.

If you would like to adopt a cat for Christmas, please send details of your name, and address, and the name of person who the gift is for, to Susan Delaney, either by email to - you will then need to make payment via paypal.

Alternatively, you can send your details with a cheque (made payable to The Scratching Post) to Susan by post to: Woodbine Cottage, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3QT.

We can also arrange this for a birthday or an other special occasion, just let us know.

Volunteer at our shop or the cattery!

We are always in dire need of volunteers both at the shop in Enfield and the cattery.

 Volunteering in the shop is extremely sociable, you get to meet lots of new people, including the other volunteers aswell as the customers. You can take the time to use your creative skills, making window displays, and setting out goods in the shop to look enticing! If you are out of work, it's a great way to keep your CV filled in too, and a lot more fun than watching all that boring day time telly!

 Helping at the cattery involves taking care of the cats. Aswell as needing 2 meals per the day, there is the not very glamourous side of keeping the cattery clean and tidy, but the rewards are huge, and there is LOTS of stroking and loving of the cats required aswell! You may also be required to give the cats medicines, including ear/eye drops and pills (don't worry, we'll train you on all this, and share with you our secrets for getting a cat to take a pill!) You will be able to get to know each cat, assess it's personality, and your feedback on the cats you care for each day is vital.

Volunteering has rewards for the volunteer, as well as those helped. There is a huge sense of satisfaction after spending a half day at the cattery, and it is wonderful to see the cats come back to good health, if they have arrived in a bit of bad way.

Sometimes people say to us volunteers 'I couldn't do it, I couldn't bear to see the animals like that' as if we are somehow tougher than they are, and that there is somehow merit in being too sensitive to help the poor abandoned and neglected cats and kittens we care for. But if the volunteers didn't do it, who would? If you feel it would be too sad working with the cats, why not volunteer in another area, such as the shop?

Perhaps you are feeling the pinch right now, bills soaring (we are feeling this too) so volunteering may be an alternative to making a donation? We are in dire need of all types of support.

There are other volunteering opportunities avaiable, which you can schedule to suit around any current committments, such as Home Checking and vet transportation.

Please contact our helpline or Susan (or ask for Marion at the cattery) if you would like to discuss becoming a volunteer further.

Donate Good quality goods to our shop

We always need good quality clothing, shoes, bedding, gifts, DVDs, CDs, paperback books, bric a brac etc for our shops in Enfield. 

Amazon Wishlist
You can choose something the cats need and send it directly to them (food or a toy etc) from their wishlist.
You can go directly to our wishlist HERE!
OR to help us twice - please click on the Amazon link further down this page and search for our wishlist using 'Scratching Post'.
If you choose a gift, it will be sent directly to the CATS.

We can Recycle Your Empty Ink Cartridges!

Please drop them off at the Cattery, (or our Charity shop), during our opening hours, all types accepted some of which we will be able to convert into cat food!!!

Click the logo below to visit the new BT "MyDonate" service

 Donations via Paypal

Click on the button below

You can donate money securely online using using your Paypal Account or any Credit/Debit card.

Donation by text


We now have a new easy way to accept donations just text PURR22 followed by the amount you want to donate (in multiples of £1 up to a maximum of £10) to 70070 to make a donation from your mobile phone. All text messages are free on all networks.

For example to make a donation of £5: Text PURR22 £5 to 70070 -






Remember us in your Will

Leaving a legacy to The Scratching Post will help us to continue and build on our work rescuing unwanted, mis-treated, and abandoned cats and kittens. We are desperate to have our own permanent shelter but only a large donation or legacy can realise this dream for us...

Buying goods online


Raise money for Scratching Post every time you buy just by shopping through our easyfundraising page - or click the banner above.

Easyfundraising is a shopping directory listing some of your favourite online stores including :-

Marks and Spencer, Argos, Next, Debenhams, John Lewis, Toys R Us, HMV and over 2000 others. 

Just use the links on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online and, at no extra cost to you, we'll receive a free donation of up to 15% from every purchase you make. It really is that simple!

It’s completely FREE to register and you won’t pay a penny more for your shopping when you use the easyfundraising site. In fact you can even SAVE MONEY as many retailers offer discounts, special offers and even 'e-vouchers' exclusive to easyfundraising 

If you shop online anyway then why not raise valuable extra funds for us by using this fantastic scheme.  All you need to do is visit and when you register, select Scratching Post as the organisation you wish to support.

Same applies to

Buying from Amazon 

The Scratching Post is now a member of the Amazon Associates program.

If you planning to buy items from the Amazon website please get there by clicking the logo below

Clicking on the logo above will take you to our Amazon link page where you can choose your item. Amazon will know you came from the ScratchingPost website and make a donation at no further cost to yourself.

Buying from PetMeds

Buy your pet medication, pet foods and accessories and raise money for The Scratching Post at the same time!!
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    'PetzPodz' are kindly offering a generous donation of 20% of the selling price to 'The Scratching Post' for each 'PetzPodz' product sold using the unique code of: TSP1  at checkout. Click on the image below to visit their website.

Don't forget to enter the code "TSP1" at check so that  The Scratching Post" kitties cn get the benefit of your generosity.

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Pet 'Pawtraits' 

 Click on the banner below to read more about this exclusive offer for friends of The ScratchingPost.

Insuring your Pet Through Animal Friends


By insuring your pet with Animal Friends Pet Insurance through this link, The Scratching Post will financially benefit, which will go towards looking after the cats. Animal Friends not only have a competitive range of policies on offer, but they have also donated over £1.7million to animal welfare charities!

Charity Cards and 'virtual' gifts available

You can purchase a virtual gift or a 'real' card (choice of 17 designs) -  for the person in your life who has everything !

For virtual gifts, you will receive a certificate detailing the donation along with a  photo of one of the cats that have been helped, and the cats will receive some lovely food or other gift thanks to your generosity. An ideal gift for cat lovers, with the cards featuring our very own Scratching Post rescue cats!