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The Scratching Post is a cat rescue charity, based in Waltham Abbey, Essex, but covering a much wider area. We have a charity shop in Enfield (Lancaster Road), we rely solely on charitable donations and are very grateful to all of our volunteers.


Our policy is to ensure that no cat is ever kept in unsuitable accommodation while it is waiting for a home.  Every cat's individual needs are catered for and the best expert help is provided. We never put a cat to sleep unless there is no hope of being able to save him or her with a good quality of  life, as advised by our vets. Every cat in its own right is important and deserves the chance of a loving home and a happy life.

Our pens are quite large giving each one freedom to move around, and we have open plan units with a small garden area for our longer term residents.

The scratching post also deals with feral cats. These cats are trapped, neutered and returned to where they came from, or found a new site. Whilst they are with us, they are kept in an open plan enclosure, where they have space to run, hide and play.

Cattery Shop and Cat Shelter
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and Government restrictions, our charity shop and cattery are now CLOSED to the public and volunteers until further notice.
To protect our staff and visitors, the cat shelter is now closed to the public and only essential staff will be permitted access. We will be continuing to re-home cats during this time, however, and home visits can be conducted remotely (by video call etc) and cats can be delivered or collected with no contact between adopters and staff.

We understand that a lot of people in self-isolation may wish to adopt a cat at this time and we have lots of gorgeous cats waiting, who we simply can't let just sit at the shelter until this is over. There are so many more cats out there sick or injured needing our help, especially as we come into kitten season.

Please do remember though, you will need to love and care for your new cat or kitten for the rest of his or her (or why not one of each?) life and this is a big commitment.  You will also need to be able to have provisions in place at home to care for your cat, and keep them in for the first 2+ weeks (litter, tray, food, etc). We may be able to provide some of these items from the shelter or have a volunteer assist you with this, please do ask as many questions as you need to either on our helpline or during your virtual home visit.

If you would like to discuss further, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
01992 626110
We have placed a collection bin outside of our shelter gates and if you are out on an essential trip to get food and would like to pick up extra to donate to the cats on your way home, it is very gratefully received. We have enough food for a couple of weeks and then like all animal charities, will start to run low. We have over 60 hungry mouths to feed at any time.
We also have an Amazon wish list (pet food is still on the Amazon priority delivery)  Click HERE.

If you are ordering Supplies during lockdown from AMAZON, please use our link further down this page.

Charity Shop in Enfield - CLOSED

We understand that many of you at home will be busy tidying and decluttering and we would be happy to receive your goods once our shop re-opens, although we may have to place restrictions at that time to ensure non-transmission of any germs. More details will be provided at that time.
As the shop is an important source of income for the charity, you can imagine how hard this is going to hit our funds. We are always grateful for donations of money at this difficult time, of any size that you can spare. Food can also be dropped outside of our shelter where we have placed a collection point. 

We have lots of cat related goodies for sale at the cattery, please do pop in and find a nice treat for your cat if you are visiting us. You will find a selection of cat bed, scratching posts, climbers, litter trays and lots of exciting toys and treats for the furry one in your life!


Susan's book!

'How on earth did I get here? Sally thought, as she scratched her head in confusion whilst wondering how eleven years of her life had flashed past in a flap of work, worry and tears.'

A charming tale of comedy, tragedy, and cat antics. This is the story of how a cat rescue charity started and its horrendous journey to the present day - from of course the cats' perspective! I promise you wont stop laughing and crying!

As you would expect, all profits from this book to be donated to The Scratching Post.

To get hold of your copy, please call into the The Shop or The Shelter/Cattery or email Susa at susan.delaney@aol.co.uk for postage costs, remembering to state your location. Please check ahead if you would like Susan to be there to sign your copy! The book is £9.99 including postage, UK.
Would make a fabulous Christmas present for the cat lover in your life!

The book is now also available on Amazon for Kindle.


107 Lancaster Road, Enfield EN2 0JN

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We have many feral cats and older kittens urgently looking for farms, stables etc to live in.


 You can choose something the cats need and send it directly to them (food or a toy etc) from their  wishlist.

You can go directly to our wishlist  HERE

Whilst our wishlist is on Amazon, items can be purchased elsewhere, of course, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what we need!


There are loads of ways you can help us, and large or small, we love them all!

See our Latest Mews , How you can help us and Facebook pages  for even more ways to help, including an update on our VET ROOM APPEAL.


Stories from Happy owners  

Cats in their new homes, adopted from the Scratching Post.


Emmerdale at the Scratching Post -Matthew Bose!

A touch of glamour - SAM FOX!

*  Leaving the world a better place - leaving a legacy to help the cats  *

Love is......mother and son.....Purrs

In the United Kingdom 74% of people support a charity during their lifetime but only 7% leave any gift to a charity within their will. Worse still, many pets are left behind without any provision. We get calls to houses where cats have been left behind because there is no-one to care for them, or the family simply aren't interested in caring for them, no matter HOW MUCH THEY MEANT TO THEIR OWNER or how well provided for the family are in their will. In some cases we have heard about cats being taken to the vet to be put to sleep - DON'T LET THIS BE YOUR BELOVED PET. Discuss your wishes with your family and then INCLUDE IT IN YOUR WILL.

Leaving some of your estate to charity can also help reduce the inheritance tax you are obligated to pay.

If you wish to leave us a lasting legacy, please remember the Scratching Post in your Will. 

Remember The Scratching Post in your Will