5 simple Tutorials

Here are 5 simple tutorials to get you started in Scratch. You will need a TES login for these, but most UK teachers will already have one and it only takes about 30 seconds to enter some details for everybody else. 

Platformer using minimal code

Really uses very little code and students can spend their time making the perfect platformer.

Zap Bad Guys

This game is addictive and despite the ridiculously simple graphics, students love to play it. There is plenty of room for expansion both graphically and levels.


Everybody loves to fly spaceships and in this game you get to design a ship and move it around:

I developed this code into Space Rescue 2 to demonstrate how far Scratch could be pushed:

Top Down Racer

This is a favourite in Scratch, David Phillips takes us through how to make a wonderful 2 player version of this popular game. 

Fish and Shark Game
This is David's favourite Scratch tutorial and makes a game that is a lot of fun.