ScratchKS2This started as a simple Website to accompany the event in Cambridge, but seems to have grown into a full blown resource Website of it's own.

YouTube Video

So here is what you can find in the site:

  • Key Stage 2 Curriculum - Materials to help you teach the new Key Stage 2 Computing Curriculum

  • 5 Simple Tutorials - These tutorials will get you started in Scratch. Each tutorial can be downloaded and is easy to follow. Ideal for non-specialist teachers to teach Scratch without too much technical knowledge.

  • Computer Control - This page has a host of resources for physical Computing, including Lego WeDo and the Raspberry Pi.

  • Data Logging - Using Scratch to capture real world data.

  • Get Coding - Why you should code, nice video starter.

  • Super Soundboard - How to use MakeyMakey in Scratch

  • The Day - Pages associated with the day itself

  • Websites With Scratch Resources - Plenty more resources!

Also, Raspberry Pi for dummies have kindly given us the Scratch Chapter of their book for free!

Thank you to Graham Hastings, CodeOrg, Don Callan, @MissPhilbin, David Phillips@musicandwords (Sean McManus) & Joshua Bayfield for their contributions to the site.