Scranton Area Table Tennis Association 

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Our location is in Northeast Scranton Intermediate School in Scranton PA.

                        Northeast Intermediate School

                                                721 Adams Ave (intersects Gibson St)ScrantonPA 18510


We meet every Tuesday 6-9pm in a smaller gym on the second floor. The tables are stored in room 228, be careful and respect school property. Use the main entrance located off commons (empty area close to medical college facing Kressler Ct.) You can park your car around the area on Gibson Ave. in the evening. The school is adjacent to the Commonwealth Medical College which is a set of new, modern, brownish buildings. One way  to get there is to turn right into a small alley past the Medical College from Pine Street. You will see the loading dock. Walk around the building clockwise (right) 90 degrees to find the main entrance. You can always park off-street and walk to the gym!
[Since we are strictly tied to school schedule, check School Calendar to see if we are open.]

Club Rules

  -  It is community based non-profit family friendly club that originally started as Penn State Scranton Table Tennis Club. All ages, all skills are welcome! However, minors MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian at all times.

-  Absolutely NO FOUL LANGUAGE or loud noise. We have a number of children playing with us.

 - We provide coaching to anyone interested in learning the basics of the game of table tennis. 

 - The club will be closed when the school is not in session.

-   Balls are expensive, when you put them away, put them in the crate with balls and do not mix them with net sets, especially the metals ones which can break them.

 - Whenever there are more than 3 players waiting to play, following rules shall apply:

1. Matches shall be played best of 3 games.
2. No player shall play more than two matches in row.
3. If you want to play at a specific table, put down your paddle next to the table to signal your preference.
4. One table shall be reserved for training purposes (e.g. multi-ball training)
5. Balls are expensive, please use no more than TWO club balls per table at any time.
6. Playing doubles is highly encouraged, but not required.
7. Do not place table tennis balls in the same crate with the table tennis nets: metal parts of the nets can damage the fragile balls.

Congratulations to our club member Helen Raykhel for becoming the Pennsylvania State Women's Open Champion of 2016!!

Andrew Phillips (right) along with the finalist Asif ud-Doula.

2011 Scranton Area Table Tennis Champion: Andrew Phillips! Pictures!

Other Clubs we are affiliated with:

1 Line Street, Nanticoke, PA
Practice/open play is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9pm, and Sundays 1-5pm.

Wallenpaupack Table Tennis Club

An informal club that meets at Lakeside Elementary School in Honesdale, PA once a week at various times. For a current schedule, please, contact John Babyak at (tel. 570-253-4379).

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