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 The Scratching Post Rainbow Bridge



This page is for cats who have passed through the Scratching Post. We want them to be remembered here as they may not have anyone else to miss them, except for us.
If you have lost a beloved pet, please don't think you are alone in your grief. Help and other people who share your love for animals are out there. Please go to the bottom of this page for some links. 

Mignonette (Tipsy)


I'm writing with the very sad news that an ex- Scratching Post cat has joined the rainbow bridge. We adopted Tipsy (who we renamed Mignonette, pronounced Min-yon-et) from you in October 2008. She was very happy and healthy but last Friday, she was diagnosed with an aggressive liver tumour and sadly passed 2 days later. We had an amazing 8 years with her and we are so grateful to the Scratching Post for bringing her into our lives.


We're hoping with time, we can come back to you to give another cat a home.


Many thanks,


The Atchia Family
6th December 2016


Arthur was a stray living rough in Enfield.  He limped badly, but although someone was feeding him on and off, nobody thought to get help for him.  Eventually he was trapped and brought to TSP in January 2016, and enjoyed, for maybe the first time, regular meals, a warm bed and kindness.  But unfortunately he had a number of serious injuries. Cats survive on the streets, even with injuries, perhaps because they have no choice, but as soon as he came into the Shelter and started to relax it was a different story.  Arthur collapsed; he was taken to the vets where X-rays revealed that he had been hit by a car, maybe years ago. His organs had all been pushed up into his chest (which explained his strange shape), his bad leg had previously been broken, toes torn off, probably by being dragged along by a car, and on top of that he had been shot at, as the vet found a shotgun pellet inside him. The vet told us that Arthur would have been in a lot of pain; this poor boy had endured so much suffering and his injuries were so severe that nothing could be done for him and so while he was under anaesthetic, he was peacefully put to sleep.   Arthur was a lovely gentle boy, and it’s so very sad that he had such a dreadful life.  Sleep well, little chap. 

Smokey - June 2016

This youngster came to us all the way from Spain, his owner couldn’t cope with him urinating EVERYWHERE…………After several weeks of trying various treatments, (and continuously getting urinary infections) it was clear that Smokey was incontinent probably from nerve damage, possibly caused after having an operation for a blocked penis, (a dry food diet does nothing to help this condition), when he was a very young kitten.
This was one of the hardest decision to have to make as he was only a youngster, but a young playful cat that cannot hold ANY urine in his bladder is impossible to home and really cannot live a happy contented life and for that reason he was peacefully euthanised by our very caring vets.

Charlie - April 11th, 2016

Charlie had been given away when he was a youngster and was never neutered, he was found living rough begging for food and in an awful condition. He had his ears battered by other cats and ear mites, he was covered in fleas and his coat matted. Poor Charlie was in late stages of kidney disease and had a few dental issues. 
Unfortunately we were unable to home Charlie, so he lived out his last few months at the cattery, where he could often be seen by visitors.
Sadly he deteriorated and our vets advised us that the kindest thing for Charlie would be to let him go.
He is much missed by everyone at the shelter.

Torino - December 2015

Torino came to us with his sibling Buick and his mum Scorpio. Buick and Torino were the only kittens from the litter to survive but unfortunately Torino was always sickly and never grew, then developed a heart problem, probably due to interbreeding.
He was very loved during his time with us and our volunteers are, as always in these circumstances, heartbroken.
We have so many wonderful supporters, please help us to spread the neutering message to friends, neighbours, anyone you know who doesn't understand the benefits.

August 2015


Abra (tabby and white) with Zara.

I am so sorry to tell you that we had to have our lovely, naughty Abra put to sleep last Wednesday, August 19, 2015. We got her from you in March 2013, with her tortie 'sister'. You called them Angel and Storm, we renamed them Abra and Zara. I had seen this photo on your website and wanted only the tabby girl that was called Angel, but you insisted they couldn't be separated - and how right you were! They ate, played and slept together from the start, with Abra grooming her bigger sister and Zara coming to alert us whenever the naughty tabby got stuck up a very high tree (which she frequently did, in the early days).

Abra was a bundle of energy, very insistent that the world was an exciting place, created for her to explore and have fun in. She would cry loudly if she was bored, or come to find us to demand a cuddle, or jump up onto our shoulders while we were cooking or washing up, if she decided we weren't giving her enough attention. She made us laugh almost every day of the two years and five months she was with us. 

