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Co-Director: Tara Smith (Memphis)

Hello fellow SFAC & CFF supporters and crafters,

I have been working with paper arts for 17 plus years. I've always had a passion for creating things and adore mixed media and altered art. My resume includes being the manager and instructor of Scrapbook Legacy for 3yrs. After moving to Memphis, I utilized my MA degree and
worked in the mental health field as a therapist while my husband finished his education. After he began his journey as a pharmacist, I became an employee and instructor for Eclectica Scrapbooks and Stamps until it closed in 2012. What an amazing time was shared with a wonderful group of ladies. These days our family stays pretty busy: over 20 years of marriage to a wonderful husband with 5 kids that are enjoying the adventures of home education. We love learning and growing together. Family is a blessing beyond measure, and I love that scrapbooking preserves those memories and the love of our family.

I find that paper arts and scrapbooking can be so beneficial, healing and therapeutic for the mind and soul. Helping, Hope, and Healing have always been a central part of my life.  I currently lend my digital skills at Church and with Scrapping for a Cure. Watching my niece Kaitlyn's struggles with Cystic Fibrosis has brought me much awareness. I am dedicated to the mission of CFF and Scrapping for a Cure and desire to see a cure found for those that struggle with CF. I hope that you will join us as we "create hope for those with CF"

Tara's style is very textured and hands on and she believes in accepting
even the "mistakes" as special and unique attributes of yourself, the artist.
I think the other gals would probably label me as 'The Digi Designer & Organizer'. I adore paper crafting with my hands but I have also found that I have a passion for digital work as well. I don't think I would ever choose one over the other because they serve totally different purposes. As far as the organizer part: well, its both a blessing and a curse, but I am hyper-organized. I want everything in its' place, labeled, coordinated and accessible.  While this method makes it easier to craft and scrapbook, it also takes up more of my "free" time to maintain. It is simply part of my personality and I am constantly learning to use it as a strength!