20 Min Workshop

Welcome to Scratch. It's capable of great things. You can make presentations, cartoons, games and explain concepts on a wide range of subjects.  (You might want to bookmark this site, lots of great resources around here.)  Find lots of ideas at the Starter Studio.

Today we're going to play with a very small piece of code to show you how easy it is and to give you the smallest taste of what's possible.

A. You are going to be given the chance to make a character dance.

B. To do this visit: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10924261/ and have a go!
  1. Have a look at the code by clicking "See Inside"
  2. Make Scratch Cat dance by himself to the music included.  Do this by dragging the code. Don't feel you have to work alone. (If really desperate you can cheat with the video below) 
  3. In 19 minutes we're going to have a display of your efforts... 

C. Once you have made the dance, Copy the Web Address and put in the studio


This was originally presented #TMEast in Norwich, please feel to use in your own events.  A credit to @Eslweb would be nice...