But there were too many times when she would suddenly be very poorly, with no warning at all. She had operations to deal with worrying respiratory complaints, mysterious eye complaints and terrifying bouts of sickness and lethargy. She bounced back every time and continued her campaign of resolute enjoyment of life. Two weeks ago, she was once again off her food and lethargic. No obvious cause, again, but the vet prescribed painkillers, which seemed to work for about a week. But she was losing weight and clearly very ill. The next vet felt a lump in her throat, tried to operate and rang to say it would be kindest to let her go while she was still asleep. He had found a tumour so large that he was surprised she had been able to breathe at all.

We miss her so much, as does Zara, her sister. Thank you for bringing them both into our lives.

Maureen and family.

April 2015


Poor Tosca was brought to us as a stray, but our excitement at finding a microchip was short lived as the details were not up to date. A friendly cat, he was, like manyof the cats at the shelter, agitated by the cattery environment and being around other cats. 

Unfortunately without any warning, Tosco was found 'gone to the Rainbow Bridge' on the afternoon of 5th April. 

If only his owners had kept their details up to date, we will never know if this was an oversight or some other story...

He was loved in his last weeks by all who cared for him at the shelter, and we hope he will find peace now.

RIP Tosca

March 2015


Molly came to us from SP in January 2006.

It is with immense sadness that we are adding her to the Rainbow Bridge post.

We already had decided on a name for our second cat to be Molly, and we were delighted when SP said they had a beautiful long haired black cat that they had named Molly.

Molly was a loving and adorable cat with deep emerald green eyes and a beautiful black shiny coat. Molly became a massive part of our family and was dearly loved by us all.

Sadly due to sudden poor health our Molly was very peacefully put to sleep on the 13th March. This has left us all devastated that we no longer have our Molly, but our wonderful memories  of Molly will last forever.

So thank you SP for finding Molly, who we understand was rescued from the streets  and bringing her into our lives.


Michael, Pat and Adrian Pomfrett.


Sad news our elderly yard 'feral' Ruby was taken ill today and rushed to our vets, where she was found to have a large tumor in her mouth, with no option but to euthanise her frown emoticon

Ruby arrived at TSP in December 2013 after her long term urban feral home was being built on, which meant no shelter for a homeless cat to stay any longer. Ruby suffered with an incurable skin condition, so we were unable to rehome her, therefore she free-ranged on the yard, and more frequently was found asleep in the office.

Sleep well little Ruby xXx
18th March 2015

February 2015

RIP Mathew.

I know everyone will feel very sad to know today (19th February 2015) our lovely Mathew went to sleep.

Over the past two weeks he had deteriorated dramatically. We think his eyesight was also failing. Today I took him to the vets to be put to sleep. He went very quickly and peacefully.

I could swear I heard a loud yowl from Trevor who was waiting for his close pal to join him. Now I think the two boys are causing havoc with the angels xXx

Susan Delaney

November 2014 


Amber was homed from the SP in September 2013

'We always joked about Amber being too delicate as her fur felt more like silky bunny fluff than cat fur and sadly it turned out we were right. Amber was PTS when she developed a problem with her back which led to a rapid deterioration in her health. She was only with us a year after being rescued aged 10 by the scratching post. We fell in love with her the first time we saw her gladly spoilt her rotten when we took her home. She quickly settled in with us and became our little girl. We really miss her.



Unfortunately Elsie got ill following an operation and had to be PTS by our vets. Run free Elsie, you were loved in your last weeks by all the volunteers at the shelter.

Danny - Sleep well - Rainbow Bridge 8 October 2014


Danny was found living on the streets in North London, he was an older chap and very friendly but in a very sorry state. After developing an upper respiratory infection (on top of all his other problems) poor Danny spent 5 days and nights at our vets trying to help his frail body shake off the virus. . Very sadly on our vets advice we agreed to have him put to sleep yesterday (Weds 8th)........Danny was loved and had some comforts during his short time with us.........Thankfully he was noticed by a guardian angel that managed to get him to us.

Sleep well dear Danny xXx

If you would like to donate towards his (and our other cats bills) please go to our ‘How you can help us” page

Morgan - run free at the Rainbow Bridge - April 2014

 It is with immense sadness that we add another ex-Scratching Post Cat to our Rainbow Bridge page. Morgan was adopted by Peg to go and live with her and her other furry family after she saw his picture on our Homing pages and fell in love with him. Morgan was a much loved little bundle of mischief.

