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We are an Inspire Preferred Vendor.


3 days a week - Tuesday through Thursday - 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
(All classes and electives included, as are all mainstream textbooks and most school supplies.) 

$3600 per year /$300 per month. This will be billed in 12 separate monthly payments beginning August 1st and last payment due July 1st.  

Part-time - TK
(Includes mainstream textbooks and most school supplies.) 
2 days per week – Tuesday/Thursday – 8:30AM – 1:30 PM   

$3050 per year/$250 per month. This will be billed in 12 separate monthly payments beginning August 1st and last payment due July 1st.  

Choir and Drama
(Additionally priced if NOT a full-time student - all included if you are a full-time student.)
$100 per SEMESTER + costume and prop fee


Multiple sibling discount: There is a 20% discount for tuition and registration fees for a third student in the same immediate family 


$25 late fee will be added if your tuition payment is more than 5 days late, and an additional$50 late fee per month will be added if you are more than 15 days late. This will continue until you have paid. After 45 days, your child may be dismissed from the program until payment arrangements have been made. All payments are due on the 1st of each month. Please communicate if you need to be late; we are more than happy to work out a payment plan.


Returning students$550 per student ($500 if received by July 1, 2019)
New students$650 per student ($600 if received by July 1, 2019)
TK$450 per student ($400 if received by July 1, 2019)

(Same applicable discounts for multiple student discounts for registration payments as well.)

The registration fee is due when you turn in your registration paperwork. This fee will hold your student’s spot in the program and is non-refundable.


Teachers will provide specific supply lists for each grade level by mid-August. It is strongly recommended that all students and 3rd grade older have access to a laptop with basic word processing capabilities, internet access, and a printer. Middle school will need one accessible during class hours at school. 5th grade and older will need a device with the KINDLE app and the library app OVERDRIVE loaded (with your card number already logged in on it) to be able to download books. Most students 3rd grade and above will also need access to some sort of a tablet or ipad for research throughout the school year for various projects.


Families of students 1st-12th Grade need to register for an ISP (Independent Study Program) individually. You may also choose to register your own private school affidavit. Just let us know and turn in a copy of your proof with your registration papers.  


Each family is required to volunteer 3 hours per week. This can be done in the classroom, grading papers on the weekends, field trip coordinating, or facilitating an elective class on Fridays. If a family would like to opt out of their volunteer hours, they may choose to pay an additional monthly fee of $120 per family. If you miss your weekly volunteer hours, you are responsible to make them up or a volunteer fee of $30 per week will be automatically added to your monthly tuition.