Solid Rock is a home school co-op that exists to provide an alternative form of education to students on the Central Coast.  Our students are registered through individual ISP’s of the families’ choice.  Each of our students is homeschooled.  When you register through this program, you are essentially hiring a private tutor to implement and guide your student’s education process. This is not a traditional classroom setting.

We facilitate all subjects including: Math, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, History/Geography, and Science. In the younger elementary grades, our core subjects also include Penmanship and Phonics. We have established a core curriculum for each grade that meets or exceeds the California State Standards. Our school also cooperatively provides various other electives that parents may enroll their students in (i.e. drama, choir, art, etc.).  

Our success in educating your child requires your commitment and participation.  Parents take an active role in their child’s education at Solid Rock.  A minimum of three hours per week of volunteer time is required to maintain enrollment in our program.  We are very creative in working with you to fulfill these volunteer hours for those parents who cannot help in the classroom.  In addition, parents of students in Solid Rock commit to regularly checking their students homework for completion, helping students prepare for upcoming projects and exams, and participating in school activities that their student is involved in (i.e. driving to academic events, participating in potlucks, helping with field trips, when reasonably possible).