After being unwell for some time, tests showed that he had FIP. This is a horrible disease, and although both Peg and Morgan fought for his health, trying all the possible treatments, some of which he initially showed a good response to, he sadly became very poorly and the heart-breaking decision to let him go was taken this week.

He was only just over 18 months old.

We believe that his energy has gone back to the one who created him. He will be in Pegs heart always, and of all of those who knew him at the Scratching Post, darling Morgan.

We are so grateful also to Peg for giving Morgan a wonderful, spoilt and happy – albeit much too short – life, after a bad start to his little life ending up in a rescue.

 If you have any questions about Feline Infections Peritonitis (FIP), please do read this website, this is the leading research in this area currently.



Kate - RIP September 2014

Dear little Kate – came to us as a heavily pregnant abandoned cat, she gave birth to a large litter of 7 kittens. Sadly a few weeks after coming away from her kittens Kate developed acute renal problems, and despite our best efforts on the advice of our trusted vet, Kate had to be put to sleep. Her spirit will live on in her little ones…………however we do wonder if she had of been neutered before being allowed to have several litters, her body may have coped better.

Masie - RIP January 2014

Hello to you all at the scratching post. It is with great sadness I'm sending you this email. 
Back in July 2007  we came to you looking to adopt  a cat . We found Maisie, a big fluffy pretty overweight tabby who we immediately fell in love with. We took Maisie home  and despite all our love and affection for Maisie it took her quite some time to settle and return the love and affection we gave her, but once she settled I know she loved us as much as we loved her and she knew this was her home for ever.   More recently,  3 years ag,o we had a daughter who also grew to love Maisie as much as we  did. Maisie was a massive part of our family. Very sadly, after  short illness, Maisie sadly passed away on 28.01.14  approx 14years old. This has left us all devastated that we will no longer see our beautiful Maisie again, words can't explain our sadness . I really hope you remember Maisie I have attached a picture of Maisie . So thank you scratching post for taking Maisie in  when she needed  help and also to bringing her into our lives.

Gary Mandy and Chloe
 Editor : We all remember Masie very well at the SP. She was loved by everyone, and we are very saddened to hear she has passed over to the Bridge but we thank Gary, Mandy and Chloe for giving her such a wonderful second chance in life, and for making her so happy, loved and welcome in their home.


Minnie - RIP October 2013 


Minnie came to us at three months old after her owners had taken her to the vets to be put to sleep. Their child

had shut her head in a door and also pulled the kitten about dreadfully. Minnie never recovered from the injuries

inflicted on her. Her growth was stunted by the brain injury and I suspect she suffered headaches. At four

years old sadly she has died. What a tragic life she had. I hope she is now at peace.


Sammy  RIP 13 August 2013

Sammy came to us after his owner had to go into hospital and was unable to care for him, no one offered him a home, being elderly and not in good health it looked like he would end his days in a shelter.  
Mary and Tony then offered to foster dear Sammy so he could receive quality time with humans! he spent over a month having lots and lots of TLC and he enjoyed his last few weeks in luxury.


Brooke came to us found as a stray, she was wearing a collar, so MUST have belonged to someone.
Brooke appeared to be an elderly cat and was extremly emaciated on arrival, we tried hard to find her possible owner but as she wasn't microchipped we were unable to find anyone missing her.
Brooke was blood tested and put on medication for a couple of conditions, sadly she quickly deteriorated and was peacefully euthanised on Monday 15th July 2013. At least she didn't die alone on the streets – fondest memories "Brooke" x

Comfort - RIP June 2013

Comfort was a small, very pretty black and white female, she was with us for around 9 years, so we think she was 13 when she passed over. 
A lady brought her to us having found her in her garden. She was a semi feral and is not aggressive in anyway. However she was very nervous of humans. We had a large Tomcat in care who ‘took her under his paw’ He adored her and would cuddle up and wash her. When he was homed Comfort was left behind. Unfortunately people will not accept a cat they cannot cuddle. It was difficult for her and she kept looking for her mate. We then moved her to the large unit where she spent her time in the garden. Although timid Comfort lost her inhibitions at meal times, she would run out each meal with her paw in the air saying ‘Don’t forget me’. (As if we would.) Comfort was adorable and her loss is very great to us all at the shelter.

