Sponsor a cat

For all enquiries phone the Helpline 01992 626110 

Would you like to support us by sponsoring one of our beautiful cats?

Sponsorship is ideal for cat lovers who are unable to have a cat of their own, or for anyone who already has cats, and would like to help other cats less fortunate than their own.

For a monthly sponsorship (a minimum of £5.00 per month) you can make one of our unhomable cats feel special.

Once you have chosen whom to sponsor and returned your standing order form you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, and a letter from your chosen cat. You are of course welcome to visit your sponsor cat (if you have chosen Pansy or Domino) at our shelter, please check our cattery opening hours. (Bunny is now living in long-term foster care, due to his special needs).

For a one-off payment of £20 we can arrange a Birthday (or Christmas) Certificate for you to send to a friend/relative of your choice as a special gift.

Please email susan.delaney@aol.co.uk (please note this was updated April 2013) or call our helpline number for more information.

Here are the lovely cats that have been in our long-term care, who would love to have a sponsor aunt or uncle - sadly they can not be rehomed for various reasons.



Domino has been with us a long time, and like all of our sponsor cats, she moved with us to the new Shelter. She came into us from a colony of feral cats, many of whome were very ill and did not survive. A volunteer found Domino close to death and rushed her to the vet. although not holding out any hope. On the way, the volunteer decided that no cat should die without a name and called her Domino (we thought she was a boy at the time!) The vets put Domino on a drip and despite the massive costs, there she remained for a week and they were able to save her. The vets were cautious about her survival and asked were we sure we wanted to save this cat as she was so feral she woudn't ever be homeable. But a cat is a cat to us, and she deserved a chance at life. As Domino is so shy, and may have future health problems relating to her previous illness, she now lives at the shelter with her buddy Pansy. We've never got round to giving her a gils name, so Domino she still is to this day!


Pansy came to the Scratching Post with a feral colony, from her colouring we thought surely she can't be a true feral cat? Pansy was very frightened and had quite a few health problems along the way.

We believe it is very likely that Pansy was used for breeding and for whatever reason was then abandoned to live a life outside trying to find food wherever she could, and luckily managed to find a group of feral cats to join for both company and a food source.
Since the time Pansy has been with us she has learnt to trust us and does on occasions enjoy a little fuss. She loves Comfort now RIP) and Domino and the 3 of them are often found piled up on each other in the smallest bed they can find! Due to some health issues we are not looking to rehome Pansy and as she appears to be happy at the Scratching Post, this is where she will remain.