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Kimberly's Corner: Want to make a positive difference to Planet Earth, but feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges facing Our World? You're not alone! Together we can do what would be impossible for any one person acting alone.

Commit to taking one step forward each day by doing something that makes a positive impact. There is no small act - and acting together we can achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult.

Here are some ways I am making my contribution:
  • Funding microloans on Kiva.
  • Supporting the work of in restoring the Arctic ice.
Contributing to a more sustainable world by having no children of my own while loving others.
  • Funding worthy causes like:
Habitat for Humanity

Join me in living a life that matters and making a difference to those with whom we share Our World.

Wishing you all the very best! - Kimberly

“For over 100,000 years the choice before our species has been unchanging. Either join those who take action on behalf of the better world, or fall back in shame or ignorance with those willing to sell out to the highest bidder and join the march to extinction.” – From Measuring Evolution – A Leadership Guide to the Health & Wealth of Nations, and Bankrolling Evolution: A Program for a President by David Loye