Benson and Levy

 BENSON(short haired) and LEVI (fluffy) were sisters who came in when their family had a baby and it was allergic to the cats. They were senior cats and came to us with health problems. Unfortunately they both quickly deteriorated in the short time they were with us and had to be PTS a week apart. 
It is so very sad that they had to spend their final days in the shelter rather than in a loving family home.
We hope they will now run free on the Rainbow Bridge.

October 19th, 2012


Dear Mist came to us in March 2012 he was in a very bad condition with a nasty burn to his back, he was not neutered and had been found as a stray in East London. Our vets thought he was probably middle aged.

We soon discovered Mist was quite a character being the most cuddly, craving attention fuss pot ever, and suddenly without warning he would turn into a 'Wild Tiger" and cling on to any leg or arm that was available and go in for the kill OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

We often compared our war wounds after having been in to clean out his room! (one poor volunteer even ended up on antibiotics after a severe attack!!) Even so when he was in his 'pussy cat' mode we loved him dearly.

Mist proved very difficult to rehome, he blew his chances on a couple of occasions by biting the brave candidates that were willing to even consider him!!! So instead of him being locked in solitary confinement for ever we decided to allow him the freedom of the yard during the late afternoons when no one was around to get in his way!! He would often visit Susan and fall asleep in her spare room, or find a cosy spot in the portacabin.

On 19th October 2012 he seemed off colour and wasn't interested in his breakfast, he was kept in that day to monitor his health but the next morning he had very rapidly deteriorated and was rushed to the vets where he was diagnosed with acute organ failure Mist was peacefully euthanised on the advice of our vet.

Enjoy your adventures at the Rainbow Bridge Mist xxx

August 2012 


Due to her age, Molly was not likely to find a home so after being with us for a very long time was allowed the freedom of the cattery and grounds. She loved to sit by the pond in the sunshine.

July 2012


Caroline writes 'You may recall that I adopted Jack in December 2011 last year. I know that Jack had lots of friends at The Scratching Post and I wanted to let you know the very sad news that Jack had to be put to sleep yesterday. He had been unwell for the past 3 weeks and having tried a number of less invasive procedures, the vets decided yesterday to open him up and apparently his poor liver and stomach were riddled with hundreds of tumours, part of a very aggressive cancer. There was really no hope for him and he had to be put to sleep to end his suffering. I am totally heartbroken at his loss and for me Jack was the ideal cat in every way.

However, the last few weeks aside, Jack has enjoyed great health with a huge appetite for food and affection. He was such a loving cat with a huge personality and to be honest, I think he has been the boss in our house since he joined us in December. He started exploring the garden in the Spring and absolutely loved it although he would always come running back into the house to touch base every 20 minutes. He was such a great companion and after his morning exploring, he would climb up onto the computer desk where I would be working and sit on the keyboard until I played with him for a while, after which he would sit behind me on my chair. He loved being around us and never seemed interested in going off and doing his own thing – he was my ideal cat.

I have attached some recent photos of Jack and I am sure he would be very honoured if you choose to pay tribute to his memory on Rainbow Bridge.'

 We are indeed honoured if very, very saddened to have Jack on our Rainbow Bridge Page. May he run free on the Bridge - Jack was adored by all of us at the SP xx We are so grateful to Caroline for giving him a second chance from our rescue and his happ months with her family.


March 2012


Ragoo - adopted 2007

Ragoo was adopted with Ginger Edward early 2007.
Both boys have bought me and the family lots of laughs & love over the past few years. Sadly Ragoo left us on Saturday 17th March 2012. We will be looking to adopt a new pal for Edward as soon as we are ready.

God bless little boy.
With much love Lindsay & family

December 2011


Miller was very poorly for a long time, and despite a lot of veterinary treatment, was not able to recover and sadly left us for the Rainbow Bridge. 
He was a lovely cat and his cheerful ways will be much missed. He was a familar sight to everyone visiting the cattery. May he play hard, restored to full health, at the Rainbow Bridge, where he's with his much adored Grandad Perry again.
With thanks to Cheryl for caring enough to make sure he got to this page.

