Wall of Volunteers

We love our volunteers. They work behind the scene to help make the magic happen for our event each year. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Scrapping for a Cure and the mission to find a cure for CF!  (order of listing is random)

        Teri  Johnson             Kayla Johnson           Jason Johnson              Kade Johnson         Jennifer Mueller                      

        Ethan Smith            Cole May            Matt Bryant             Heather Bryant          Jane Vogel                  Teri Shaw

        Betty Smith            Arlington Ward Laurels           Amy Tompkins           Staci Cownover          Josh Steinke

       James McGuire          Lisa Flannagin          Murry Smith           Eric Worley         Brian Worley         Kaitlyn Vawter  

       Bridgette Smith       LeAnne Smith       Sean McGuire       Amber Hodges     Beverly Stokes         Amy Tompkins

       Breanne Tompkins         Marie Fowler       Debbie Flowers 

 Teachers that volunteered their time and resources for our classes:

      Alissa Trowbridge           Judy Hardwick              Melinda Everitt           Anna Maneclang          Deonna Reigler

      Chelsea Rogers

*** We are now recruiting for our 2017 event so complete the volunteer application below, send it in and join our Scrapping for a Cure Team! 
      All volunteers get listed on this page and will have a photo of choice added as desired.

Rachael McGuire,
Jan 13, 2015, 12:46 PM