Feral Cats

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Feral Cats



We currently have around 50 feral and semi-feral cats (and even kittens) who are looking for farms, stables and other outside locations where they can keep the mouse population under control! In return for which, you will need to provide shelter, fresh water and food (well, they will need a few different flavours other than mouse!).
Truely feral cats have never had human contact, and so are mis-trusting of humans and avoid all contact. They are not happy living in a domestic setting, and need outdoorsy homes. They are extremely low maintenance pets!
Semi-feral cats are usually cats who have originally lived as domestic cats, or have had limited human contact, but have either got lost, been thrown out of their home, or - as we all too often see - just been left behind, like an old piece of furniture, when their owners moved house. Several years of tough street living, and often abuse by humans - being chased away from bin bags as they try to scratch out their next meal, or feed a litter of kittens - means they have had to toughen up. With time, these cats may re-gain their trust in humans and revert their behaviour to that of a domestic cat.
We also have young trainee mousers, who have had some human contact, and also several semi-ferals, who would be happiest
Some of these cats were once domestic cats, but were abandoned, or got lost, and have developed a mist-trust of humans. Given patience and time, they may revert to their domestic nature.As well as lots of beatiful adult domestic cats, we also have many timid and feral cats, in desperate need of homes. 

They are low maintenance, but do require shelter and regular feeding to top up the 'mouse tails'.

We have a long waiting list of feral and semi-feral cats who desperately need our help, but we need to re-home those in our care before we can bring
more in. All cats are neutered and have received veterinary check ups.