12 December 2011

We are all devastad that Max became suddenly ill this week and to be put to sleep. He was only a young cat, around 6 months old. He was such a lovely cat, he came to us after he was pulled around by the young children he was bought as a play toy for. Kittens are NOT TOYS.
Max was popular with volunteers and visitors alike, with lots of interest in him for homing. He would be the first to greet us in the morning with a yowl for his breakfast and was extremely loving and affectionate.
May he play long and hard at the Rainbow Bridge. He was taken far too soon.....

28 November 2011

Gaby left for the Rainbow Bridge
Sadly Gaby was PTS today on the advice of our trusted vets.
She was very very old when she came in as a stray with Hyperthyroid and kidney problems - her little back legs were getting wobblier and wobblier and her quality of life was deteriorating.
We were unsure whether Gaby was lost or abandoned and therefore knew nothing of her history. 
It's very hard to home older cats, but she was loved by all who knew and looked after her at the shelter.

November 2011

Toby passed away unexpectedly. Here he is with his bestest buddy Noel who looked after him.

September 2011

Reggie (no photo)

Reggie was a gorgeous big tabby and white boy. He loved his food and never complained.
He crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on 24th September. 
Reggie came in with a terrible abscess in his mouth which just would not heal. After several operations without any progress, the vets advised us that they felt he had more going on that an abscess, possibly a tumour, and due to his pain, bleeding, and discomfort, advised us that the kindest thing for him was to be let go to the RB.


Sadly had to be PTS as he had a fluid filled abdomen which the vet feared was the dreaded FIP. Play hard at the Rainbow Bridge Toby.


June 2011

Daisy's kitten               


April 2011

Molly                                           Topaz (m)

 January 2011
Anyone who ever visited the Cattery will have met Nanny, the resident goat,who had been around for some years. Nanny was a lovely, gentle goat - a real character - adored by the cattery volunteers who always fed her biscuits.  She knew this and wouldn't let them get into their cars to go home without getting her regular biscuits. She sadly passed away on Christmas Day.  

We adored you Nanny and miss your presence  -  rest peacefully darling.

In memory of the lovely Lucy (sponsor cat)

Lucy came to the cattery with her brother, Ollie. Both cats looked remarkably scruffy – neglected, but affectionate and friendly. Ollie was fostered by Pam & David Lord and Lucy remained at the cattery awaiting a special home. (Lucy came to us in a very poor state of neglect. Her owner’s marriage broke up and neither of them wanted Lucy. She was boarded at a cattery for 6 months before being handed to us.) Then along came Mark & Barry who read about Lucy on the website and decided to adopt her They arrived at the cattery and left the same day with Lucy (a special needs Hospice cat) and Arnie – a big soft tom cat. who caught their eye.

Lucy and Arnie became firm friends and were later very well known and loved by all the neighbours. Lucy came on in leaps and bounds and was a very happy, loving cat. . She had truly landed on her paws. Her condition was treated regularly and her new owners continued her treatment for the next 3 years. Lucy enjoyed life to the full.

But ….. sadly on 6th January Lucy took a turn for the worse and was put on a drip overnight but her condition worsened and on the 7th January Barry lovingly held her paw and brushed her as she slowly closed her eyes for the last time – she had to be put to sleep and went very peacefully. That evening she was buried in the garden with a rose and her toys in the same ‘resting place’ as Oscar (Mark & Barry’s previous Scratching Post special needs cat).

We will always remember Lucy as a very special and unique cat – adored by all who came into contact with her and especially by her loving owners.

Thank you to Mark and Barry for giving Lucy 3 wonderful years. She knew she was adored and cherished.
Rest in Peace Lovely Lucy. We will never forget you.  
Footnote: It is always so sad for us at the SP when we hear people say they can't take on another cat because it was too sad losing their last one. These are exactly the sort of owners who we need, because they love their cats so much.
Even despite their grief at losing Lucy, after a period of reflection, we are so grateful to Barry and Mark for making room in their hearts and homes for the lovely Mitzy and her fluffy kitten. Mitzy needed a very special home, and she has certainly found it!
Mitzy's kitten has been named Lucinda in honour of Lucy's memory as she looks remarkably like a mini Lucy!


Thomas 'aka' Fluffy

Thomas had cancer and was very sadly PTS.


 Perry was very old and poorly when he came to us but hung on in there for a few months, enjoying the comforts of the cattery, before finally passing to the rainbow Bridge on 12 January 2011.

