Give a cat a home

Please consider an 'oldie'

Elderly cats can be wonderfully rewarding to give a home to. They don’t require a lot of attention, only tasty meals and lots of cuddles. When a cat reaches an elderly age, they also develop a fantastic character, are loving, grateful for a warm home and they love the soaps. We always have 'oldies' in residence, waiting in the wings. Most of them will mix happily with other cats

A home is for life. Not until they grow up. Not until they get unwell. Please consider carefully all aspect of pet ownership before taking on a cat, and please do read our cat care leaflet in 'caring for your cat'.

Please give a special thought to those who are a little shy and /or have been with us for a long time - since they were born in some cases....

Adopting  a Cat

If you are interested in adopting a cat,  please contact our helpline on 01992 626110. 

For a homing application form, please send an email to

Kindly note that all adoptions are subject to a home visit from one of our volunteers and you will be asked to make a donation to the charity. For this reason, we would generally only re-home to within 15 miles of Waltham Abbey. We may be able to make exceptions in specific 'hard to home' cases, and for feral homes on farms, etc if one of our volunteers is able to travel further afield. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss further.

You can read more about our homing process, including donations, in our Homing FAQs

Our cats for homing can now be found on our Facebook page and also on CatChat.
You do NOT need to sign up to either site to just view our pages/cats.

Sometimes cats come and go very quickly so these will only feature a selection of our beautiful cats desperate for homes, please do visit the shelter if you can, we always have LOTS of beautiful cats there, some have been with us for a long time.

Please be sure to have your cat micro-chipped to avoid them becoming another LOST CAT. And ensure your details are kept up to date!