Losing Sequin on New Years day has been a heartbreaking start to 2011. He has suffered ongoing health problems - he came to us with a severe ear infection which had been left untreated and left him with a tilted head. At times he seemed to be getting better but sadly he took a turn for the worse and was PTS on NYD 2011.


December 2010 


Cookie became ill and died over Christmas. Poor baby.


We are heartbroken to lose Rudy, who was just a kitten. He had been homed and returned to us for being too lively. He became ill and suffered organ failure and was PTS. We still have his sister Honey, who needs a home. She has been with us for months on end, poor thing.


More heartbreak this month when we lost Roxy to illness. 

17 December 2010 



Tragically we lost Ribbon to illness this week.

8 November 2010

Mollie (formerly Gabrielle) 


Mollie came to the SP as a young cat already dumped and pregnant, where she gave birth to 4 gorgeous kittens. She went to a wonderful loving, home, along with one of her kittens, Milly.
Unfortunately after only 6 months in her new home she was taken from us by a horrible illness called FIP.
Mollie was very loving, playful, and pretty and is greatly missed by her 'mum' and her former fosterer.

25 October

 Lily was ill for a long time and the vets could not find out what was wrong with her. She was put to sleep, along with Star, who was also sick, today. They are both much missed.
Cat living rough can pick up many illnesses. We do what we can but sometimes it's just too late. If only some people would take care of their pets.


17 October 2010

Champ was living as a stray. He was only with us for a very short time but was much loved.

October 2010

This has been such a sad month already. Our mum cat Mitzy had 6 kittens, but only 2 survived their 'birth' day. Our feral mum Milly had 5 kittens but 3 died between 2-3 weeks old.  They are now all together and at peace in their foster mum's garden. Our volunteers are truely heartbroken.
Here they are at around ten days old so they are never forgotten.
We are sorry if this is sad for you to look at. Their foster mum is also webEd and types this with tears rolling down her face and her heart breaking. Her own ex 'feral' SP rescue cat, came to sit on her lap to comfort her yesterday evening (unheard of for Parsley!). Cats are truely remarkable creatures.
If you are reading this, chances are you are a cat lover, and a responsible owner. But if you know anyone who does not have their cat neutered, please point them gently in the right direction. We are still full up with other kittens, at various ages, in desperate need of homes.

September 2010

Carey came to us with his mum and brother. Sadly he developed severe breathing difficulites and the vets could not save him.

August 2010

Douglas was not with us for very long, he was very poorly, when he came to us. The vets had hoped that he could spend some time with us, enjoying his last months, but sadly he was too sick and had to be put to sleep to ensure he didn't suffer. During his short time with the SP, Douglas enjoyed his comfy bed, cuddles and regular meals and always made sure you didn't forget about him with his very loud miaou. 


July 2010

We unexpectedly lost Mottie this week. She had been at the cattery for a long time.
We are at a loss as to why no one took pity on her and took her home.
We hope she has found happiness and freedom on the Rainbow Bridge.
We have also lost 2 tiny kittens this month - the vet felt it was due to congenital problemss - i.e. they were born with pre-existing conditions - which can be caused by illness/neglect/malnourishment of the mother during pregnancy. It breaks our heart when we lose the precious cats and kittens in our care.

June 2010

Missy was elderly had serious health problems when she came to us at the end of her life. Sadly, she was too poorly to get better and rapidly became very ill. She was put to sleep by our vet whilst being stroked and comforted by one of our wonderful volunteers, Susan.
Missy was a sweet natured cat and although she was only with us for a few weeks, is much missed.


Feb 2010

Ted was  long coated male cat, 10 +++ years. He was picked up when his owner moved and left him. He was painfully skinny and suffering from malnutrition; Blood tests revealed a thyroid problem. He was put on medication for the rest of his life. Ted loved a comfy bed and his food. He still looked painfully skinny but had gained a few pounds. He was very vocal, being hard of hearing.

Ted was an extremely affectionate cat who loved nice cosy lap to sit on.

Thank you to his fosters who gave him happiness in his final days. 

5 February 2010


Chinky was left at a boarding cattery for 5 months after her owners went away and did not come back for her.  She was very gentle but confused at loosing her home.  So were we because it is a cruel thing to do.
Sadly she passed away at the cattery within a few weeks of arriving. We think everything just became too stressful for her.

21st January 2010

Sadly Rory became ill this week and after 3 days in the vet in intensive care, lost his fight. No effort was spared to try and save him. We think it must have been an illness he was born with because we sadly also lost his brother a few months ago.
We hope they are scampering in the big place in the sky together. It's always really hard when we lose a cat, but it's twice as hard with the young cats.
We know it's hard to read bad news, but we want our cats to be remembered. Some of our kittens who are still with us were born at the shelter, and however much we love and care for them, it's not the same as them having their own loving home. We think that if we don't remember them, then who will. 
5 December 09
We unexpectedly lost Georgie today after she became very ill following an operation. She was a lovely cat who will be sadly missed by all the volunteers at the cattery.
16 October 09
Sky was in our care for a few months. She was brought in from our waiting list after a lady called to say she would take a grey cat, even if older, but did not want Sky when she saw she was overweight. Sky pined for her previous home and sadly developed liver failure and was put to sleep this week. We are not sure if this was caused by her being over weight, or losing so much weight so quickly. We all miss her so much.
August 09
I believe it is the good and bad experiences in life which make us the people (and cats!) we are.
We also lost wonderful Archie from the cattery. Despite his young age, he was suffering from organ failure and despite the best veterinary care, he went suddenly downhill.
Anyone who thinks we are tough to do this 'job' could not be further from the truth. It always hurts us when we lose a cat, just as much each time. What keeps us going is all of the happy success stories, the wonderful cats who we can save, and our fantastic supporters, without whome, we could not carry on, and give these cats a good quality of life, and loads of love, even if it's not for as long as we would like.
1 August 2009

Editors note 1 August 09. Sam departed for the Rainbow Bidge today. He will be much missed. After being treated cruelly and neglected for years, starving on the street, his last few months were spent being spoiled and loved, and showing him the good side of human nature.
It can be hard to take on a cat with limited life expectancy, but it is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done, and although tears have been shed, there are no regrets, and I will gladly take on another 'oldie', when I am ready.
It breaks my heart when I hear people say that they can't get another cat because it hurts too much when they lose them. These are the people who we most need to come forward and offer a cat a home - the ones who truly love them, and feel the joy and pain that comes with love. We have to remember the happy times, and the love and warmth that a cat brings into the home. One cat never replaces another. Each one is a new beginning...
 September 2008
Elle was a well loved cat whose owner died recently.  She had a thyroid problem and sadly recently lost her battle with that and old age.
It is extremely hard for the volunteers when the cats they care for every day dont make it, but they work on in their memory and in the knowledge that for each sadness, there are many more happy endings. Have a look at our MY CAT section.
July 08 - RIP Wilfred - a very special boy

Wilfred came to us with his mother, having been abandoned, and lived his whole life in a garden, struggling to survive.

He has been extremely poorly, and the cause of this is still under investigation.



Sadly, Wilfred has not made it through his illness, and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately it's not all happy endings for rescue cats. Sometimes they are just too poorly to be saved. Thankfully this is rare, and we will continue our hard work resucing unwanted, abandoned and neglected cats in Wilfred's memory.

May 2008 - RIP  - Thomas and Fang

November 2008

Ash R.I.P

Poor Ash was left behind sad and confused, to roam the streets, when his owner moved home and left him behind to fend for himself. He was found starving and roaming the streets. He was around ten years old, but you wouldn't have known it to look at him, he was gorgeous. Ash was grateful for the warmth and regular food at the cattery and was a lovely gentle cat. Sadly, he had been starving for too long, and without veterinary attention, and he lost the fight to live this week. We hope he finds happiness on the Rainbow Bridge.
September 2007 

Memories of Daisy

We are very sad to have lost one of our resident older cats this month, Daisy, otherwise known as 'Farm Cat'. She was a much loved.

Some links which you may find helpful.
Some of these link to USA sites, but they love animals too there.....please feel free to send me anything you feel has helped you and I will share it here...
This site helped me get through the almost unbearable guilt I felt at the loss of each of my pets - please read it. I am so grateful to the author for sharing this.
Poems (box of tissues to hand please....)
There are books that can help you too - you don't have to just cope with loss on your own. Seek help, talk to friends, pull out those photos, take time off work....do whatever it takes to get through. Search for forums to share your grief with others. The internet is a powerful tool, which can be used for much good....
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